The Carrie Diaries Review: Boundaries

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Carrie gets the opportunity of a lifetime on this week's The Carrie Diaries.

In The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Episode 4 Carrie gets the chance to pitch her first story!

Unfortunately she finds herself a little too involved with her subject.

The Interview

Despite the fact that high school is back in session, Carrie's life in the city hasn't slowed down one bit. With her classes at the New School she is finding herself inspired. Luckily for her, she has a boss who is willing to give her a shot at pitching her own story.

With lots of ideas brewing, Carrie decided that she would try and nab an interview with the elusive playwright Weaver. Even Bennett and Larissa are doubtful she'll be able to get a conversation. However, she got a lot more than she bargained for.

Carrie connected with Weaver over their personal losses and she found herself too invested in him to write the story. She got too close to her subject. That's both a great strength and weakness of Carrie. She has the compassion to get close to people, but unfortunately for her journalism career, she sometimes gets too involved to remain objective. Now she blew her first big shot with Larissa.

Was it worth her first article just to connect with a guy who wasn't Sebastian?

Meanwhile back in Castlebury, Sebastian was avoiding school, playing Nintendo, pining after Carrie, and trying to distract himself with the very sexy Molly Sims. Sebastian has admitted he's still in love with Carrie and he just needs to stay away because he thinks he ruins everything for her. Cue Vicki the cougar.

Hey there Mrs. Robinson, any interest in some fun?


How long can Sebastian distract himself with Vicki? What was the deal with Maggie showing up at his house? Is she trying to pursue something after the disaster of her making out with Sebastian in the first place? That would not be wise if she is trying to mend her friendships.

I'm glad Walt and Bennett agreed to be exclusive. They have feelings for each other and should give it a real shot. As for Tom Bradshaw and his lady? The merging of the kids was a big deal. The fact that she was too blinded to see that her own kid was being a brat, was a little nuts. Sure Carrie and Dorrit weren't perfect angels, but I don't think Tom is convinced that they are.

By the way, Dorrit having sex in Carrie's bed? Gross! There are sibling rules about that!

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i think this is a good show and hope it continues, i like knowing what will happen in the future, it helps me deal with the awful guys carrie will hook up with in the show. would i love to see a college aged mr big walking down 5th ave while carrie passes him by (because they can't meet until years later) definitely!

Ronald simkins

Sorry I remember gay sex in the 80"s - remember AIDS? Monogamy was not really in the cards.


I can't help but kind of want Maggie and Sebastian to get together. I mean I was a huge fan of Kyddshaw, but I feel that the on-off stuff is getting a little tired. I like Weaver and Carrie. It's early days, of course, but perhaps this will set Carrie off onto a little bit of a wild streak? I know that in the promo for next week it shows that Carrie and Weaver are about to have sex, and that that doesn't ring true with the story of Carrie losing her virginity in SATC, but it has been said that they are going to just go with whatever works. I haven't really watched SATC properly, I was a little young when it was on, so I have no real comparison or qualms. It'll be interesting to see what happens if Carrie does sleep with Weaver and Sebastian finds out.

Leigh r
@ Kim

I think on SATC Carrie mentions losing it in high school in some guy's rec room, against a pool table...something of that nature. All I remember was that she said 3 puffs of a joint and they were done haha!

@ Kim

I am a little confused. During all the good times with the so called luv of her life(Sebastian) Carrie stuck by vow of virginity but now just after a few dates she is not only willing to give it up to Weaver but also maybe ruin her first big shot at writing. Weaver tells great story but that's what he does for a living. Hormones gone crazy or revenge sex? Maybe found out about Sabastian'' tennis partner. How old are Carrie and Weaver supebe to be? I thought Carrie still in high school. Going out for drinks with Weaver and drinking games? Is sex with Weaver even legal? This smells little like Awkward Jenna.


I cannot help but love this show. It is the perfect way to show Carrie Bradshaw as a teenager. It is the right mix of the crazyness that was SATC and innocence of teenage years. Anna Sophia Rob has moments every now and then that she embodies SJP's Carrie to a tee and it is kind of scary.
I really cannot stand Maggie. They spend the first few episodes of the season trying to make her seem sympathetic and see that maybe she really just did make a mistake but then this episode comes along and there is no denying that it wasn't a mistake. She is clearly trying to get Sebastian (the comment about men her own age) and that makes no sense to me. If you want Carrie to forgive you and continue to have your other best friends back then walk away from situation. He isn't worth her losing all her friends over, especially when he is still head over heels for Carrie AND sleeping with the cougar.
There are parts of me that root for Carrie and Sebastian so hard but then I remember, Carrie doesn't end up with him, there will be no happy ending for them, he is just her teenage Mr. Big. That is probably the hardest part of watching this show; having seen SATC. All of us who watched the show know how things end up. She isn't friends with any of these people anymore, other than Samantha, she doesn't end up with Sebastian, she apparently has no relationship with her father or Dorrit (I know Candace Bushnell isn't fully responsible for Carrie's story on SATC but in some ways they needed to consider these things when writing the book and the show). Not that any of this takes away from my enjoyment of the show but if I think about it sometimes it makes me a little sad for the characters.
I did really miss Samantha in this episode and I realized I hadn't missed Larissa at all when she was absent the first couple of episodes. I feel like Larissa was a great introduction for Carrie into the city and her job but Samantha really fills the need for the fun "free spirited" NYC friend and we don't need two of them.
I loved the mention of Stanford last week and can't wait for him to make his entrance on the show. Hoping the show sticks around long enough for us to get a Charlotte and Miranda too.
Does anyone else think Carrie's dad is gonna end up with her old boss?


Carrie is meant to be with Sebastian. I hope they get back together.

@ Eugenia

shes meant to be with mr big they are end game - so shes going to break up with sebastion

@ leanne

Just mentioned this in my comment too Leanne. Part of my issue with watching this show. I love it so much but none of what happens on this show means anything really. Hoping that if the show stays on they keep in mind things that we know happened in Carrie's life when she was younger though (ie. like how she had an abortion in 1988 after a one night stand, because that would only be 3 years from where the show is at now)


Yeah, I have a feeling this new guy will end up doing something bad to Carrie and she'll get "revenge" on him by writing the article.

Spindae 2o

this show is so innocent so loveable. its a shame there are no more viewers. it has something about growing up what people forgot. i love carries progress and cant wait for more character development. I m really not sure where they had with maggie but she is quite the scene steallar. misse sam this week.

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Gotta stay busy if you wanna be a rainmaker.


I can’t wait to read all the dirt you’re about to dig up. And please darling, make it filthy.