The Vampire Diaries Review: Anchor... Away!

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I'm not sure if that was the best installment of The Vampire Diaries. (It wasn't.)

I'm not sure if it was the most coherent. (It definitely wasn't.)

But one thing is certain about The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 6: It was the funniest!

The Bad (?) Doctor

From references to a supernatural Madonna… to Snooki's backyard… to knock-knock jokes about dead mayors… to Paul Wesley's awesome hair... to Jeremy acting like Pocahontas, the writers clearly turned up the humor this week.

Which made for a nice distraction from an hour that was crazier than the doppleganger who showed up toward the tail end of it.

Hey, Katherine is growing old! Look, new travelers are going after Damon's daylight ring! Look over there, Stefan can cook! Wait, there's a secret society?!? And it has its own vampire?!? And he killed Megan?

And Amara is back! Because she was never really dead! But now she wants to be dead and our heroes have to protect her because she holds the key to destroying The Other Side and resurrecting Bonnie!

And people actually put pineapples on pizza?!?

I've gotta imagine Julie Plec and company were aware that this was an especially whirlwind episode with a number of new, head-scratching developments. Hence why they ironically kicked it off with Elena saying how much she enjoys the quiet, peaceful stillness.

That never lasts for more than an hour in Mystic Falls. But it disappeared faster here than any buffet item placed in front of Katherine.

It's all too much at the moment. The Vampire Diaries Season 5 is too all over the place. There are three Elena dopplegangers... we're now going on our second version of Stefan, not counting Silas... travelers are just popping up at random times (and one remains inside Matt, remember)... the biggest shocker in an episode is that Amara - a character in which we have zero emotional attachment or investment - is actually alive.

Yes, we all love The Vampire Diaries because it's totally insane and crazy. But it's possible to be too insane and overly crazy.

The series isn't really about relationships at the moment - except for that of Jeremy and Bonnie and, I'm sorry, but does anyone care about those two? Anyone at all? - which is what truly made it great all along.

Above and beyond the nuttiness, there was that brotherly bond. There was Elena battling her feelings for Stefan and Damon. There was Alaric growing to become a father figure. And Caroline finding her confidence as a vampire, while her friendships with Elena and Bonnie ebbed and flowed.

And Matt even got pretty close to a few patrons at the Grill, didn't he?

But now? It's just one out there twist after another, with many of them having little to do with our core characters. I stole the following point from Daniel Gillies, but think about it:

The Vampire Diaries is reactive, with characters actually wanting to live a life of peace (right, Elena?) but being drawn into situations by outside forces.

The Originals is proactive, with Klaus and company devising their own schemes each week and playing this constant game of very violent chess. And that goes a long way toward explaining why the latter is far more fascinating at the moment. It's a fun game in which all the players are trying to win.

TVD feels like a game in which the rules are being made up as we go and the players are being dragged to various sides against their will.

All that said... I am very much into The Augustine and its affiliated vampire. There seem to be rich possibilities to that storyline. I'd like to be done with Silas and Amara and that confounding mess, however, and I'd really like the fate of Bonnie to be decided prior to 2014.

What did everyone else think? Was this episode too all over the place or are you enjoying the ever-changing dynamics? And let's do a Season 5 check-in: How does it rank at the moment compare to The Vampire Diaries Season 4?


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I love this season, they are giving us so much information that I have wanted for so long. I was always very interested in the doppleganger story and I was excited to find out Amara was still alive. I would love to hear more about Tatia next. I would really love for Elena to fall back in love with Stefan. I love Damon, but "it's always going to be Stefan."


I really really love TVD but i had to watch this episode 2 times to get it in one piece really confusing and Bonnie is dead so i say it's better they keep her dead and end the crap with Silas and Qetsiyah or Tessa or whatever
Tyler is gone and there was Jesse and we don't know where he is right now Don't know the deal with Aaron or Maxfield or this secret society as if 1 society from Mystic Falls wasn't enough.. Is there absolutely any city in Vampire Diaries that dosen't know about Vampires
I Loved Nadia I always khew they'd bring her daughter back.. And who actually are travellers
Please Julie Plec explain 1 thing in 1 episode it would be really helpful


Bonnie, Jeremy, Matt, and Caroline are pretty useless & boring but our core leads are very interesting to me at the moment. The exploration of Katherine's humanity, mortality, and motherhood; the exploration of the true source of the entire doppelganger element and the original TVD romance (Stelena); and the exploration of Elena's family history and the secret society all feel as important and focused storylines as ever. In fact, these are things we've been waiting for the show to get to since season 1. S5 seems to be filling all the gaps. It feels very full circle and satisfying. I just wonder what's going to be left for a S6. Is this the end? And should it be? I actually think so. But not for lack of quality. It just seems fitting that the show should bow out with the season that introduced the start of it all, the original doppelganger story. You can't really go further than that.


I am coming ever closer to giving up on this show. I think they either need to end it soon or completely revamp it. So we now have, 1 actress playing 3 characters
1 actor playing 2 characters
Everyone centred around bringing back a dead witch character that no fan cares for.
We have Tyler come back in ep4 to end it with Caroline abruptly thus ending the wolf storyline which never really got going
Kat storyling feeling contrived
And now we have ANOTHER big bag vampire on the horizon Its all just a mess n I was a big VD fan. I haven't even mentioned the new witch or the travellers. Strip it back, sometimes less is more. It always seems to be about a bigger stronger vamp taking them all put. How about introducing a love interest for Stefan. Make it darker, the brothers against similar aged vamps who also have hot girlfriends who have history with the bros or the new vamps have history/connection with elena/Caroline etc Someone dies on VD eveey week now n most come back to lofe so the suspense is gone......go back to making it a show about the characters n less about the twists n convoluted storylines.


I enjoyed this episode tbh. I love that new season, Its crazy yes but really entertaining. After the disapointing last season with everyone fussing about bloody Elena again, I really like that Kat is back and I'm intrigued with her plot.I loved amnesia Stefan. I hope he keeps something from him. I'm sad that he got his memories back so quickly. There was so much potencial left in this :( However this episode was pure comedic gold. This is the season of Paul and he makes it worth watching. But I agree The Originals started off as a really really good show. And I'm counting the days for Tuesdays. Can't wait for that crossover with Tyler and hopefully more characters switching over from time to time *cough Caroline cough*


It was ridiculous, really. Three Elena's, are they insane??? I prefer the Originals.


Okay, I get that this show is about twists and craziness, but when the twists are so crazy that you can't even follow the story anymore, you've gone too far.
And I have to say I liked things s much better when Elena and Stephan were together. It's not that I like them particularly as a couple, I just like the characters so much more then. Damon was funnier and more interesting, now he's just a wuss, Stephan was intriguing without there having to be like seven of him, and Elena wasn't nearly as irritating and eye-roll inducing.
I don't know, I have a bad feeling...


the episode was good but the previous episodes were much better ,I wish if we got just one answer for the several questions that we had ,This episode it just made it more.I really want to understand the storyline but it seems very hard in this season.


I liked the episode. The less interaction that Elena and Damon have the better. Since season 4 they have been awkward and unbearable to watch. It was a funny episode but calling Jeremy Pocahontas because he had a crossbow was lame, why would Pocahontas have a crossbow. I guess since Damon can't spell Doppelganger he wouldn't know anyways. They make him say the dumbest lines.


This show has lost its magic for me, its all over the place too many plot Lines going on at once, plus Elena and Damon soooo boring! I miss the old Damon! This puppy dog Damon is annoying and Im sorry but Elena is annoying as it is now theres three of her!

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Elena: You're kind of evil. No offense.
Silas: None taken.

Quiet, still, peaceful. I like our life like this.