Hart of Dixie Review: The Dolphin Tale

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My heart broke for Zoe Hart on Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 6, as she discovered a family she never knew she had and something she had always desired... but the feeling wasn't mutual.

I have high hopes for this season and this hour kept those hopes alive.

Extended Family

The worst part about Hart of Dixie Season 3 is Linley. Her obsession with George is on my last nerve. I really hope she leaves soon.

That said, I am so disappointed in George. SO DISAPPOINTED! I cannot believe that he and Linley got together. This is terrible. Disgusting.

What is he doing and why am I suppose to care about this??!?

Moving on...

The addition of the movie Dolphin Tale did have me laughing, having seen that film and having nieces with whom I've had to watch it over and over and over again. Family is everything!

I will say that the best part of each episode is Kaitlyn Black and Jaime King as AB and Lemon, respectively, whether they are on screen together or solo.

Black has a huge grasp on her role of AB and I love having episodes that she actually has something to do that doesn't revolve around Lavon. I also loved her parents wearing Lavon's jersey. I definitely had some laughs with this.

Also, Lavon, you're an idiot. That woman loves you and, quite frankly, you can't do much better than AB. This is another look into the naive world of Lavon Hayes.

Lemon, well, you know that I love Lemon and any kind of plot that is thrown her way; she is just fantastic. I am glad that she didn't take the job at Fancy's - she isn't fancy anymore. I really hope she finds her way - I look forward to following her story until she does.

Overall, I enjoyed tonight's episode. The addition of AB parents was delightful. Sadly, for Zoe's sake, her "family" rejected her and my heart just broke for her. She deserves a caring family.

In the end, Joel still has my heart because he is adorable, Wade is back to being a whore - and I ended the hour with a smile.


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Totally don't agree on the Lynley hating. I have no problem with her and George together. She is cute, he is cute - the show definitely needs some fresh blood, it gets too incestuous with the same characters all hooking up with each other. Leave Lynley alone!! While I agree with most people that Joel is adorable I wish he wasn't. How are we ever going to have Zoe and Wade together if we have to break Joel's heart. Thanks for reviewing.

Leigh r

Joel really grows on me more and more every week!


Ugggg so cannot stand Linley and George it's just NASSSSTY. I am so bored with the plot this season snoozeville... Joel is BORING. I want some interaction between Zoe and Wade please and what has happened to all the season regulars interacting with main characters??? Rose?? Wanda and Tom, Brick???

@ Jodyj39667



The whole Linley and George thing is just icky! She looks like she is 16 years old....and she behaves like it. I do really like Joel, but he's boardering on TOO nice. I think that how Zoe handled the Wade situation was awful. She never addressed anything but expected him to be ok with her. That really bothered me.
I love Annabeth....and I like her and Lavon. Though I'm a little confused about why she wants to jump back into marriage so soon....but whatever...maybe it's not soon?


I've really enjoyed this season so far. I was very skeptical of Joel but he has grown on me. As someone who grew up apparently not far from where Bluebell seems to be situated, I like it when the characters act in a manner that seems consistent with how I would act in a situation. The Wilks basically telling Zoe that she refused to be a part of their family and she needed to earn it back was something I'd fully expect. I'm glad they didn't just welcome her back with open arms. Kaitlyn Black has become my new favorite. She absolutely steals the show when she is on the screen and her grasp of the character and her growth has been incredible. I loved that her response to Lavon was not "I want to marry you or I'm gone" but one of "we are on the same path and if you aren't I need to know sooner rather than later". Very adult, very responsible and very heartful. I know a reviewer said she was a Lavon-Lemon endgame but I'm pulling for Lavon-AB. Totally agree on Linley. Not a fan and George, please. Get over her already and let her take the LSATs and move on.

@ Jake

Agree - George and Linley - don't like it at all. I love the Zoe/Wade chemistry, but they just would not be a good couple long term. I love Lemon, and really think she and George belong together - but it is healthy that they are getting other dating experience for now because they got together so young. I miss Magnolia! And I really miss Addy from season 2 - she was a great character.

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[To Wade] Enough with the GoGo Dancers!


Not much rhymes with Rammer… Hammer, Slammer, Stammer…


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