Nashville Review: Coping Mechanisms

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There are new ways of dealing with conflict - and then there are just total shockers.

Nashville Season 2 Episode 7 gave us a taste of both.

It was Juliette's return to touring and everyone knows that a Juliette Barnes tour isn't without a little craziness!

Teddy's Wedding

Speaking of crazy, Peggy and Teddy got married. She knows she can't fake her pregnancy forever, right? Guess she was waiting to lock Teddy in legally until she dropped the bomb. I felt sad as Maddie watched Teddy and Daphne dance, but I really don't think Teddy will ever love her any less or any differently.

However, I don't blame Maddie for having questions and wanting to get to know Deacon.

I also don't blame Rayna for not being sure that she can trust Deacon to not hurt Maddie. She loved Deacon with all her heart for years and years and his alcoholism ruined things time and time again. At the same time, Rayna also hid a kid from him for 13 years, which was insane.

You and I have been doing a real good job of keeping our distance and moving on with our lives, but we'€™re just not gonna be able to do that. We have a daughter together. She'€™s asking for you, she wants her father.

Rayna [to Deacon]

My favorite scene was when Deacon decided to face his fear and play The Bluebird in front of Rayna and Daphne. Aside from loving the new, sorta comic duo that is Deacon and Avery, I adored that Maddie got to see and connect with her dad. Their bonding moment over stage fright was adorable. Especially when Deacon told her not to grow up too fast. I got a little misty-eyed!

You'€™re definitely growing up fast, just not too fast okay? I just got here.


Off on tour, Juliette found time to be with her latest hidden fling Charlie. She also stood up to a perverted DJ. At first when she was pissed at Charlie for stepping in and firing the DJ, I was thinking "girl you can just say thanks."

I know Juliette likes to handle her own problems, but that guy was clearly a little scummy. Then she turned around and flipped it back in his face all the while holding even more power above Santa's head. Now Juliette owns him.

I guess when you're as devious as Juliette, you think on higher levels of blackmail and revenge. That wouldn't have even of occurred to me. Juliette's right, nice just ain't her color.

Speaking of things I didn't expect...ummm, can we all discuss the confrontation and subsequent kiss with Olivia? Did anybody see that coming? We saw in previews that she confronted Juliette over Charlie. I thought maybe we were going to see some kind of psycho Fatal Attraction in reverse situation, then she kissed her! Hey, maybe now we know why Olivia is never happy with Charlie?

It seems Olivia and Will need to have a discussion about closeted behavior. Although, I'm not sure either of them is fully gay so much as bisexual. Either way, there was a more mature way for Will to have dealt with the homophobic guys. However, I'm not going to sit here and say they didn't deserve to be punched in the face. They were douche nozzles.

We didn't see too much of Scarlett and Gunnar tonight, but they're about to see a lot more of each other now that Jeff sent them on tour together! Now Avery and Zoe just need to be in an awkward romantic situation and we've got ourselves a full love-square.

What do you think will lead to Scarlett's stage fright next week? What was your favorite part of tonight's episode? Were you shocked by Olivia's reaction to Juliette and Charlie?

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Rather than being redundant, I agree with favorite scenes listed below, I will comment how much I am beginning to appreciate the Stella Sisters gifted talent. They are fast becoming my favorite music on Nashville. I hope the producers will agree to let Lennon and Maisy (Maddie and Daphne) sing more.


I loved Deacon and Avery animosity, it was so funny. I love Deacon.
I also love Julliete, she's tragically realistic about everything. But when Olivia kissed her I LOL because, oh, the trouble this girl get in to.
I also teared over Deacon and Maddie.
I don't like Rayna all that much.

Sarah silva

This was a really good episode.
I liked Deacon and Avery working on Deacon's performance together, there was some funny moments.
I guess Scarlett and Avery are back together or not not together as Scarlett said.
I like Luke and Rayna together.
I loved Maddie and Deacon's scene at the end! It brought a tear to my eye.
When Olivia saw Charlie and Juliette sleeping together she was hurt. I guess she thinks the best solution is to black mail Juliette into sleeping with her. That is what I think is why Olivia kissed her, sleep with her or she will try and ruin Juliette's career as they own all these radio stations and can tell the stations to not play her music.
I love Juliette at times and I did tonight when she set the pervy DJ straight.
I do not think Jeff has any intention on signing Gunnar to his label of even giving him his own concert at music week. He just told him what he wanted to hear in order to get him to sell the song so Will could sing it. He put Gunnar on tour with Scarlett and I am sure he knew that that know each other.
I wanted Will to stand up for his ex, but I guess he had to keep up appearances but he gave those guys what was coming to them!
I think Peggy will get a fake baby bump and steal a baby from the hospital. She seems like she is that crazy! However now that her and Teddy are married, one would think he would see her with out clothes on, but I just think that is what she is going to do!


When are we going to get back to Lamar being in prison? I think I read somewhere that someone is supposed to die this season.......... Next week doesn't look good for Scarlett or Rayna..........Scarlett needs to get over her shyness............Gunnar looked shocked to see her on the bus and vice versa............ I liked Avery and Deacon together........ Now that Peggy and Teddy are married, what will Teddy do when he finds out Peggy isn't pregnant? I doubt Teddy will want the media attention of another divorce.......


Nashville Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

You and I have been doing a real good job of keeping our distance and moving on with our lives, but we'€™re just not gonna be able to do that. We have a daughter together. She'€™s asking for you, she wants her father.

Rayna [to Deacon]

You'€™re definitely growing up fast, just not too fast okay? I just got here.