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I hate to say it, but I think the move to Fridays is most definitely a nail in the Bones coffin. I know there are those who'll keep hope alive that this series will withstand yet another season, but really, the end is nigh. It's time to prepare.

Do we really want more PSAs and gross-out moments with stewed humans and bacon-flavored sexual lubricants? Do we need more of Brennan's flailing about in a biker bar while proclaiming it a mating ritual? 

No, no we don't. But that's what Bones Season 9 Episode 10 gave us. And then some.

Brennan's Bachelorette Party

I'm not even really going to touch on the murder of the week because if I do, I'll be forced to relive every can of beef stew I've ever consumed in my 30+ years of life and while that number isn't astronomically high, it's high enough that I really don't want to consider the possibility that human meat--or horse meat--could've been hidden inside or I'll fall into a spiral of disgust, both with myself and the food industry. 

I've read The Jungle, thank you very much.

This case just...ugh. The bacon-flavored lube? Really? I feel an anti-bacon rant bubbling up and I love bacon. But enough's enough. It's time to put that pig out to pasture and stop with it already.

While Oliver and Daisy worked the case the sexual tension between the two of them mounted. They'll be the next on-screen pairing and it'll somehow throw Sweets into a tailspin that Daisy's moving on while he's playing Three's Company with his hot psychiatrist roommates. It's all so forced and yet, I kind of like Oliver if only because, instead of coddling Daisy, he puts her in her place.

[to Daisy] Your need for attention is exhausting.



Daisy: You should have seen this, Oliver, but you were expending too much effort trying to undermine me.
Oliver: I assure you that takes no effort whatsoever.

Knocking her down a peg or two somehow makes her more bearable. But just slightly. She's still my least-favorite squint for all the reasons Oliver articulated and then some, but hey, there's someone for everybody, right?

Even all the bikers in the biker bar with their biker girls.

The idea of Angela taking Brennan out for a bachelorette party had the potential to be hilarious and funny, and for a time it was.

Watching the girls walk into the biker bar thinking it was a country-western bar and dressed accordingly and then deciding to stick around anyway and make the most of it was great. Then they started drinking and winning money and doing whatever it was Cam did with her drink and having a great time.

And then Brennan started dancing. Unless she's dancing with Booth, she just shouldn't dance.

The moment when an all-out bar fight erupted and it was the five of them against all the other people in the bar was the moment I checked out on that scene. It wasn't funny. It wasn't even hyperbolically humorous. It was just ridiculous.

What was not ridiculous was watching Booth care for a very drunk Brennan when she came stumbling home. 

He's a man in love and it shows.

Everything about Booth screams "happily married man!" I like it. I also like that, for the time being, Brennan remains relatively unchanged by the fact that they're married aside from feeling a little extra weight on her left hand. That fits with the character who eschewed marriage in the first place. 

The one thing that left me most confused was Angela and Booth's mending of the fences. Didn't they do that already?

Didn't Angela forgive him for the whole calling-off-the-wedding-because-Pelant-is-psychotic thing back when she, oh, I don't know, threw them a wedding?

Maybe tonight was about Booth forgiving Angela, in which case, they shouldn't have shown her apologizing again. But I get the feeling that this was still Angela who had the problem with Booth based solely on her Jealous Judy face in Brennan's office. 

Angela has been pushing these two together for how many seasons now and she's suddenly indignant that she would fall below Booth in terms of order of importance in Brennan's life? Excuse me, what?

I just didn't understand that at all and I really, truly hope they're moving past it. They hugged it out. Let's bury the hatchet, you two.

What did you think of Bones Season 9 Episode 10? Did this case make you rethink everything you've ever eaten? Are you rooting for an Oliver/Daisy hookup? Did you also think Angela forgave Booth a few episodes ago?


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Sue ann

I agree that the fight scene was ridiculous. I turned away and read emails until they were done with that. I also skipped most of the dancing. Actually, I generally skip the show -- tonight there was nothing else on and I was down for the night. About the only thing I liked was Caroline. She still tickles me. Nice character, and I have read, an even nicer actress. More Caroline, that would be nice.


Bonnie, chill out. That is all.


Bonnie, I agree with you 100%. This was an awesome episode of Bones and to me sanchopanza Brennan's quirks-taking things literally and coming off so rude is part of her character-she has changed somewhat but most people don't change completely-they still are basically who they are. Bones is hilarious, loveable, annoying, etc-this is what makes her character so interesting imo. The hijinks at the motorcycle bar with Brennan playing mumbly peg and her wild dancing-she was letting loose! She's usually so bottled up but like Avalon said she's got a little bit of crazy! Also, Miranda I know it's your opinion but to say that the move to Fridays is the end of Bones-bite your tongue! What a thing to say!. If you no longer enjoy reviewing Bones-please pass the torch to someone who still is a fan of the sow! Still love me some Bones.


I don't eat meat any more - partly for reasons like those suggested on this episodes - so I wasn't quite as disgusted as I could have been. (Not that non-meat edibles are exempt from problems.) But it was still an example of the escalation in the grossout factor that a lot of shows are engaging in - Criminal Minds, CSI, etc. - I watch those too, but they've definitely been trying to raise the GF over the past few years. This one's pretty bad. But as for the show and its general course, I still love Bones. It slips in quality from time to time but the characters save it. Except one. I don't like Bones. Really. I know. But I get so tired of her ridiculous dialog and the "confused" looks when she takes everything that other characters say literally. She's for God's sake, a grownup, who by this time in her life might have gotten it through her thick head that people speak in metaphors and non sequiturs, and that she comes off as a dunce when she goes all "but that's not right" on something being said. Sometimes it's hard to see her as a character and overlook it, since she's the primary focus of the show. In the recent episode, when she constantly insulted the Argentinian medical examiner, I found myself hoping that for once someone would haul off and slap her. Or at least call her on her rudeness. Particularly Booth. Just once I would like to see that. That said, I do still like the show and will keep watching it, Friday or not.

Bonnie rexeus
@ sanchopanza

Booth has called her out on the way her demeaner is several times. He loves her and understands her in a way only that I have seen Angie do, and even she has tried to streighten her out but Booth will always do the right thing.i personally don't think that they have her procieve herself as a Genius in the right way, but she lacks in social skills which Booth in the end will help her out with. they comliment and complete eachother that is why I love this show. and i look forward to it everyweek. I still think Fox handled this moving to Friday badly,by not doing their job in giving Bones the Promos that this show deserves. instead they consentrated on Almost Human. it took a fan making a video about Bones on Fridays and putting it up in Twitter to bring the rates up and even after that Fox still didn't do Bones justice. they now say that they advertised it in Facebook but there is more then Facebook, so i feel any low ratings is Foxs fault not the quality of the show or the actors as they are all great and so is each story they do.the writers work hard writing each episode and making it believeable and scientifically correct with the research they do.Bones is a fantastic show and it is time that it gets the recognition it has earned and deserves that is all i am saying :)


First of all I think this review is way off base in so many ways. you have the right to your opinion now here comes mine about yours. this move isn't the end of Bones if Fox did their job correctly and promoed Bones the ratings would have not fallen as people would have known about the move. as for the case being a Vegan it doesn't bother me they have to come up with new ideas for every episode which can't be that easy so chill out on that part. what happens to Daisy should stay with Daisy. and Sweets is fine where he is. as for Brennen acting married, just because she is married doesn't mean she can't go out with her friends and go for Booth taking care of her of course he should do that as her husband, it would be expected of her had it been the other way around. Did you ever think that Angie said sorry because she still feels bad about it? and yes she forgave him but she didn't really say sorry to him in the wedding episode. she might have planned the wedding but Max paid for it.and if you remember right Angie also wanted to get in the sack with Booth, but who wouldn't want that? Booth would never let anyone feel below him in anyway. So get off your high horse your on and stop bashing one of the best programs on TV today. Maybe you should bash Fox for not doing their job right and giving Bones the Promo it truly deserves. This statement is coming from a proud Bonehead, David and Emily fan, you have a problem with my comment I am in Twitter @bonrex come and tell me

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Bones Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

Angela: There's this country-western bar outside of town. It's got this bull that we can ride, and there's line dancing, and there's these hot guys in chaps, and some of them aren't even gay.
Brennan: I do like horses so I will feel very comfortable there.

Booth: Are you saying he came in a can?
Brennan: Most definitely.
Caroline: This is why I only buy free-range.