Sons of Anarchy

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Sons of anarchy
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SAMCRO breaks Clay out of his prison transport but Juice mows down an Officer show shoots at them, wounding Bobby. . At the airport hangar, Clay thinks he's headed to Ireland until Jax and his crew kill Galen O'Shea and his men.

Gemma and Nero bring Tara to the hangar and she agrees to help Bobby.

Then Jax tells Clay the club held a vote and it was unanimous. With the other members there and Tara, Gemma, and Nero watching through the window, Jax shoots and kills Clay.

Even though Patterson gets the guns and Galen is dead, she revokes the immunity deal. She contacts Tara and offers her WITSEC if she can bring evidence to tie SAMCRO to the days events.

Tara goes back to the cabin to help Bobby. Jax tells her he's sorry that being with him drove her to such a dark place. Later Tara stares at the bullet she kept that was in Bobby. It's a Sheriff's bullet with Bobby's blood. I can be used as evidence if she decides to turn it over and take the WITSEC deal.

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