Coach Checks in For All of New Girl Season 3

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Coach will be calling plays well into 2014 on Fox.

The network announced yesterday that Damon Wayans Jr. will continue his reprisal of this character through New Girl Season 3, sticking around as a special guest star who often hangs out with his former roommates.

The actor was part of the original New Girl cast, only could not continue past the pilot after ABC picked up Happy Endings, a series which has since been canceled.

As a result, Wayans made his return on this Tuesday, with the sitcom enjoying an 11 percent ratings bump from its previous fresh outing, likely making this an easy decision for producers.

Let's just hope there are fewer strips clubs in Coach's future.

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No where did this guy come from.
He screws up the show as far as I'm concerned. I don't find him amusing and actually elicits a negative response from me.


I'm not so sure about this. I feel like his character could become over bearing really easily. I hope he's not too overused. And I hope he doesn't really mess up the dynamic of the cast too much! I guess we'll have to wait and see.

@ Amy Lynn was unnecessary to bring him back. The character balance was perfect as was. Wayans distracts from the relationships which make the casting "just right".And...well, as far as I am concerned I can't get enough of Jess as it is! Is she the most wonderful "crazy woman" of all time?!? I am truly in love again!!!


Coach's brother, dad and love interest?
Schmidt's brother and sister?
Winston's mom, dad and love interest?x
Nick's childhood friend, aunt and cousin?
CeCe 's mom, sister and love interest?
Jess's sister, Ex boyfriend and childhood friend?

@ Robert

None of those are relevant questions...... That would be way too much going on.


NO!!!!! He was not a welcome character in the last episode. If I am to like him the writers need to do a better job the rest of the season.

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