Grimm Review: Deadly Dishes

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The age old rivalry between the Blutbad and the Bauerschwein continued on Grimm Season 3 Episode 3, and what better way for a Bauerchwein to get back at a Blutbad than by literally blowing them up from the inside out with a serious case of indigestion?

On Old Feud

With Nick in seemingly perfect health (and looking mighty fine on a treadmill) Grimm returned to its procedural roots.

It’s always fun to go back and revisit the Wesen rivalries because most of the world is still very much at odds. The little pigs and bad wolves do not like each other, and it’s been that way for forever.

Nick and Monroe are pioneers in a sense. Two enemies that can somehow put their differences aside and actually work together well and are good friends. That doesn’t mean something can’t rip them apart; their charade with chef was tense (until Monroe gave it away) and an indicator of how quickly their friendship can go off the rails.

One thing that is not going off the rails: Monroe and Rosalee.

Monroe: I’ve been thinking that we should, you know, maybe think about moving in together.
Rosalee: I’ve been thinking about that too.
Monroe: Because I love you.
Rosalee: That’s a relief because I love you too.

They’re always adorable together and the way Rosalee can bring out the vulnerability and rambling out of an otherwise very formidable and imposing Blutbad brings symmetry and equality to their relationship.

With Eric now dead, the royal families are fighting with each other to decide who will take the helm - and Renard wants his spy to find Frau Pech. Adalind and her baby are one of the bigger payoffs that we’ve been waiting patiently for and it’s finally gaining some traction as Adalind is slowly coming back into orbit around Renard at least.

By far my favorite scene tonight was the tense conversation between Nick and Renard after Nick told Renard he’s feeling guilty about the bar killing:

Renard: Let me ask you something Nick: what’s really bothering you, the fact that you killed somebody or the fact that you killed somebody that wasn’t Wesen? Because God knows you killed plenty of them. That’s what you Grimms do, isn’t it?

It’s a good question to pose and I do agree with Renard’s point on some levels. Nick has a habit of killing Wesen and it could be because of his Grimm ancestry. But his ancestry can’t be a big influence on Nick aside from what he can do. I think a big part of those killings is how Nick sees them and how Nick views his role within the world two worlds he’s continually in.

Nick views his murders as justified within the confines of Portland law and the one’s that do fall outside of his human jurisdiction tend to be in self-defense. Most of Nick’s friendships are within the Wesen world, he doesn’t view himself as an outsider, so Renard’s confrontation seems to be a ploy to rile Nick up.

The bar fight was different for Nick because he lost control. He didn’t know what he was doing, and that’s causing him to have doubts. Nick is a man who tends to have everything under control and he can stay level headed. The time his side job and duties as a Grimm caused him to step out of those qualities caused him to take a life – and he’s not sure how to process that as one of the downfalls of the job.

A Few Questions:

  • Is Nick turning grey a residual effect of the zombification or his Grimm powers still trying to fully cope with it?
  • Adalind's tear of blood. A sign of royalty?
  • When is Nick getting back to the trailer? I want to see some good ol' Grimm ass kicking with clubs and axes!


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Excellent episode overall. Nick and Monroe's friendship will never go off the rails. They are friends to the end. I'm glad the show is back to normal! Can't wait for the next episode!


Great review! I am looking forward to seeing how Nick's story plays out this season. I'll admit that I am a 'spoiler' reader and have read some interesting snippets on how the 'zombie goo' after effects change Nick. It'll be fascinating to see if it is temporary or not. You all really gave me some great food for thought regarding Renard's question to Nick. At first, I thought he was being oddly jerky, but now I can see the reasoning behind it. While definitely gory, I thought the 'exploding' effects and the aftermath was really good. It takes quite a bit to make me think, "Ewww" but this episode succeeded.


Hey when are we going to see Hank and his girlfriend? Wu is so cute...more Wu less Juliette! Hey where was Stephania this week? I still think she is The Captain's mom!


Yes this show seems to be back on track. Last year was a waste of good people Nick's mom and Renards brother Eric. I hope Eric Isn't dead. I hope the baby is Eric's and not The Captain. I really like Adalind and am happy to see more of her and less of Juliette. There is no coming back of Juliette for me since last year. Ok Nick has always been fine this is nothing new! I am so glad to see cool, sexy, badass The Captain is back and not Nipple's Renard. I loved the way he told Nick off, this is not the first time you have killed. Love Love Love Monroe and Rosalee, now they are a couple...sorry Nick and Juliette you are boring. Love Nick can't stand Juliette. Last year she could have cared less about him now she is all mother hen....Really?


Good episode. I'm glad that Nick and Juliet are back to normal. I'm also glad that Monroe and Rosalie and movie forward in their relationship. I though the whole exploding from the inside was very gross. How being a zombie changed Nick is very interesting and I can't wait to see more of that. Can't wait till the next episode.


Very, very dumb resolution. Nick/Juliette's relationship feels very artificial. Monrosalee and Renard exposing Nick's hypocrisy are good.


Great review as usual. Revisiting the Blutbaden/Bauerschwein feud was a lot of fun, and intense at points. Juliette remains useful, I'm intrigued by the lingering side effects of the zombification on Nick, and I'm actually now getting curious about Adalind (but that story needs to speed up a bit). I'm with you - my favourite scene, hands down, was the one between Nick and Renard, where Renard questions why he's feeling so guilty. Although I don't think that the captain was trying to stir Nick up, I think he was just annoyed. It was a valid question - and from Renard's point of view, as a half-Wesen, he can see both sides.
Nick has killed a lot of Wesen, and mostly out of self-defense. And Nick said himself, he IS starting to remember, so he knows that the guy goaded him and tried to kill him. So if he isn't feeling guilty because of his lack of control (because now that he remembers, that doesn't apply), and he knows it was self-defense, why DOES he feel guilty? While Nick has a lot of Wesen friends, he's still a Grimm, and he's still human, and he's still different than they are, with an oppressive history that he can't always ignore. He may not feel like an outsider, but there will always be situations that make him aware of these things. It's quite possible that this is one of those situations I gotta give Grimm credit for going there, though. It takes balls to address analogues to race relations that directly. Robin (formerly joyeful)


Remembering something I read about the Adalind story, I believe the bloody tear was some type of hormonal deal from being pregnant - and specifically pregnant with a royal baby. Perhaps the baby knows his father died, sending a hormonal surge through Adalind. Theory on Nick's zombie-fying: He's not completely cured from the double shot of blowfish-wesen poison. There's still some in his system. So he's 2/3 human/Grimm and still 1/3 zombie.

@ Gigi2776

Your theory about Nick is really interesting... It could be that way now you mention it... We'll see....


I thought it was a demonstration of how close Monroe and Nick are that they could pull off such a show. I don't think that their friendship went off the rails. Every relationship can be stressed but the ending showed that their bond was strong. I think the Captain made a great point. Nick may have been subconsciously discriminating against the Wesen who aren't part of his gang. Will Adalind come after the Captain to ensure her child's ascent to the throne? Unless the gypsies have other plans.

@ GeneralRapunzel

You're correct about Nick and Monroe. What I was trying to get at, and probably wasn't as successful as I could have been, is Nick and Monroe's relationship is so unique in the Wesen world that things greater than them could come between them (like age old rivalries and ancestries) if they're not careful.

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Grimm Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

And this little piggy went to jail.


Renard: Let me ask you something Nick: what’s really bothering you, the fact that you killed somebody or the fact that you killed somebody that wasn’t Wesen? Because God knows you killed plenty of them. That’s what you Grimms do, isn’t it?