The Good Wife Review: Musical Attorneys

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Clearly, the gloves are off and everyone has grabbed a ticket to crazy town.

 The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 6 left me choosing no sides in the fight between Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick/Agos & Associates.

Both firms seemed to embody all the ugly we always hear as the butt of lawyer jokes and none of the upstanding heroics we've come to expect from The Good Wife. This is one group of dysfunctional people who are in need of some serious mediation.

The New Will

Was anybody impressed with the new Will? Let's just remove all of legal actions and look at his personal life. Will is flush in the middle of a mid-life crisis. He was experiencing the sudden loss of the two most important women in his life, or so he thought. Alicia betrayed him emotionally in more ways than one and Diane was leaving him alone at the firm they started.

So he picks up a blonde bimbo, starts making out like a teenager in the hallways of his office and gets tattoos? He's doing everything out of spite, arrogance, and perhaps a bit of despair. It's difficult to like the new Will.

While I think Diane got a really shoddy deal with her seat on the Supreme Court, it's also difficult to feel sorry for her when she would probably have done the same thing in Peter's position. She wished for Kurt to do wrong by their client, Heather, by not testifying for Alicia. I don't think Diane even saw in herself the same actions that were being done unto her when she questioned Kurt for his choice.

Kurt showed that he is, at this point, the most stand-up guy on the show. Out of all the firms and attorneys involved in the many cases that effected Heather's case, not one of them were truly looking out for her and her plight. They all wanted to win for their firm, to make money, to send someone to prison, to make a deal - everyone but Kurt. Kurt just wanted to prove that the gun was defective so that she could win her case. That's why he was hired.

It's my hope that Diane spending more time with the moralistic Kurt will help her with her interactions with Will at Lockhart/Gardner, because I have a feeling things are going to get a little out of control over there. They already have employees calling and asking to join Florrick/Agos, and we were again reminded that Kalinda is a free agent. Certainly that wasn't a coincidence.

As annoyed as I was with Marilyn, She had some great advice for Alicia - rein in Cary Agos. He's too willing to talk out of turn and it's going to get them in trouble. I also didn't like how Cary was confiding in and trusting the other Cary instead of siding with his partner when it came to critical decisions such as office space and perhaps teaming up with another firm of tax attorneys to broaden their spectrum and gain access to space.

Granted, Alicia wasn't thinking solely on behalf of the firm either, as she just wanted the associates away from Grace, but she had a lot more invested in the matter than Cary did - more money and her personal space. Was Cary unable to see the other Cary spending time with Grace? He had to know it was inappropriate, just like he felt it was when he started talking with Marilyn. 

Marilyn is going to have to learn not to act against Peter on every anonymous tip she receives with the understanding that there is a major disagreement going on between his wife and her previous firm. Peter needs to know what's happening, and if Marilyn is as great as she says she is, she will be able to keep him from reacting on behalf of his family. Her job shouldn't be to investigate tips and tell other firms how to be ethical, but to coach the Governor how behave ethically in his new position. 

Dirty tricks worked. The client who went to Florrick/Agos because she felt more comfortable with them as attorneys ended up back at Lockhart/Gardner after their game playing kept key files from Florrick/Agos. Nobody won. There were no real smiles or victories when the players went home at night because they had nothing to be proud of.

It's difficult to watch when characters you almost consider friends start scraping the floor with their behavior, but I'm betting they have a long way to fall before they hit rock bottom.

Will they learn to play nice again? Will they remember the respect they once shared for each other? It sure won't be boring while we wait to find out.


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Well, this left a bad taste in its wake, too many characters 'out-of-character' too quickly. Kurt's the only non-gameplayer in town...if there are almost no character's left with redeeming features going forward, I'm out :( On a lighter note, Will's win re: the gun case felt justified. Florrick & Argos can't expect smooth sailing as a matter of course, their departure from Lockhart Gardner was undiplomatically handled by them, they chose to play dirty & Will and Diane can hold their own once war is declared.


Could someone explain Marilyn's answer of "second trimester" ? Is that answer significant ?

@ gerald

Morning sickness is usually gone by the 2nd trimester.

@ Alana J

Meaning she's faking it?!


I haven't tried watching the TV series but it seems pretty interesting especially since it deals with different legal cases. I am fond of these things. Think I'll start watching from season 1 soon.


Alicia is being written out of character. No matter how competitive she is, she is not at the base of it an evil person, who sells her friends out. Her trying to bias the ethics committee because of Will's past is a really cheap shot and something I don't see Alicia stooping to, no matter how much she competes. There's also a problem with continuity - you don't go from crying in the elevator and telling your friend "it's not personal" to making it super personal with very little provocation. Warrior princess Alicia is fun, but is being overdone. I hope this isn't another misstep on the part of the Kings like Kalinda's story - too many good shows have lost their stride in their zeal to change things up in a show. Change is good, total departure from where they started is not. And yes, I totally agree that Will is being written in an immature manner - hard to believe that he is one of the city's top lawyers and built an impressive firm when he is making out with women in the hallways.

@ TGW_fan

I totally agree. I was drawn to the show in season 1 because I really loved Alicia and her tough yet kind demeanor. All I could think of this episode was "Wow, she really sounds like a b***h." Don't get me wrong, it's fun to watch but I am sad she has turned the corner. And I certainly hope Will isn't leaving-that would make me sad.

@ TGW_fan

He is being written out because he is leaving at the end of season 5 to do other things. TALLY-HOO


Is it confirmed that Will is leaving at the end of season 5? I think it is a rumor blown out of proportion. The official account sounds like it could be either way depending on Josh Charles' decision. I do hope that he stays on - one of the fascinating aspects of this show has been how much the writers have mined out of a relatively contained set of characters. That is how a good story should be. Other shows like my formerly beloved House seem to be in a rush to add new characters, disrupting the core of the show.


I did not enjoy this week’s episode nearly as much as last week’s big reveal. Right now it appears that Cary & Alicia are the only two adults in the newly developed law office. Carey should have been downloading client files a long time ago. Really, did they think they were going to be able to walk out of Lockhart Gardner without a huge fight & plenty of games? The 4th years are a bunch of clueless, spoiled brats with unrealistic expectations. I haven’t seen much value there.
Loved that Marilyn told Alicia that Carey’s mouth needs to be reined in. It’s high time that someone said it. He’s too gullible and gives away too much information without even realizing what he’s doing.
I understand why Will feels betrayed by Alicia; however it’s not like he and Diane haven’t used her plenty of times. They only made her partner at their and for their convenience. I’m flabbergasted that Diane thought she still had the judgeship. Are you kidding me?! She exposes Alicia to Will – Alicia is fired. They sabotage their efforts to get new offices and they are playing tug of war with the clients. No way would anyone – not even Peter appoint Diane.

Drea xoxo

all i tuned in the episode was when marilyn was on my screen waiting for her to reveal the father or if she really was pregnant. i dont like how the associates talk freely with people coming in and out of the apartment. i dont care for cares anymore i just want the show to return to its winning format and stop irritating me! take the kids away, make florrick, Argos and Associates win and then let the games begin!!


I'm already tired of the one-upmanship going on. It's childish. Last week, was hands down, IMO, the absolute best episode ever of this show. They are attempting to carry on with that momentum this week, BUT, this is going to get old quick if there isn't an end game............I don't want to see the bickering each week about "stealing files and clients" or "we need those files" There is no "NEW" Will .......Will has always been that way. His buttons got pushed.......... Marilyn was right about Peter. He may have wronged Alicia in the past, but he will do anything to protect his family at any cost. However, Marilyn shouldn't be talking to Alicia or Carey about it, she should be talking to Peter. I'm not surprised at all that he didn't choose Diane for the judgeship. Diane was left with no other choice than to crawl to Will to get her position back at the firm. And he gladly accepted her back but I do think Will and Diane both underestimate Alicia and Carey.


Wow, that review was quick, did we even have time to let it marinate. I believe this episode to be about Will. I mentioned before that I wanted Will to pick up the reigns and he more than did that. It has been painful to watch Will over the last few years because he honestly is a nice guy that keeps getting passed over for the bad boy. He finally learned last week why people say nice guys finish last. Alicia has passed over Will twice in her life, first in law school and now where it hits home, work. The Will I saw today was the Will I always knew was there. Now, I see why he is the name partner and why David is not. I see future battles with each side picking up a win but who will win the war.
Peter made a colossal mistake by turning Diane down, when she goes into war mode she is a formidable opponent. He should have made her the judge. It would have weakened her firm and cleared a path for Alicia and Carey. But truth be told, we won't know what Alicia and Carey are truly capable of unless they go up against Will and Diane. We don't want to take it easy on them, now do we.

@ Aykme

Hi Aykme - I posted the review an hour and a half after the show ended, and this morning my opinions haven't changed. If anything, I feel even more clearly that Will making out with someone in the hallway was not the way a named partner should behave. Ever. I'm also not sure how poaching someone else's wife makes him a nice guy, even if she's a willing participant. Nobody on this show has clean hands, and that's what makes it so fascinating. They're all different degrees of human, and this week we saw their underbellies.

@ Carissa Pavlica

So let me see if I have this straight....
Peter can sleep with a prostitute and sleep with Kalinda, but Will having a relationship with Alicia means that he is "poaching someone else's wife"?
Why is Will held to a different standard than Peter? Will is not married, so if he wants to make out with someone in HIS office, he's perfectly within his rights.
Peter, on the other hand, gets involved in business that is not his. But even more than that is an unethical fraud, as will come out when the vote fraud finally comes out.

@ Kasey+Henton

Nope - Peter was a pig for sleeping around on his wife and for sleeping with prostitutes. I can't believe the people of fictional Illinois voted him in for Governor or that Alicia stayed with him. That still doesn't make a partner making out with someone in the hallway of their offices acceptable. That's very poor leadership.

@ Carissa Pavlica

I have to agree with your update. The lawyers are all in the gray zone of behavior. The one thing that has always amazed me about the viewers is how so many overlook all of the ethical missteps of Will and Diane. They are great characters but they are not deserving of hero worship here. For example: Diane's public outburst at the execution in Ep. 1 to do anything to stop the death penalty. Right in front of grieving relatives of the victim who have waited through appeals for some closure. It was a great scene and so Diane. But it showed how callous and unethical even she can be. Putting her politics ahead of everything else. And she then betrayed Will for her own benefit. No heroes here. Just good and realistic characters.

@ DW

Yes there are "good and realistic characters" but what is the end game? Sometimes the road you travel you just can't stay on for the long term. And Carissa, thanks for the update!


Really enjoyed the episode. Much more than the review here. I do not like the "new" Will but then I did not like the old one either. I felt bad for Diane but she is not an innocent in these proceedings. She has shown she can be just as unethical as the others. Cary Agos stands out for me among all these players. He has been the most wronged over all the years. I had no problem with him discussing options with the other Carey. Alicia joined the project at the last minute. Cary is not required to do everything Alicia's way or let her run the whole show. I think that scene was a set-up for future differences in how to run the firm. Will and Diane have had plenty of arguments and Cary and Alicia will probably also. I thought it was a very good follow-up to last week's episode.

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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Alicia: What do you need?
Marilyn: I just need to take your firm through a short PowerPoint on the ethical rules of start-ups.

To Florrick/Agos, we are doing our best to process your request and in the meantime please accept the contents of your desks as a good will gesture. Will Gardner, Managing Partner