Beauty and the Beast Review: Old Friends

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Reunion had more than one meaning on Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 5, as not only did Catherine have her 10-year high school reunion to attend, but Vincent found himself faced with a reunion that was not only unpleasant... but nearly impossible for him to recall.

When a beast showed up in Cat's bedroom only to be thwarted by Cat and her high school friend, he later made it seem as if he was on the prowl for just any old beast. That couldn't be further from the truth.

He had found exactly who he wanted in Catherine and his only mistake was taking too long to kill her.

Vincent on the Street

What could have been written as a stand-alone, throwaway episode instead gave us insight into several characters, including Vincent, Catherine and Gabe. It's not easy to tackle topics like high school reunions with the introduction of a lot of new characters with whom viewers aren't already familiar, but the way this worked out the side characters were barely a distraction and gave us a nice shot into Cat's past.

Who would have guessed she was a track star, or would feel uncomfortable as one of the high school mean girls noted condescendingly that she didn't have a plus one with her? The Cat we have come to know seems so much more confident. It's amazing what 10 years can do for someone.

In a time span just longer than that, Vincent had lost his life to the Muirfield experiments and J.T. lost two friends - or so he thought - to the war in Afghanistan. He was able to help one, but it sure seemed that Zach was a lost cause long before he headed to war.

It's kind of frightening to think that Muirfield didn't do any psychological testing on the participants of their beast program that would have caught the type of vindictive behavior Zach exhibited. He was obviously feeling those throes of jealousy and anger toward Vincent before the experiments, and they only enhanced his anger.

Poor J.T. His skepticism about all things this season has largely been overlooked no matter what topic he has been dealing with, and as he saw the red flags flying all around Zach. Even what little trust he's been able to get back with Vincent didn't prove enough for Vincent to take him at his word to cut the evening short and walk away. 

The constant probing about Gabriella was a trigger for J.T., but Vincent was just happy to have a memory. Little did he know it would be a bad one. He had a short-term affair with a girl Zach broke up with before he went into the service, and Zach remembered it all those years and wanted to kill Cat to call it even.

Talk about crazy!

It did make Vincent think that without Cat's love he might have gone off the rails himself, and we were treated to a nice, romantic moment after the beast fight and killing. It's always a nice way to end a killing, isn't it? With a kiss. Despite his lack of memories, they're practically back where they were last year with regard to their relationship, because it took them so long to find their groove in the first place.

I'm happy with where they are and where they're heading.

The worst part of it was the very short-term usage of hunky Blair Redford. The poor guy can't catch a break. He was canceled from The Lying Game, sent to war on Switched at Birth and his return from war was no picnic on Beauty and the Beast. Let's find him a longer-term gig!

In other news, Gabe was going out of his way, per usual, to assist Cat. This time he was helping her find her birth father, but running into all kinds of red tape. When "Agent" Reynolds dropped by to ask how Cat was after the beast attack (which should have had some bells ringing), Gabe even asked him for his help. 

Later, after Tess got Gabe to admit he had feelings for Cat in a rather adorable way, Gabe and Cat discovered a familiar face in the background of her high school graduation photo - Agent Reynolds. Cat had discovered her birth father.

That didn't take too long. Right now Vincent talks to Condor through a voice disguise. He's never seen his face as far as we know. Cat's not going to let her news sit. How long until the three all meet up? If we're to take a guess using these Beauty and the Beast spoilers, we might have a stressful holiday season wondering what will happen in the New Year. 


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I continue to be a huge fan of the show. I like all of the ation. And thank god there is no stupid or awkward dialogue. I am currently having a hard time connecting emotionally with Vincent and Cat. There is much more warmth between Gabe and Cat. It seems more real because it is based on past events. I do believe that Gabe has ulterior motives and Cat will regret her trust. Currently, Jt and Tess are under utilized. Their characters are smart and could do so much more. When will they start getting suspicious of Agent Reynolds? When are we going to start getting answers like why was Cat's mom killed? Who ordered Cat's father to be killed? And now that Vincent has this seemingly endless supply of honesty- IF Vincent finds out before Cat that Agent Reynolds is his handler/resident torturer and inventer of his animal side- WILL he tell Cat the truth or will he hide it from her again? Lastly, am I the only one who has noticed- that no matter what scene Jay Ryan is in .... that he always has his hands stuffed in his jacket or pants pockets? None of the other male characters do this... it almost like Jay doesn't know what to do with his phyisicality in a scene...


Cancel the show it is getting boring this season with the Vincent story of his memory loss and other beasts. Ratings are super low for the show. If they do not improve the stories, the show for sure will be axed before it finish the season

@ Cancell it

you know, you don't have to WATCH the show. let the people who like it, enjoy it. its really rude to wish a show cancelled just because you don't want to watch it anymore.


Whatever happened with the case of the week?? Now each caseis related to Vincent and his memory loss. I havent seen a different case of that week taht has nothing to do with Vincent and his memory loss and other beasts. Time to move on to other cases like Season 1 and throw once in a while Vincent stories but now they just focus on Vincent memory loss is getting tedious.


Loved this episode. It is getting better since the beginning of season 2. However, I read pre-season that they would be using JT more (and more scenes with JT and Tess). I still haven't seen that - sometimes I even forget JT is in this until he just shows up. It looked like it was Vincent's place that was getting trashed. Maybe he'll move back home and JT will be in it more. Hope so! As a go-forward story-line, it would be great if Cat finds out she has a half-sibling with her new-found Dad!


Season 2 has been action filled but poignant too. I think we will shortly see the end of the beast of the week story lines. Now if we can get them to stop reminding us every few minutes that Gabe is infatuated with Catherine, we would be okay. Such a boring part to play. Poor Gabe, always wrong in his conclusions, always showing up after the action and never able to help Catherine. She thanks him profusely for accomplishing nothing. No romantic interest on her part, but always giving compliments and making Gabe puff up. The CW has really invested time and money in this program. It is crisply filmed and the acting is top drawer. Too bad about the Monday time slot. Hopefully international viewers and on line viewers are helping with the ratings.


i think it was cat's biological father who moved her mother's grave.


I will say, I like Kristin Kreuk a lot, which is why I started watching Beuty and the Beast season 1. I didn't like it too much, but kept watching because of her. Now, I stopped watching. Te storyline is not going anywhere and it doesn't have what it takes. cancel!


Ratings are still not good for the show.I read this time ratings were 670,000 viewers in the demo. 670.000??? Are u kidding me after 5 episodes? If stories do not improve or the writers do not improve theis tories and how they are goign to play out. im sure the show is likely to get cancelled before the end of this season. What is happening with this season????

@ Beastyfan

bad ratings don't change the fact that i love this show! all i keep thinking about is season 3! power of positive thinking , right?


Gabe is just creepy stalking Catherine 24/7 ...why don't he do his job like Joe did....and Catherine should be ashamed for trusting Gabe after all he did to Vincent...he is the cause of everything Vincent has become.


Vincent said if he did not have kat he would turn into what zach, but he does not realize the depth of the bromance of him and JT. Jt has had his back from the beginining. Everytime i saw ZAch he left Bae to become a beast?

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