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If she knew that it all it took to get her masters back was to head to Florida, wait for Gunnar Scott to write a hit duet, knock the socks off of it with Luke Wheeler in front of thousands of people and then use that performance as leverage against Jeff Fordham...

... Rayna Jaymes wouldn't have ever worried when those cops showed up at her doorstep at the start of Nashville Season 2 Episode 8.

Oh wait. I guess that wasn't all that simple of a sequence.

Scarlett On Tour

Gunnar, who has recently had difficulty giving his songs up, was having trouble again, only this time it was with writing a track that fit Luke's style. According to the biggest name in country music, that meant making it more "Wheelerey."  

According to Deacon, it meant adding some lyrics about beer and trucks.

For Gunnar it simply meant making the song better, and who better to help him perfect it than his old writing partner, Scarlett O'Connor?

After completely failing to impress in her first time out in front of a big stadium crowd - a scene that I really didn't like for how quickly the audience began to boo and throw things at Scarlett* - she was unsurprisingly upset.  

She wasn't so broken up, however, that she couldn't throw a lyric Gunnar's way that really pulled the song together. Watching the two of them play through that new hit was really a great moment and it was a moment that Luke and Rayna enjoyed watching as well.

*I've been to some concerts with pretty terrible opening acts, but I've never witnessed the crowd throwing things up on stage or overtly booing. In those moments we just begin chatting and looking at our phones instead of paying attention to the performance.

In fact, the two biggest names in country music liked it so much that they performed it the next night in front of thousands of screaming fans. While obviously not as enjoyable as the Gunnar/Scarlett version, I'm glad that the performance worked as leverage for Rayna to get her masters back. She doesn't deserve to be done dirty like that.

Scarlett, meanwhile, got over her nerves and went onto the stage the second night with a ton of what seemed like fake confidence. It won the crowd over, but from my vantage point it felt like a bad The X Factor contestant trying to pump up the crowd with zero stage presence.

This isn't her scene after all. Scarlett is a small venue performer. She gets intimate with her audience and stadiums just aren't the place to do that. I like that she is going to push through this in order to further her career though, because success takes sacrifice.

Nashville Season 2 Episode 8 also gave us the pleasure of Juliette and Avery absolutely hitting it off as friends...and maybe more? I loved that not only was he there for her in her time of need, but that he pushed her to open up to him. I'm not sure he knew he was going to be unloaded on with tales of betrayal and menage a trois, but it was nice to see their relationship grow, wherever it might lead.

Not so pleasurable was every moment we spent watching Peggy pretending to miscarry. The sad part is that I do like Kimberly Williams-Paisley. This character, and this storyline, just isn't doing her any favors. I can't wait until something happens that forces her out of town, or maybe makes Peggy more likeable.

"Hanky Panky Woman" was another solid episode of Nashville Season 2. What did you like most about it?  What didn't you like about it? Which performance in Tampa was your favorite? And have you ever thrown anything on stage at a concert?


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"Juliette and Avery absolutely hitting it off as friends...and maybe more?" I really liked that these two are just friends because it seems like on tv these days whenever 2 characters are alone together and bond they just seem to jump into bed together. i always think its ridiculous because men and women can be friends without sleeping together. i like that avery has changed, hes one of my favourite characters now and i dont want him to sleep with juliette and hurt scarlett again because i think he has grown the most. and juliette cant claim to have strong feelings for charlie and then sleep with avery.


How did this go from the best new drama of last year to this effed up mess?? Connie Britton is no doubt the best actress of her generation which is why is painful to see her read these stupid fake lines. Music is boring this season also.


Rayna, Rayna....from Deacon to Liam to Luke...will she ever find the right man ? I keep waiting for "Coach Taylor" to show up & rescue her (wink). Now THAT was a solid relationship. In any case, take away the bed-hopping and I think Nashville is very entertaining...there is no question that Connie Britton is carrying this show with her always excellent acting.

@ Lindalou

As you have said bed hopping, if it doesn't stop we might not see a season 3. What ever happened to taking a brake and taking care of her kids as most mothers do or was that the same old BS socalled entertaineers get away with.


I gave up on this show after T-Bone Burnett left and the music all turned to crap and the story lines turned to Dynasty/Dallas soap-opera.
watched parts of this, and it is terrible.
Buh Bye


Peggy had no other choice than to fake a miscarriage or either tell the truth, which she wouldn't do because she knew she'd lose Teddy for good. I'm sure Rayna is still going to get her own label off the ground. I'm still wondering why they've left us hanging about her father being in jail. I also think Gunnar and Scarlett should have sang that song. These two are just better together...... I think Juliette and Avery will be FRIENDS. Avery is more interested in Scarlett. Well, now to wait 2 weeks for the next episode..........

Sarah silva

This was a good episode.
Juliette needs a friend and I hope that is how her and Avery remain. He is back with Scarlett now and HE was the one she called at the end of the episode and said she loved him.
Scarlett is not cut out for big stadium shows and she alluded to that when she was talking to Gunnar near the end of the episode. She said the plan is to be on the road playing big venues but there was a sadness in her voice.
I like Luke but I did roll my eyes when he had a woman help him put on his shirt, I guess that really does happen but the whole time I was thinking that he should be able to dress himself. I see his relationship with Rayna lasting a long time, she sad she likes being naked with him and they had just started seeing each other. She is falling for him fast.
When Rayna heard Gunnar and Scarlett I was hoping she would say that she wanted them to preform the song not her and Luke.
I wonder now after Rayna and Jeff came to an agreement if she will still plan on buying our her record label.
I knew Peggy was going to do something and so I was not shocked when she pretended she had a miscarriage.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Actually it wasn't Avery she called at the end of the episode it was her mom. I definitely see her and Gunnar ending up back together if they start to write music again. Their is a fire between them that doesn't exist between her and Avery. Avery and Juliette on the other hand I would really love to see happen. I won't like if Juliette ends up with billionaire man because their relationship is already tainted by him being married. Her and Avery can be a relationship that had a fresh beginning and they both can continue to grow and improve as people together. I was very disappointed that Rayna didn't suggest that Scarlett and Gunnar sing that song. I figured she would see that Scarlett is more confident as part of a duet (with Gunnar in particular) and would want to see if that helped her. The song definitely didn't have the same feel when Luke and Rayna sang it. I am biased against Luke and Rayna because I want her with Deacon but I definitely don't hate Luke like I did Liam. Just kind of wish they would stop making Rayna stop hopping from man to man as it doesn't really seem like it's true to her character.

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