Covert Affairs Review: Hello, Ms. Walker

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Henry Wilcox is going to go down, right? He must!

Annie may have had Auggie and Calder with her in Hong Kong, but she was running the show. It was a little disturbing (and perhaps, slightly unbelievable) that in the short time that she's been dark and alone that she forgot how to be a team player.

At least both Auggie and Calder ultimately understood what she was doing and went along with her decisions. Even though it was difficult and uncomfortable for Calder, he did realize that she was doing what was best in the moment to get results.

Annie in Hong Kong

On Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 15, not much went according to the rogue CIA team's plan. They did find the courier, but after that it was a matter of making the best of their circumstances. Annie took a risk by going to the police after the courier was killed, but if she hadn't they might as well have packed up and gone home.

They ended up with a contact even better than the courier and with much more to lose in corrupt MSS Agent Oliver Lee. With him on their side, they had a direct link to Henry and someone that Henry couldn't do without. Oliver had the diamonds and Henry wanted them. 

The meet between Henry and Oliver was a disaster. Henry didn't follow Oliver's lead and forced him into an ambush situation. It wasn't clear if Henry set up the extra security because he found out that Calder and Auggie were in Hong Kong or if he would have had it regardless. Though, I'm not sure that really matters.

Oliver's connection to Calder and Auggie was revealed when they got to the rendezvous spot. Henry escaped, but he didn't get anything he wanted. No Oliver. No Calder. And, no Auggie. He was safe, but now he knew his diamonds were in the hands of his enemy.

With Oliver, Auggie, Calder, and Annie all being trained spies, how did Oliver's phone escape their minds? Seriously?!? Henry wasn't going to give up on his diamonds. With Oliver's new allegiance known, he couldn't stay in Hong Kong. He went from an asset to get to Henry to one that could testify about what Henry did in Copenhagen.

If nothing else, Oliver could help indict Henry and help clear Arthur's name. It wasn't the ideal situation, but it meant they had something to hold over Henry. One thing that wasn't really clear to me is what happened to the diamonds.... I'm assuming Oliver has them hidden somewhere.

The tracked phone ended up working in Annie's favor. She used it to get face-to-face with the evil man. The look on Henry's face when he saw that Annie was alive was priceless. He's a man who always wants to think of himself as being ahead of his rivals. This time he was taken for a ride and surprised.

The evidence against Henry has quickly piled up. Arthur and Joan uncovered a connection between Bianca and Henry that they can use against him, plus Oliver can testify. That helps their case as long as they can all stay alive long enough. With Henry's reach, he could send out more hit men no matter how risky.

With Henry in Hong Kong, legal maneuvers may not be a viable option for taking him off the playing board. Annie's decision to be the fail safe may be their only hope. Will she pull the trigger? 

"There Goes My Gun" was a whirlwind of a ride. And, next week's season finale will most likely be even more action-packed and dangerous. Joan and Arthur almost died. I'm nervous just thinking about who will live and who will die in the finale.

Odds and Ends

  • Auggie's unwavering support for Annie was touching. He cares about her, yet also understands how important it is to get Henry.  He also knows that he has to support her decisions or she'll just move on without him.
  • Arthur's concern for Joan was heartening to see. The circumstances from the last year have brought them closer together than they have ever been. Their love is strong. They have to make it to the other side of this and raise their baby.
  • Bianca was on Henry's payroll? Is there anyone that's not within his reach? Auggie, Calder and the Campbells better not be!
  • Annie is one kick-ass operative. The move outside the window to shoot out the tires -- AWESOME! 
  • "Hello, Ms. Walker."
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I'm not agree about Annie forgot working like a team player, she never worked like that. In the first episode, the pilot, she goes to the morgue, using Auggie for the picture.
She move and the others must follow her.
Amazing episode, I must watch again, I miss somethings.
Carla, I love yours reviews.
Sorry my english!


I hate story lines with bad guys that just keep on dragging on and on and on and on and on! Henry just kills indiscriminately leaving a wake of carnage in his path. Why do the 'good' guys have to always bring them in to our corrupt Justice System. Just shoot the bastard with a sniper rifle and be done with him.


Henry doing so much damage to people's lives and getting away with it so many times is ludicrous. He's probably the most hated villain on TV.


I truly believe these storyline save the show


great episode but lets get rid of henry next week. hope we don't have to wait til next summer for him to go. luv how joan was prepared for hitman. also hoping nothing happens to calder i like him

@ barbara

Agree - My most favorite moment of the night when Joan shot that hitman!


I agree Carla that this HAS GOT TO END next week and let next season start out with them dealing with the reprecussions of what they all did and Arthur being cleared. This was an action packed episode......much like the whole season has been. I think in the end Annie will kill's probably going to be the only way to end this............ On a side note,,,,,,,,,I think it's time to update the cover photo for this show!


Please let them finish this stupid Henry story!!! This NEEDS to come to an end!!


This "Henry" story better be over next week. Enough is enough. I'm sure there are plenty of bad guys left for future episodes. This storyline is getting old and dumb.


Awesome episode, and I cannot wait until next week to see what happens. Go Annie Walker!


I hope they learn their less from last year and hope to have more season like this

Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Auggie: What just happened?
Annie: I think he's dead.

Annie: Auggie, I have to do this.
Auggie: I was just going to say, "Good luck."