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Glee Music from "Tested"
Glee Music from "Tested"

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Some serious topics were delved into on Glee Season 5 Episode 16. Blaine got fat on cronuts. Artie learned he had Chlamydia. And Mercedes...

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Supporting Rachel
"Opening Night"

Rachel makes her Broadway debut in "Funny Girl" on Glee.


Artie finds out he has an sexually transmitted disease when all the guys get tested on Glee.


Kurt ends up on the receiving end of an attack while Rachel continues to step toward committing to her "Funny Girl" role on Glee.

"New New York"

Everyone moves to New York and struggles to find their place.

"New Directions"

The Glee club is a thing of the past. What is next on Glee?


Glee celebrates its 100th episode this week. Prepare to say hello to many familiar faces.

"City of Angels"

The members head off to Nationals in Los Angeles with two additional guest on Glee.


Tina, Blaine, and Sam plan a senior celebration but Becky ends up crashing. Meanwhile Elliot ends up stuck in the middle of Santana and Rachel's fight on Glee.


Friendships are strained to their breaking point both at McKinley and in New York in the first Glee of 2014.

"Previously Unaired Christmas"

Rachel, Kurt, and Santana get jobs working at the mall with Santa while the McKinley kids audition for roles in a living Nativity on Glee.

"Puppet Master"

It's puppet time on Glee! Blaine imagines that his fellow glee club members have become puppets.

"Movin' Out"

Sam and Blaine visit New York on Glee. Marley deals with her breakup in Ohio.

"The End of Twerking"

Glee twerks for their independence this week. Will the epidemic take over the whole school?

"A Katy or a Gaga"

The kids try to figure out if they are more like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga while Kurt tries to figure out how to handle a difficult performer during auditions on Glee.

"The Quarterback"

Glee says goodbye to Cory Monteith on this special, emotional episode of the Fox hit.

"Tina in the Sky with Diamonds"

While songs from the Beatles are featrued on Glee, Tina is nominated for prom queen but the potential for winning goes to her head. Rachel and Santana continue working at the diner.

"Love, Love, Love"

It's Beatles week on the Glee season 5 premiere! Blaine has big plans for Kurt.

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