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You guys. WHAT WAS THAT? Seriously. Scandal season 3 is

There was A-game all over the place tonight! 

All of the twists and turns taken on Scandal Season 3 Episode 8 are the reason this show is the show to watch on Thursday nights. 

Olivia Looks Distraght

First of all, let's just start this off by taking a minute to talk about Mama Pope, who has maybe gone a little insane after being locked in a prison cell for 20 years.

Olivia's mother clearly did something to get herself locked up because Rowan/Eli said that being there was her fault... but what? What could she have done that would in any way excuse killing 329 innocent people in order to save her life and put her in prison? 

Shonda Rhimes tweeted that we wouldn't want to eat during tonight's episode, and yeah, that's pretty accurate. She failed to mention that we'd look on in shock, horror, awe and disgust as Mama Pope pulled a Walking Dead on HERSELF in order to get out of her cell.

Mama Pope chewed through her own wrists. All so she could get out of her cell and into some sort of medical facility where she could perhaps make a break for it, which she did, and she somehow knew exactly how to find Olivia's house. I can't imagine the leader of OPA is listed in the white pages, and Mama Pope hasn't yet been introduced to Google, so how did she find Olivia's apartment? 

That's really not the point on which I should be focusing, I know. I half expected Olivia to faint on the sidewalk when she turned around to see her ghost-mom standing there live and in the flesh. 

And speaking of flesh, Cyrus Beene is a monster who doesn't deserve James. Those two, much like Fitz and Olivia, are great together when Cyrus is on his best behavior, but the minute he sees he can use James to his advantage, he exploits his devoted husband. 

Watching James figure out that Cyrus had played him was so good I almost hope he did have an affair with Horn-rimmed Glasses. Ultimately, however, I think the two faked the photos. James is smart enough to know how Cyrus operates and figure out that there had to be a camera hiding somewhere in the bushes.

Why they'd take the risk to also tank Sally's career is anybody's guess, but I don't think James has it in him to cheat. Pretend to cheat to see Cyrus wallow? Yes. James has that in him.

And then Cyrus can turn to Mellie who can throw out a good, old-fashioned "told you so" and she'd be totally justified as well. She did warn him, and he didn't listen. In fact, not only did he not listen, but he threw Fitz' infidelity up in Mellie's face just as she was riding the high from the interview where Fitz swooped in and saved the day. 

So yep, I kind of hope James did cheat.

Fitz certainly did. Again. And again. And probably again. That was one long hour he spent in Vermont with Olivia. 

It's no secret that I'm not Fitz' biggest fan, but most of that is due to the fact that the only interactions we really get with Fitz and Olivia are angry and/or the two of them having sex. We don't get to see normal couple moments from the two of them, and yes, I know it's because they're not a normal couple. (They're an adulterous one.)

There was something about hearing him talk about the house in Vermont that he planned to fill with little Olitz babies and how he was planning to sell the house that just stabbed me in the heart a little. (Yes, I do have one of those. Even for Fitz. Sometimes.)

This is a man who has never been able to stand up to the people in his life and tell anyone what he wants for himself and the one thing he wants and is vocal about wanting is the one thing he can't have right now. Listening to him tell Olivia about the house he built for her and watching his face was like watching the dissolution of a dream. It just evaporated right before our eyes. 

And then it sort of came back together a little bit with her "Don't sell the house. Not yet." on the way out to the helicopter as the sun came up. But only a little bit. 

All of this, particularly after last week's Scandal Season 3 Episode 7, which was Mellie-centic, just really has me feeling worse for the First Lady. 

The events in those flashbacks, specifically the fact that Big Gerry raped her and she kept quiet about it to get Fitz what he needed from his dad, are memories Mellie relives every day. Every time she sees Fitz and he dismisses her, she's reminded of the great personal sacrifice she's kept hidden from the world. 

She was so hopeful while they were watching the interview, and there was a look of sadness on Fitz' face as he watched her watching the two of them. He can't be the man she needs him to be, but that doesn't stop her from hoping that he will be.

Considering she was basically handing Fitz over to Olivia three weeks ago, her hurt at realizing Fitz has rekindled his affair seems a little misplaced, but in light of everything we now know about Mellie, it's sort of anything goes with her.

Meanwhile, around OPA:

  • Josie Marcus' sister-daughter staged a break-in and planted a computer at Reston's campaign headquarters which eventually prompted Josie to take the blame and drop out of the race. Now Olivia's free to return to the Grant campaign. 
  • Harrison finally got some action. Hooray!
  • Huck knows that Quinn killed the security guard but he's hiding the information from the rest of OPA until he has a chance to interrogate Quinn Spin-style. 

I can't believe there are people out there who aren't watching this crazy good insanity week after week. And I'm glad there's a break next week for Thanksgiving because the previews for the next episode? I might need some of Olivia Pope's red wine to make it through that one.

What did you think of Scandal Season 3 Episode 8? What did you think about that scene with Mama Pope? Were you excited for the Fitz-Olivia reunion? 


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The show wouldn't be the block buster without Liv and Fitz. She doesn't say I love you with words she says it with her eyes. Fitz is married but somewhere back he fell out of love with her and her evil ways. Oops I forgot this is a television show and not real. Anyway Mellie outed
fitz on TV to publicly humiliate him. Why go public. Just leave him. She is not a good person. But if she was it would ruin the show. Hurray for Scandals


Right or wrong The Pres knows how to bring it. I knew Olivia was going to melt in his arms once she realized the home was intended for her.
Quinn, Quinn as much as she has gotten on my nerves lately, I feel sorry for her if H lets the crazy man out on her.
Not sorry the congress woman and daughter are out of the race.
Cyrus got the treatment he so deserved from James. It's going to be a long two weeks.


For all you Mellie lovers out there, as she would say “GET OVER IT”. It's not like Olivia broke up their marriage. When she met them, beside the fact the Fitz took one look at her and fell head over heels, Fitz and Mellie couldn't stand each other. Oliver taught them how to even tolerate each other in public. So yeah, Fitz is a cheater, but his marriage was already broken. That's the only excuse I'm going to make for Fitz. Fitz has no problem saying “I love you” to Olivia, if you notice, she never says it back. He should get the hint. I love the fact that when they were discussing her father and why she didn’t tell Fitz about him, she told Fitz, I’m safe, “I’m not the one that needs protection, you do”, god I love this show. Quinn, uh-oh, you in trouble, Cyrus, uh-oh you in trouble, James, uh-oh your husband is an ASS H…, Rowan, uh-oh they coming for you!!! Mama Pope WTH you are definitely an uh-oh, insane criminal. So much more, so little time.


I was in shock!! I so agree with the writer of this article about EVERYTHING....I am starting to dislike Fitz and feel so bad for Mellie. Yes, she may have her faults but she does NOT deserve the treatment she is getting. As for Cyrus, I always knew he was an A HOLE and does NOT deserve James!!! I love is so scandalous and one of my favorite shows on TV! Just when you think it can't get any more does!


What did Momma Pope do? As everyone saw there is nothing she would not do, gross and wow! Eli locked her away for a reason. I don't think James cheated he loves Cyrus. James always figures out what Cyrus is doing, gets mad at him and forgives him. I think when he finds out Cyrus tried to kill him I think he will take his daughter and leave. I am 1000% team Mellie. Every time she thinks Fitz is back on her side he stabbs her in the heart again. I am so ready for Mellie to stop drinking the Fitz koolaid! Fitz is a smaller version of his monster dad and everyday he is growing bigger and bigger. I don't get how everyone loves Liv and Fitz. She is a mistress and she loves being the mistress of the president. I don't think she would be happy with a normal life with Fitz. She loves after Fitz takes her from behind again telling him go back to running the country. It is sad and gross and I don't understand why people love them together. Fitz is a user. He uses Mellie and he uses Liv. When this show ends I hope Mellie and Liv stop drinking the Fitz koolaid! I also love how Jakes calls Liv on being so stupid about Fitz!


I so love the Olivia/Fitz scenes, I know, I know, he is cheating on his wife but I can't help it! I love them! :) That look on Fitz's face when he was telling Liv about the house he bought for them. My heart just melted right there and then. I was just sitting on the edge of my couch and making some funny sounds while that scene was going on. I know their love is wrong but it is such a sweet love in my eyes.


My favourite caracther is Mellie, but she decided to keep what happened to her quiet on her own; she can´t expect to be "rewarded" from Fitz if he doesn´t know the sacrifice she made. But last week´s episode made me realize that at some point Mellie and Fitz loved each other - I can assume being raped took a toll on Mellie, but why and when exactly did Fitz stop loving her? I have a feeling that, is father being the big trash he was, the same way he raped Mellie while drunk, later, also drunk, he made some comment to Fitz like "she´s too much of a woman for you" that made Fitz think Mellie cheated on him with his father - that´s my gut.
About Olivia and Fitz - well, I never liked them, I have no empathy with them as a couple and neither with Olivia as a caracther - they are not a couple due to some of her decisions. The same way Mellie made her choices, so did Olivia; she knew from the beginning Fitz wasn´t happy in his marriage - yet, due to political choices, she told him to have another child with a woman he didn´t love anymore in order to have a better chance to be President, so she has to live with it. Was it because she knew he wanted it? Yes, but so were Mellie´s choices. Olivia isn't better than Mellie in anything.
Now, this episode - from the moment I saw the tittle (some weeks ago) I knew it would involve Olivia/Fitz scenes, so no surprise there; and due to K.W. pregancy, I think this was to get Olivia pregnant in some episodes, let´s see if it goes this way...
I rate this episode 4.0/5.0 - knowing last week that Mama Pope was alive didn´t surprise me at all, I saw that coming a long time ago; and if it turns out she´s involved in something dark about Remington won´t be a surprise either.


Wow...... That was heart stopping. I wish I could resist but it keeps getting better.


Holy crap! Once again, i am shocked. "Shocked" is an understatement. Every episode feels like a season finale! This show is that good!!!
I need something stronger than wine!!


My favorite episode this season! Tony Goldwyn be still my heart!

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

[to Olivia] You really think that's going to do it? That won't stop him from calling. The President wants to talk to you, he'll find a way to do it.


Mellie: I'd say this is a new low.
Cyrus: Not for me.