Homeland Review: Turning the Tables

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Unlike much of Homeland Season 3, "Still Positive" was a solid hour of television filled with competent characters, interesting twists and turns... and unfortunately more from the former Dana Brody.

The main ingredient in improving Homeland Season 3 Episode 6 was the fact that Carrie was back to being the talented, non-whiny agent we enjoyed watching back in season one.

Carrie Finds a Mastermind

Whether it was Carrie turning the tables on Javadi after her lie detector test, the crew brining him in after the Iranian leader fulfilled his murderous needs, or Saul eventually punching him in the face, everything about that story line was fun to watch.

Maybe the best of it all was Javadi's killing spree. I'm not one to love brutal violence just for the fact that it's there, but Javadi's was different. There was something very intriguing about his ability to shoot his daughter-in-law in the forehead with a smile on, and then stab his ex in the throat a dozen times in a row.

Now that Javadi is in Saul's hands, I'm interested to see where that all heads next.

While Saul has the upper hand on his Iranian counterpart, he may be facing even more trouble from his own countrymen. With Lockhart claiming that the CIA is a disgrace and needs change, we should all expect him to take much of that anger out on Saul in the near future.

Whether Saul will be able to use this Javadi stuff to his advantage or if it will actually hurt his standing with the new boss is still yet to be seen, but I'm sure it will be a heated subject either way.

It's been all puppies and roses up to this point in the review, but that's only because I've saved the weekly Dana bashing for the end.

The Homeland people have to be kidding with this right? I literally laughed out loud when Dana announced that she was moving out. That put her story line this week over the top. Is this what it's come to? Dana changing her name and moving out? Is that what we need to be watching?

I'd think about saying that these types of things are just not meant to be on a show like this, but the fact of the matter is that any show can be about whatever it wants to be about. The issue is simply that even if Homeland wants to be about showing the troubles that follow Brody's family after he is outed as a terrorist if those troubles aren't interesting the audience isn't going to enjoy it.

Even with how much I didn't enjoy watching Dana change her name, "Still Positive" was definitely one of the better hours of Homeland Season 3. What did you think of the episode? What were your favorite moments? What didn't you like? And how about all those pregnancy tests?


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I think if they pitted Dana trying to learn more about her father and perhaps have a little passion trying to find some truth, it would make the so-called family subplot more interesting. I thought that could be the direction they were going with her semi lead role, but did enjoy last week's episode. I'm sure we'll see Brody in the last half of this season more, as he galavants out of South America. We do know he and Carrie at one point meet up, as it showed in a preview at the start of the season.


So nothing on Carrie being pregnant? Ok...


I have only seen the first episode of Homeland, and I'm trying to decide whether to watch more. Can someone tell me if Brody's actions become understandable, if he is truly a traitor, and if he elicits sympathy from the viewer, or pity, or scorn, or something else entirely.


Javadi storyline is interesting, but I really miss Brody! I wish Dana moving away means that we wont see her anymore, but that seems to be highly unlikely:( I found it strange that Jessica did not ask where this friend lives nor if Dana would still be using her mobile or anything about if they would have any contact...
I find Saul´s wife annoying!
Agree that Carrie is much better as a competent talented not whining CIA agent doing her job!
So Carrie is pregnant? Dont know what to think of that. Interesting twist.

@ marin

And why is she saving those "tests?" We know she's off of her meds again and if she's pregnant, it had to be due to that one night stand but who knows? We'll find out soon enough.


Idiotic episode..
The whole series is quite shallow and not logic.. not at all


I heard on another forum that one of the showrunners for Homeland is smitten with the actress that plays Dana, and that is why we fans have to endure so much of her. She doesn't bother me as much as some of you, but I would much prefer to see Nicholas Brody or even Jessica over her. Speaking of Nicholas Brody, why is Damian Lewis even listed in the opening credits, when he has only been in one episode this season. Make him a guest star if he isn't going to be a vital part of the show anymore!


die, Dana Brody, just die. if television was real estate, the Dana Brody/Brody family storyline is complete wasteland. were the writers looking for filler or do they genuinely believe Dana Brody changing her name is an integral part of the storyline? at least something of interest is happening on the show. looking to see how the pieces cohere with Javadi in.

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This is just the fucking beginning.


Saul should have instructed you to treat me with more respect than that.