Glee Sneak Preview: Who is StarChild?

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On this Thursday's new episode of Glee, members of New Directions will be asked if they are more akin to Lady Gaga or Katy Perry.

But there's a third big-time pop singer who will make his presence felt even more than either of the aforementioned artists... by actually appearing as a character named StarChild.

Yes, StarChild. Just who is this eccentric individual portrayed by Adam Lambert.

And how will he come into play on Glee Season 5 Episode 4? Go behind the scenes now in the following pair of videos.

The series, of course, is coming off an emotional tribute to Cory Monteith.

And you can watch Glee Season 4 Episode 3 online now in case you missed it.

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Glee Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

[to Starchild] Would you mind just stepping outside for a moment while I bitch slap some sense into my friend.


Rachel, Finn wouldn't want you sitting on the sidelines while life passes you by.