Castle Round Table: "Like Father, Like Daughter"

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Is there a place for Kate in the close knit relationship between Rick and Alexis?

We can't help but ask that question following Castle Season 6 Episode 7, which featured some serious father and daughter bonding time.

Below, TV Fanatics Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando are joined by Dave and Teresa from the Castle Fan Forum the 12th to debate the future for Kate and Alexis and where they'd like to see Castle and Beckett finally get hitched.


Why do you think Alexis didn't go to Lanie or Beckett for help?
because what better detective than her father. He thinks outside the lines and isn't bound by jurisdiction. It was a rational choice.

Dave:  I think she avoided Beckett because there was still that disconnect that Alexis described in the final scene of "Get a Clue". The only reason I could think of for Lanie is that after interning for her Alexis didn't want to have to ask Lanie to break protocol.

Teresa:  Maybe she feels more comfortable going to the boys rather than the girls as she always goes to her Dad for help. She has never had women she could trust in her life other than her Gram. Her Dad is her BFF, she really doesn't have a girl BFF. Maybe Kate will become that as we progress.

Christine: Perhaps it was because she knows Lanie is close to Kate. Lanie might suggest getting Beckett involved and Alexis just wasn't ready for that. And as Teresa said, on some level Alexis seems more trusting of the boys.  It's almost felt like Ryan and Esposito had become her uncles or older brothers. They all felt a bit like family.

Castle RT - depreciated -

So getting hitched in outer space is out. How do you picture Rick and Kate's wedding?

Chandel:  Not in space. That honor is reserved for Shawn and Juliet of Psych. I picture a rather simple ceremony with a very lavish reception. Plaza Hotel anyone?

Dave: It will be discussed a lot during the season but I could see it being relatively low-key and traditional. That seems more like Kate's style.

Teresa:  Loved the classic Castle diversion for not wanting to go venue hunting. I would love to see a beach wedding at the Hamptons.

Christine: I'm with Teresa on this one. I want a Hamptons wedding on the beach with family and close friends. That sounds absolutely perfect.

Were you surprised to hear Kate echo Gina's thoughts from Castle season 3 about feeling like an outsider when it comes to Rick and Alexis. Will it be different for Kate?

Chandel: I don't think I am surprised to hear Kate echo past sentiments. It's no surprise that Rick and Alexis are close, I just think some people do better blending into tight relationships than others. I think Kate's actions this episode will help her do that.

Dave:  No because even though Kate is closer with Alexis than Gina was, Alexis and her father are so close themselves it is natural for Kate to feel that way. I think it will definitely be different in a positive way for Kate going forward as the last scene showed us.

Teresa: This is such a loving and strong relationship between Father and Daughter. Castle has finally found a woman he can trust enough to share that relationship with and I think Alexis will buy into this but it will be a slow process.

Christine: Castle and Alexis have such a close bond that I think it's natural for it to be a bit intimidating for anyone trying to find their place within this family. It's going to take time and since Alexis is becoming an adult, she'll have as much of a say in the relationship as Kate or Rick. It's going to take work on all their parts but I think they'll do just fine. 

Are you happy with the story arc Alexis has had on Castle Season 6?

Chandel: Yes. She's growing up, and we have every right as an audience to watch that process.

Dave: I was unsure how I felt about it going into this episode, but I really liked how it played out this week. If we see more Kate/Alexis scenes I think it would be really interesting as the season progresses.

Teresa:  We need to see our characters grow and change. Alexis is a young woman trying to figure out where she fits into the world. The relationship with her Dad is too strong for Pi to get between for too long.

Christine: I'm not sure happy is the right word. It's been frustrating but oddly satisfying, much like dealing with any teenager. In this episode I was reminded how young Alexis is. She still has a lot to learn. Watching her grow up is great in small doses, but I'd rather have less Alexis and more Caskett romance.

What was your favorite "Like Father, Like Daughter" scene?

Chandel: Probably when Alexis came to Kate to thank her. I think it was a big moment for them both, and I won't soon forget it!

Dave:  The scene between Lanie and Kate in the morgue.  Lanie gave really good advice and it was nice for Kate to be able to air out some of her concerns. I hope we see more of this during the season.

Teresa: I loved the big hugs and sorry's at the end. They have both been hurting and ached for that hug. The walls are coming down. Nice hug with Alexis and Beckett too with Rick looking so happy that his two women are bonding.

Christine: It's funny Chandel, that that was your favorite because I found it frustrating. I know they hugged in the end but I really wanted to hear what they said to one another in that scene. My favorite scene was Kate telling Castle that Alexis is family to her and that she cares about her too and that he shouldn't feel guilty about spending the weekend with his daughter. That said a lot about how much Kate is trying to make this her family too.

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karkar I think the major point is when a character has a dramatic change then it should be explained. It wasn't with regard to Beckett in the final arc and studiously ignored by Marlowe despite months of protest and now it occurs with alexis. Why?


Alexis has always been the center of Castle's life.Could the terrible attitude Alexis portrayed be typical of a divorced family? Has anyone out there gone through this? Having a Mom or dad years later plan to remarry? Could there be alot of hurt and jealousy.


1 - Not going to Beckett made sense to me, with how her relationship with her father was; not going to Lanie I think it was just because she didn´t think Lanie could be any help.
2 - I´m with Teresa:)
3 - No, I think her fears are reasonable.
4 - I´m with Dave and Christine.
5 - I liked the opening scene with the marriage scenarios and Kate/Lanie talk at the morgue, but my favourite was the ending scene, because I watched it trough Castle's eyes and because I didn´t need any words I found the scene beautiful!


1. Agreed with Nathan fan below - I think that was all in trying to avoid her dad. 2. I think the ceremony itself will be simple and elegant, but the reception's gonna be a part-AY! 3. I was pleasantly surprised. They don't show a lot of how the relationship is progressing - it just kinda "is" - so it was nice to hear Kate worrying about the family that she's going to be a part of. 4. I didn't like the Alexis story arc at all, mostly because I felt that it was untrue to the character that we already knew. She went from a mature, wise early teen to an impulsive, petulant adult. I feel like there must have been a way to introduce conflict between Alexis and her dad without her devolving. 5. I'm with Dave - Lanie and Kate. Some of my favourite scenes in season 1 were the friendship between the two, and I love when Lanie gives advice. She gives the best advice out of all the adults on the show.


Just on Alexis. Ill mannered, obnoxious spoilt brats do not usually happen at 19 particularly when that person was very responsible and well behaved during her teenage years. It is highly unusual for a person to change so dramatically when they are almost entering adulthood. And if they do change so much the eason is easy to spot or is given very quickly.

@ nottrampis

I've followed the comments here for sometime, but have refrained, as the five posters who have sort of hijacked this site have made it awkward to comment objectively. But your repeated comment on 19 year olds is way off--in the U.S. this is EXACTLY when many change. They go off to college and "find themselves." Her actions are real.

@ Heathcliff

I kind of agree. I think people are free to say what they will, but the Castle discussions are very hard to participate in because a select few kinda clog it up and there's no room for disagreement or discourse. Some really good opinions go ignored.

@ Heathcliff

Heathcliff, absolutely correct! Not a whole lot of objective dialogue here. I found a couple other sites I enjoy: writing on the castle walls, kate Jennings at castle examiner, and castle BlogSpot. I'm now to the point here where I will just read the articles on this site because they are objective and well done. I always appreciate multiple viewpoints.


sorry but the Alexis arc was a big turn-off. If she is love with Pi and Pi with her then how come they NEVER show it. As I have said elsewhere is this very poor acting or is there something coming up. ( I suspect it is a bit of both.) Marlowe again shows he is hopeless with stories. Why, how and when did alexis change. Just like with Beckett in the final arc of series 5 we do not know and will never know. This episode not only showed Alexis to be a poor daughter but Castle to be a poor Father. It is rarely his fault but he always takes the blame. Why? Sorry but Molly quinn isn't ready for a large part like this episode. Even Castle wasn't Castle which made for rather boring viewing.. Gina was rationalising in Series 3. After All if She didn't have time for sex with Castle how would she have time for Alexis! Perhaps Alexis apologised to Beckett which is more than she did to her Father.


1 - Alexis stated on the phone that she didn't realize Lanie COULD help in any way so that explains why she didn't approach her. Remember that Alexis went to Ryan and Espo first. She really hoped to avoid her dad and I think that's why she didn't go to Kate. She knew that Kate would draw her dad into it. I really don't think she had anything against Kate. The issue was with her dad.
2 - I love the idea of family and friends at the Hampton's home for an intimate wedding.
3 - I was definitely surprised to hear Kate echo Gina's concerns because for years, Castle has gone to Kate for advice on how to deal with Alexis' growing up. I would think Kate has already felt somewhat included. I definitely think that Castle wants Kate to be a part of Alexis' life.
4 - I think the Alexis arc has been very realistic and worthwhile but I'm very ready to move on. Like Christine, I want more Caskett!
5 - While I loved the hug at the end with Castle watching I actually have to say that my favorite scene was when Castle was feeling the weight of being looked to as the "savior." That was a really intriguing character moment.


Castle's brother and dad?

@ Robert


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