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"My Haunted Heart"

When Hanna pays Caleb an unexpected visit, he shares some secrets with her on the season 1 finale of Ravenswood.

"Along Came a Spider"

An arrest is made in the murder of Olivia and Luke's father on Ravenswood.

"I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"

As Remy continues to have terrifying dreams, she heads to a sleep clinic to find relief on Ravenswood.

"Home Is Where the Heart Is (Seriously - Check the Floorboards)"

The Matheson house is the scene of an ominous discovery on Ravenswood.


Ravenswood returns as Caleb tries to deal with his time with Miranda on the other side.

"Scared to Death"

The kids learn more about the curse while visiting the bank on Ravenswood.

"The Devil Has a Face"

Caleb gets some clarification from a relative but can't seem to talk to Hanna, on Ravenwood.


Caleb, Remy, Luke and Olivia get together to talk about the potential of the curse on this episode of Ravenswood.

"Death and the Maiden"

Remy tries to make sense of the legend while Caleb is contacted by Miranda.


Welcome back to Ravenswood. This is the first episode of the wildly anticipated Pretty Little Liars spinoff.