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Another week has gone by in Ravenswood since the accident and life has definitely not returned to normal for the four remaining teens from the car crash.

Along those lines, Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 3 opened with Miranda's funeral.

Considering she was in town for all of 48 hours, it had a surprising turn out.

At Miranda's Funeral

Mr. Collins made a short and sweet speech, but Miranda wasn't buying it. During the brief time graveside, Olivia noticed a blonde woman standing at her father's grave. However when she pointed it out to Luke, he saw nothing. I wonder why Olivia was suddenly able to see a ghost.

Was it because the ghost wanted to be seen?

That scene was so brief, I had to re-watch it to catch it. The second time Olivia saw her it was far more obvious and pretty much scared the crap out of me! It turns out this visitor of Olivia's was none other than a woman named "Abby" the police are searching for.

Abigail Wheelan was their father's high school girlfriend and he believed she was trying to warn him about the curse. Then their mom revealed that Abby was one of the five teens who died in the laboratory fire 20 years before.

By the way, did anyone catch that one of the students from the fire was named Walter White? You gotta love the props department!

So there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding what's happening on this show - and I'm with you guys. But every week they do teach us a little more about this curse. Originally, I had mistakenly thought the curse only occurred twice prior. This week Remy clarified it had happened five times. Her mother coming home was the beginning of the sixth.

On Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 2, the rest of the teens experienced dangerous or near death experiences. This week things almost settled down...until the seance.

Remy was always a believer, Caleb sees ghosts and now that Olivia is seeing ghosts, Luke couldn't really deny everyone's request to talk. He also wasn't truly on board until he saw the supernatural events of the lights, windows, and doors in the very Carrie-esque scene. 

People always said this place was cursed. Maybe it's what they're talking about.


So now I have two main questions:

  1. What is the five pact?
  2. Why did Miranda keep getting transported to that hallway and why are the ghosts trying to hurt or scare her?

Also: If Abby's ghost was trying to warn Luke and Olivia's father, why is she now trying to scary Olivia?

So many questions. Hit the comments with your thoughts and theories and check out this promo for what's on tap:


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This show made too bold of a choice killing the main character in the first/ second episode. I'm all for the death of characters, if you read my other reviews I pretty much encourage, embrace, or just don't care about the deaths of nearly every single character on a show. But you don't kill off a new character, one that's been introduced as having chemistry with Caleb, one that's just started discovering her family history and just met her only living blood relative, and then just bring her back as a ghost. I hate lame deaths, I hate when death on a show is meaningless. What's the point of her being dead if she's back. Also, why would I care about any of her family history or story now? She's dead. This show I don't imagine myself getting into, I don't see it as creepy, and I find it too much like Final Destination and The Secret Circle mixed into one.

Sarah silva

This show is like a horror movie every week, it is creep and gets my heart racing and even makes me jump a couple times each episode! I love it.
I totally did not realize that the grounds keeper was dead, but when I thought about it after it makes sense, no one else seems to have seen him at the funeral. Then when Caleb asked Raymond if he buried Miranda himself and he said yes then gave the vague answer as to what happened to him. Raymond killed the guy so that he could offer Caleb a place to stay in exchange for working and maintaining the grounds. I really want to know what Raymond wants with Caleb, I thought Raymond was creepy from the get go and it looks like I am right. Plus we all know that Caleb can see ghosts so it still did not dawn on me until Raymond and the creepy old lady were talking near the end and they were saying that they hope the blood would look like rust!
I did laugh when Raymond asked Caleb if he had to get back to school and he said he was on a long break! TOO FUNNY!
I think there is something off about Remy's mom.
I like Remy was on board with Caleb all along and that once Olivia saw Abby she was on board too and now that the séance went the way it did so is Luke. They all need to be there for each other.
I am not sure how they could all see Miranda at the end.
I am looking forward to next week.

Leigh r
@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

wait I thought the guy who worked for Raymond was Stringer? And he said he was drunk after breaking up with the girlfriend again. Who was the groundskeeper, did I miss that? I swear I need to watch each episode 3 times haha

Sarah silva
@ Leigh Raines

Maybe I missed something too.
He did say that about the guy that lived in the Carriage house.
I was referring to the young guy that Caleb saw at the end when he ran outside with the flashlight, he was "fired" from what I understood and no one seemed to talk to him BUT he did place the wreath by the coffin so I may be way off! I thought he was the one that Raymond was talking about when he said he hopes Caleb would think the blood was rust, but it very well may be the guy you are talking about! :)

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Maybe there was supposed to be five coffins out there today.


It's okay you can say it. Something in this town is trying to kill you, all of you.

Miranda [to Caleb]