The Good Wife Review: The End of Lockhart/Gardner

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So it's been a month and Florrick/Agos finally found office space. It's not the best space, but it suits them. They're still cash poor and losing clients and employees to firm they left, the newly christened LG. 

The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 8 danced around some issues that were already visited post firm divorce, reintroducing an old friendly face that may have inadvertently tossed a fly into the ointment of the war between the firms.

And the hour ended without giving that story resolution.

The Flores Situation

Will Gardner is still struggling to be a great man and pick himself up from the loss of Alicia.

I'm not quite sure why Alicia's leaving is effecting him in exactly the way it is, but the blonde girl is sticking around and Will is making a bit of a fool of himself in the process. He did start the episode with a heck of a speech, though.

This is no longer a dream. This is reality. Three months from now we are opening offices in New York. We are growing. Share that with your clients. The era of your clients is over. Now. A new era needs new branding. LG. Own those letters. No one says Lockhart/Gardner anymore. It's LG.


Didn't Diane look a little sad that her name was no longer on the letterhead? It was as if she was thinking "I was almost a Supreme Court judge and now I don't even have my name on the corporate documents." That's the way the modern cookie crumbles.

I'm standing by my hypothesis that, somewhere down the road, the two firms are going to merge and drop the dead weight. The reality of the situation of keeping partners like David Lee and - God forbid - Howard Lyman associated with LG reared its ugly head.

Lyman sent Natalie Flores, who was there scouting a firm for her lobbyist boss's $90 million worth of legal fees, was treated like a second class citizen with racial slurs and embarrassing remarks, that were later emphasized with fist bumps by way of apology to her African American boss. That man is an idiot.

Natalie turned to Alicia. Florrick/Agos did their best to find justice for her client, and eventually did, but by then Natalie had called Will for a second opinion, and it was to him she took her boss for a visit. Whether the fist bumping turned him off, we don't know.

I have to point out how disgusted I was that Will called Natalie to ask her to reconsider LG while the blonde was sucking on his face and neck. That really turned me off. There's a time and a place for that stuff and that wasn't it. I don't care that nobody could see what he was doing, because cell phones have excellent receivers. We also know that he's not above standing in the LG hallway doing the same thing.

Florrick/Agos won the case because of Robyn's less than ethical ways of doing business. When she learned her job was threatened, her first move was to go to Kalinda to see if she might have a chance to get back in the doors of LG. Her second was to prove her worth to Florrick/Agos.

She did that through numerous false plays and round about ways to get information from sources by lying and falsifying information. It worked and she wasn't caught, but if she was, the firm would be in some terribly hot water. I don't think Kalinda ever did those kinds of things. More importantly, she wasn't on the payroll. That could turn out to be a big distinction.

It seems there could really be something between Eli and Natalie, which I never thought possible when she was first in town. Now she has broken up with her boyfriend and the two of them were like school children in each other's presence. They were sweet in how they wanted to impress each other.

Marilyn, on the other hand, with her continual gag reflex, has to go. Can somebody tell me the point of that? Is her pregnancy supposed to make us not dislike her as much or something? It's having the opposite effect. I'd like to slug her. At one point, when she was sitting in front of Peter, I thought she was having a miscarriage. Is she acting? Is she even pregnant? I'm starting to wonder. There is something very wrong with her demeanor and I have a feeling her story is going somewhere very odd indeed. Is it just me?

I was happy for the break from the home office and the NSA spying operation and the kids, and the reintroduction of Peter. I'm surprised Marilyn let him take interns to help unpack Alicia's office. That he's so solidly behind Alicia and thinks she's gong to take over the world is also appreciated. It's nice when they are not at odds with each other, and they haven't been for some time. Marilyn seems to want them to be, but neither Alicia nor Peter are falling for it. Good for them.

I can't wait to see how the offices turn out and I hope they leave the rustic loft look. It fits their youthful presence and sets them apart from the Lees and Lymans of the world far more than any new corporate identity could.


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I am looking forward to see FlorickAgos kick ass!!! I somehow identify with Kerry... I really want to see a good court beat down against the new LG.


This has been a great show until this year. I do not like the twists and turns it has taken. The writing is still very good but I'm unhappy that Alicia left Lockhart-Gardner. I don't know where this is going but I'm not enjoying it the way I used to. I'll try to stick it out this season--we'll see.


What Alicia and Peter do not have, is romance. Just frantic, casual encounters.


Three things: 1) Juliana Marguiles and Chris Noth have incredible chemistry. Watching the scene at the end in her new offices, I expected them to kiss right there in front of everyone, or maybe start dancing (can'tremember what song was playing, but it was lovely). 2) I love seeing Eli with a romantic interest and not just a casual bed partner. I thought they too had great chemistry. 3) I thought Robyn, with her edgy and questionable tactics this week, practically BECAME the Kalinda from a few seasons back.


I love Alicia this assertive, aggressive woman fighting her way through. I want her to triumph over "LG" in a big way, and for the F-A firm to succeed! The LG firm is now reduced to dirty dealing, bottom feeding lawyers with dollar signs for eyes. At least, Alicia takes a valid interest in her client, whoever they are. Also, gotta say that I like the current Alicia/Peter scenario. Peter genuinely want her to succeed and that's just right. My only wish is, (although I like Robyn very much) that Kalinda could be a part of this new firm. Oh, well, can't have everything. Love TGW


To me, TGW is about Alicia and Will. Everyone else are bit players who get their own story lines from time to time. I have no idea where the Alicia/Will story will land..or if it will. As far as the "end of Lockhart/Gardner episode goes...anything Eli is awesome, Marilyn is meh and ???, business Will has focus and a plan, personal Will is nursing his wounds with his bad-boy persona, and Alicia is boring. So are David and Howard. Robyn is no Kalinda, and Kalinda and Diane have been reduced to window dressing for now. Alicia is boring.

@ deedee

No!! its about being a person and human being and going after the perfect life and Will is not the perfect person.


Will is just suffering from some kind of midlife crisis............ I wonder what hoops they had to jump through to use "LG" .................. David Lee is a snake in the grass ................ Was good to see Peter supporting Alicia and I do agree that Marilyn has got to go..........I, too, am starting to wonder if she is indeed pregnant. I am wondering why last week's case wasn't continued........because it certainly wasn't over...........unless I missed something...........


again good episode. was glad to see america again with eli. robyn did a good job hope she not let go by alicia and cary. that marilyn has got to go very annoying. and what's with will and that blonde


Obviously the end of this season would be an official commitment btw peter and Alicia( 2nd wedding)with all the support from peter,joint resistance by both parties from all human obstacles and frequent sex.plsssssss already irritated ,so they can just go on with that story line immediately and stop wasting our time.
NB: Carissa please just stop being biased with your reviews. If you watched TGW from season 1 like you claimed,you would know that Will has to be affected by Alicia leaving him. .its like the feeling school 2. End of ,I think season 1 where he sent her a text that EIi deleted..3. Left the company where he felt they were in this together. 3 times is definitely not charming and means he can never be with her fully. He is mourning his loss,reality just dawned on him I guess.

@ DA

I, too, have a college love that I dallied with on and off throughout many adult relationships. We both chose a different path. Will is completely confused right now and his "mourning" side is going to bite his adult side in the ass. What he's doing personally sends a completely different message than what he's attempting to do professionally because he DOESN'T KEEP IT PERSONAL. It doesn't make me biased, it means I've survived in the business world long enough to know he's making a mistake that could hurt both positions he so greatly wants - the success of LG and the love of Alicia.


The telephone company LG, must be LOVING the free advertising.

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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

This is no longer a dream. This is reality. Three months from now we are opening offices in New York. We are growing. Share that with your clients. The era of your clients is over. Now. A new era needs new branding. LG. Own those letters. No one says Lockhart/Gardner anymore. It's LG.


Natalie: Are these temporary?
Alicia: They're gonna look great. Just give us a week.