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Once again, Sutter you did it! You completely blindsided the sh*t outta us!! Just when we start to get right with the fact that Clay needed to die but also needed to live....you waited for that precise moment where we all said, "Okay, Clay's getting out. He'll work with Gaalan and we won't have to deal with that headache for a while.....BAM! you go and whack him!!!! And once again, it's done so well that I actually felt bad for him...for a minute!! What is gonna happen with Jax's deal with the DA?


The next ep. won't come on UNTIL Dec. 3 and finale on Dec.10 Ughhhhh i don't want to wait! Whatever decison Tara makes will be a bad one anyways. RATING out the MC OR taking off with abel and thomas and if you saw the promo it seems like she ran off w/the boys and jax throwing something at the wall *Pissed off! She's a dead woman - Regardless what happens.


One of the best episodes of tv, ever.


all I have to say about this episode is a "HOLY SHIT"

@ Ilk_vomit

You and me both ! When Jax shot Clay, I swear, my jaw dropped for like 5 mins ! I couldn't even talk lol !


Don't do it Tara. SAMCRO is almost legit. What a great episode. Is it Tuesday yet?

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