NCIS Sneak Peeks: Don't Let the Chaos Fool You

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Tonight, NCIS begins a new chapter of sorts with the addition of a new cast member. Emily Wickersham joins the show as a series regular in the role of Ellie Bishop.

So who is the new girl? Two sneak peeks from "Gut Check" give us an idea.

After discovering that the Secretary of the Navy was recently bugged during a confidential briefing, the team is introduced to NSA Analyst Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop.

Reason being? She predicted the security breach in exact detail in a briefing she wrote two years ago. Because that's just what her young, beautiful mind does.

Bishop dreams up threats that don't exist yet. While working on the floor and being endearingly quirky, of course ... and is that a wedding ring on her finger?

Watch the two scenes for your first look(s) at Bishop and comment below:

Are you excited for Emily Wickersham's debut based on the scenes above? How do you think she'll blend in which Gibbs, Tony, Tim and the rest of NCIS?

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They (the writers) are still not getting it together. I have been told that the fat lady is getting ready to sing. Last night's episode (1/14/14) was horrible. It's getting harder and harder to watch. Don't feel compelled to watch like I always have. Rather watch my DVD's from seasons 1 through 10. Don't think I will get season 11 when it comes out.


Oh PLEASE come back Cote!! I have been a huge fan of The NCIS family since 2003 and this is the first time in 10 years that I am greatly disappointed with the program. Ellie is NOT an NCIS agent in any sense of the word. Kate & Ziva had balls! They were action-packed yet beautiful and sexy. I find the show boring & lacking in action. Please don't let the rest of the great NCIS team leave or the program will be doomed. And why are the regular characters not getting a lot of air time??

@ patches1199

Your comment is right on. I too, for the first time am so disappointed with the show. I understand about Cote leaving (didn't like it), however, cannot believe that the producers felt that Emily W. would fit the bill. I truly feel they have lost it mentally. Never have seen an NCIS where one of the characters completely took over, and told "Gibbs" what do to. Unheard of in the ten plus years I have been watching the show. They almost made Gibbs look like a fool at times. Hope they get their act together before the fat lady sings.

@ Marie+on+the+Lake

Marie: I agree with you. If the upcoming episodes
are anything like the ones that have aired since Cote left then I also think it won't be long before "the fat lady sings". Of course the remaining NCIS team are great. Who couldn't love that bunch but something has gone so wrong with the plots, the action, the humor & the new team member just is not NCIS material.

@ patches1199

Patches - Totally agree with your comments. They are totally going downhill and no one appears to be putting on the brakes to get it under control.


Very disappointing the second show with Bishop had her calling the shots and the character who had no field experience and again doing things on her own at the end - just kill the character off. I did enjoy Fornel and the x-wife. No chemistry with other characters she cuts people off . knowing it all.. She is to old and wheatered to play being young.

@ Chena



I too found the character to be less than expected. not mature enough for the important work to be done. I don't see her holding a gun on someone or in a physical fight.


Emily "Bishop" was a GREAT disappointment to juvenile and way to young for the job as an agent UGH get rid of her for someone more mature.

@ jackie hawkins



Emily Wickersham was good, but did not live up to the status of Sasha Alexander or Cote de Pablo.


So disappointed with the new addition to the NCIS team. The portrayal of the new character by Emily W. was juvenile at best. Not the caliber of acting we are used to and expect from this show. Don't see her fitting in with the team. Have been a loyal fan since the beginning, have all ten seasons on DVD. After last week's show I'm not excited about future shows if this is the road they are taking. Would rather watch reruns on USA or DVD's. In the beginning Executive Producer, Gary G. stated there would be no hurry in replacing Cote de Pablo, and now slam bang it seems to be a done deal. Hope that Gary G., and the writers get their act together before ratings start to fall. Very disappointing.

@ Marie on the Lake

I so agree!


Excellent addition to the team. Hope the wedding ring convinces Tony to keep it in his pants, this time.


Bishop was annoying. Too much talking and flailing. Barely saw Vance who hasn't been around for a while, ducky, Abby. Dislike. #needtogetoverziva

@ Tallgirl

Wedding ring, but basically told Tony to stay out of her personal affairs. Makes me wonder if she has a same-sex partner. That would be a new direction for NCIS writers.


Sorry. For me, Bishop did not provide any spark. Quirks were a turn off (Dropping clothes directly onto the floor at that type of workplace? Who does that? Slops papers all over the floor, sits on floor in an NCIS office to do work? Ditto.) Plus, lips had that death look. Didn't feel the instant team combustion like with Borin, or even the wacky lie detector technician.

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 9 Quotes

Bishop: It doesn't make any sense.
Tony: What now, Russell Crowe? Hasn't your beautiful mind gotten you in enough trouble today?

Gibbs: You forgot something.
Bishop: Ahh, that's not mine.
Gibbs: It's got your name on it.
Bishop: This is my NCIS application from years ago. Before I took the job at NSA. How did you know about this?
Gibbs: Your name sounded familiar. I went back and looked it up.
Bishop: That's why you took me along today. You play chess too.
Gibbs: I wanted to see if you're still up for a challenge.
Bishop: Why?
Gibbs: I'd like to keep you around. Joint duty assignment.