Vampire Diaries Scoop: Candice Accola Talks "Heartbroken" Caroline, Hatred of Damon & More

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Freshman year has not turned out the way Caroline Forbes had hoped. Not yet at least.

She's been dumped by her boyfriend. Her roommate was killed by a mystical blood sucker. There's not enough room for all her appliances.

It's been a bumpy start to The Vampire Diaries Season 5 for this beloved, typically bubbly blonde.

But even if Caroline is "heartbroken" over Tyler," she remains "strong," Candice Accola told TV Fanatic during a visit to the show's set in Atlanta a couple weeks ago.

In the following extensive Q&A, the actress talks about lacking control when it comes to Tyler... possibly connecting with Jesse down the line... and whether there's any hope at all for Caroline and Stefan in the romance department:

In part two of the interview, meanwhile, Accola acknowledges the impressive achievement of the series reaching 100 episodes and talks about the closeness of The Vampire Diaries cast.

Watch now and then head over to catch our on-set chat with Paul Wesley as well:

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HA, bite it klaroline shippers!!
Sorry, I usually try to avoid posting anti-ship comments, but I find this particular shipdom rude (as well as alarmingly illogical in their reasoning) and in need of a reality check.

@ Suzie

I agree!

@ Suzie

I agree! Some of them are really rude and Klaroline is never going to happen. It's just the fact! They have no sense!

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I do believe in killing the messenger. Know why? It sends a message.