Hart of Dixie Review: Public Perceptions

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It has taken Zoe Hart two full seasons to win over the citizens of Bluebell and that was with a lot of effort on her part.

Well, once she stopped making fun of their small-town ways, that is.

On Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 5, she wanted the community to accept Joel, especially now that Joel has gotten comfortable in the cozy town.

Unfortunately, Bluebell has real life 'shippers and people weren't rooting for these two.

Laughing at Zoe

Everyone knows that Dash's blog is gospel in Bluebell, and his poll showed that only 13% of citizens thought that Zoe and Joel were meant to be. On the upside, a lot more people thought the Rammer Jammer should get soft serve! 

It's taken me a little bit of time to warm up to Joel. [Note to readers: this is a substitute reviewer tonight]. At first I thought he was a poor man's Seth Cohen. Anyone who's seen The O.C. knows it's pretty impossible to recreate the chemistry that Rachel Bilson had with Adam Brody's nerdy Seth Cohen.

However, as Kate noted in last week's Hart of Dixie review, Joel is a good guy and he treats Zoe well.

I'm even enjoying Joel's bromance with Wade. In fact, it almost makes me think more highly of Wade. He's still in love with with Zoe but put aside any pettiness and reached out to Joel. Then again he did lead Joel to the sharks by driving him to the campsite when he was drunk so...maybe not.

Lucky for everyone, Joel is safe after drunkenly ziplining and getting stuck. Plus, he and Zoe are up in the polls! Did those little girls at the campsite remind anyone else of the mini Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl, who once yelled at Dan and Serena about getting back together?

If I remember correctly, and when it comes to GG I usually do, they too were involved in a romantic poll situation about Dan and Serena getting back together!

It's hard when the public weighs in on your love life. While I get Zoe's point that this is the first time she's felt like part of a community and wants that approval, ultimately only she and Joel need to be sure they are right for each other. Not Dash's blog.

I'm glad Zoe and George had time to talk and can find a way to be civil. George was harboring some serious hatred. I also liked seeing Lemon and Lavon team up for the Gazebos of Alabama project. Props to the production on finding a different prop to cover Jamie King's baby bump this week! Lemon was pretty zen in this episode, even taking the paparazzi shot of her and meatball's romantic kiss in stride. 

So let's turn the poll to you guys. Who do you think Zoe Hart belongs with?


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We all know Wade and Zoe are endgame!!




Definitely Zoe and wade! I just love these two and I hope they will be endgame, but for sure that will take a will, but who cares as long as we see some nice scenes with them. Joel is not to had, I like him more with Zoe than George and Zoe, but it's just not like Wade!

Spindae 2o

I loved this episode! I love this show. Rachel Bilson is so great working on Zoey. So naturally crazy and loveable. I like her new Boo Joel they are really a match made in heaven but they are just to similiar, Zoey needs someone to challenge her like Wade and George do. George and Lavon´s niece were quite sympathic as well could see them go long. Lemon and her meatball were really funny to watch, I like Lemon´s growth during this season but I miss my Lemon/Zoey scenes we need a lot of them but I´m okay Lavon/Lemon scenes instead! They have great chemistry.


Zeorge! Esp after seeing them tonight


Ohhh Zoe and George. Swoon. How I want them to get together. While she might have chemistry in the sack with Wade, there's no denying that George is her soulmate. The Seth Cohen/Joel comparison is interesting, the major difference being that for me, Joel has zerooo appeal as a viewer. Seth was attractive in a number of ways and Joel is just kind of desperate and too soft. Kind of a dud, but I'm not worried about him sticking around forever. Now onto Linley: I really don't want to be mean, but she cannot act to save her life and this is a CW show, not an HBO biopic. She's bad, the character's bad and no I'm sorry but I didn't believe that she's well- versed in Oceanography. Still longing for last season but at least I felt like the camping trip and the gazebo were on the right track!


George of course!


Zoe and Wade belong together. Zoe has serious issues regarding her true feelings...and she and Wade need to talk about this. I have a weird feeling that Joel will figure this out and call her on it. There's this thing called chemistry and Zoe and Joiel have NONE...Zoe and Wade have it to spare and that's all that counts.

@ Judith+Constantino

It's inevitable, Zade will be back. The storyline is great, but eventually Zade has to come back. If not, there will be a lot of disappointed fans!

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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

As long as she’s so pretty and I’m so me, done is a 4 letter word.


Fine, next time you get an appendage stuck in some girl’s zipper, have Brick deal with it. He will not be as gentle as I.

Zoe [to George]

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