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NCIS introduced us to a new team member Tuesday, and she was pretty awesome. Emily Wickersham joined the cast as quirky NSA Analyst Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop.

The bulk of NCIS Season 11 Episode 9 was devoted to the new series regular, who fills a vacancy left by Cote de Pablo, but rest assured, this is no replacement for Ziva.

She's her own character, through and through, and at least judging from this fast-paced installment, one who has a lot of potential as a full-time member of Gibbs' unit.

What did you think of Bishop's debut?

If you missed it, you can watch (or re-watch) NCIS Season 11 Episode 9 right here and now. It's that simple. Just click on the image below and make it happen!

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NCIS get real! You have this Bishop person trying be all that she's not. She looks like a snot nosed brat and a left over from days gone bad. Sorry, but I gave up trying to watch the episode because it sucked!! Are they trying to kill the show off, because they are doing a good job of it!


sin ziva el show no es muy bueno..hacer algo productores..


#1 show for me each week...until Ziva not important at all and do not watch all episodes...boring....


The new girl is not a believable character. Cutesie, blonde, tough because as she stated "I grew up with brothers." Really, get a character that at least is believable. This new one could't figure out how to get out of a paperbag. (Old law enforcement cliche.)


I so love ncis one of my fav shows but without ziva it's just not the same she is an amazing roll model to girls and woman without her I find myself not even wanting to watch


There was nothing wrong with Ziva but all woman seem to belong to other organizations before joining NCIS. However only Ziva belonged to one in another country and was therefore considered foreign.


Did anybody else hear that Hollis Mann is in the 250 episode?


I love the show but I miss ziva . Please don't get rid of nobody else it will never be the same . I watch this program every time it comes on, although they are repeats.


Please give us Ziva back Bishop is bad, not a replacement of Cote. I want Ziva back for the next season

@ inge

Your idiotic hate is bad.

@ inge

they didn't get rid of ziva she wanted to leave even though they offered her a lot more money


My question is Was there a comment made by Gibbs, Tony or Tim about Ellie sitting on top of Kate's/Ziva's desk? It seemed that when Ziva started there was a displeasure about her sitting at Kate's desk.
Ellie Bishop is a smart, impressive and pretty agent. It would be an asset if she would be able to interact with all the members of the NCIS family.
Hopefully due to this change, no other characters are put in the background, especially Tim or Tony. Maybe there should be a few more episodes featuring Tony this season. Let's hope for a few episodes featuring Tim. It would be nice if each character had their own episode with all of them working together. NCIS always #1

@ Carol

No, I don't think there was a comment about Bishop on the desk.

NCIS Season 11 Episode 9 Quotes

Bishop: It doesn't make any sense.
Tony: What now, Russell Crowe? Hasn't your beautiful mind gotten you in enough trouble today?

Gibbs: You forgot something.
Bishop: Ahh, that's not mine.
Gibbs: It's got your name on it.
Bishop: This is my NCIS application from years ago. Before I took the job at NSA. How did you know about this?
Gibbs: Your name sounded familiar. I went back and looked it up.
Bishop: That's why you took me along today. You play chess too.
Gibbs: I wanted to see if you're still up for a challenge.
Bishop: Why?
Gibbs: I'd like to keep you around. Joint duty assignment.