Hart of Dixie Review: The Dolphin Tale

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My heart broke for Zoe Hart on Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 6, as she discovered a family she never knew she had and something she had always desired... but the feeling wasn't mutual.

I have high hopes for this season and this hour kept those hopes alive.

Extended Family

The worst part about Hart of Dixie Season 3 is Linley. Her obsession with George is on my last nerve. I really hope she leaves soon.

That said, I am so disappointed in George. SO DISAPPOINTED! I cannot believe that he and Linley got together. This is terrible. Disgusting.

What is he doing and why am I suppose to care about this??!?

Moving on...

The addition of the movie Dolphin Tale did have me laughing, having seen that film and having nieces with whom I've had to watch it over and over and over again. Family is everything!

I will say that the best part of each episode is Kaitlyn Black and Jaime King as AB and Lemon, respectively, whether they are on screen together or solo.

Black has a huge grasp on her role of AB and I love having episodes that she actually has something to do that doesn't revolve around Lavon. I also loved her parents wearing Lavon's jersey. I definitely had some laughs with this.

Also, Lavon, you're an idiot. That woman loves you and, quite frankly, you can't do much better than AB. This is another look into the naive world of Lavon Hayes.

Lemon, well, you know that I love Lemon and any kind of plot that is thrown her way; she is just fantastic. I am glad that she didn't take the job at Fancy's - she isn't fancy anymore. I really hope she finds her way - I look forward to following her story until she does.

Overall, I enjoyed tonight's episode. The addition of AB parents was delightful. Sadly, for Zoe's sake, her "family" rejected her and my heart just broke for her. She deserves a caring family.

In the end, Joel still has my heart because he is adorable, Wade is back to being a whore - and I ended the hour with a smile.


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The WORST part about the George and Linley relationship is Lavon being so upset about it. This little cousin that was never mentioned before is all of a sudden something that HAS to be protected. Oh wait, Lavon, didn't you SLEEP WITH LEMON while she and George were together/engaged. How the heck are you going to be mad at him for wanting to date your cousin? Personally, I think he's lucky George is still friends with him at all.


Yeah... Linley. She looks and acts 17/18 but she's a 20 something. :/ The season has been less than impressive for those I know who watch it. Joels character is just... there. Week after week. There. I'm over it. I miss the first season where by god was there chemistry flying off my screen. The writing needs to focus on that and not on all the clutter that surrounds the show to fill the time slot. Get it back to crazy exciting/sexy/interesting and less... what happened last week? I forget. Nothing. Right?!


Could not agree more with most of you! George and Linley are terrible. What an awful miss match! Makes George look like a child molester and almost makes me dislike him...certainly dont care for her character at all! Hoping for Lavon and AB and love how Lemon has evolved.


AB and lovan need each-other because their come from a heartbreaks and their needing someone in need to move on but there is no chemistry between this two lovan is with AB to forget lemon the woman that he truly love put george and AB together and let's lovan by with lemon ???


I''AM team lovan and lemon and zoe and wade.
you can see the sparkle between lovan and lemon eyes
and you can see the chemistry between this two to .
don't see that with AB and lovan this two come from a
heartbreaks and need to move on AB from jake and lovan from lemon lemon was lovan first true love and he still love lemon . wade and zoe belong together just like lemon and lovan that why people love hart of dixie in the first places because of them . let's george by with AB and joel with linley , people want to see more of wade/zoe and lovan/lemon in season 3 just like season 1and 2 that is my opinion endgame wade/zoe and lemon/lovan can wait ?


Get Linnly on the first bus out of Bluebell. They offer free acting classes at the Y on Saturday and that's where this actress needs to go. No one buys her and George together for two seconds. So was this the excuse for Lemon (Jaime) to go off and find herself (have the baby)? I couldn't tell. I was hoping it would be to go meet up with that news guy THAT is the kind of character this show needs, not Linnlys and Joels. They could also introduce another fun ensemble girl character now that Rose. Magnolia and a lot of the other girls appear to be gone. Finally, I didn't care for the less-than-believable party scene with Zoe's family. Oh I'm sure they'd all just bring them in to dance like that-- it's a party where the host would be spending time with friends, not gushing about relatives to the girl who brought the magician.


I'm really over the whole Zoe and Joel relationship, I'm ready for her to break his heart with Wade or something along those lines. And Lynly needs to move on also, I can't stand her character at all. I love Hart of Dixie but I want something to change ASAP


I hate the George and Lynly pairing. I can't stand her character. Get rid of her pronto! I love scenes with Zoe and Wade together. Wade is hilarious.


I hated there wasn't any Zade going on in the last episode. I kinda like the storyline of George and Lynly. Also miss the other characters.


I felt so bad for Zoe too, I mean in the scheme of things, the first time around was she even in Bluebell for a year? And it wasn't immediately at the beginning of that year (which was a year and a half ago) that she had any idea she was a Wilkes...what was with that particular bitch? Sometimes this is where you sort of wish that AB had come with her (or even better that Lemon somehow had) because I think they would have given her an earful. I guess Zoe should have noticed that there is something off about the family if the aunt she does know doesn't actually come to her grand nephew's birthday. As nice and as supportive as Joel was being, I couldn't help but notice that we were returning Zoe and Wade to their first season real issues...

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