American Horror Story Review: Does Anyone Stay Dead and Gone ... Ever?

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Does anyone stay dead and gone? Anyone?

It's gotten a tad bit ridiculous.  At the same time, when that death that sticks happens, it will be a shocker. Oh wait, they could just come back a couple episodes later. That's the point though, right?

As of American Horror Story season 3 episode 8, Misty appears to be the most likely candidate for Supreme. In addition to bringing back other dead people, including a rotting Kyle, she was able to resurrect herself. She has a special and unique power, but I'm not convinced it's her. Not yet.

Madison & Zoe

Before Nan's rant about becoming Supreme, I hoped it was her. It would have been unexpected and intriguing. Now, if Nan becomes Supreme, she could gloat about it, but it would lack any real surprise. I'd rather have her get the cute guy next door and live happily ever after. That would stick it to them too.

Queenie left the Coven to go join the Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, which weakened their forces. With the addition of Misty and the return of Myrtle, they have upped their strength and decided that Fiona must pay for killing Madison and setting up Myrtle. Instead of bringing the Supreme in front of the Witch Council, they decided to handle it internally.

With Misty the presumed next Supreme, they performed a ritual to transfer Fiona's power to the next Supreme. In order for the Sacred Taking to work, Fiona had to kill herself. Their plan worked ... until it didn't. Fiona took the pills willingly after coming face-to-face with both Madison and Myrtle.

Spalding! That damn Spalding got in the way. He may be dead, but he's not gone! It's too bad the Axeman was released, because it would have been fun to see him have to share the Academy spirit space with Spalding. Always Fiona's protector, he warned her of the plot and gave her a serum to make her throw up the pills.

After deciding to live, Fiona commended her daughter and said she was proud of her. Truth? I'm not sure. Cordelia believed her, but she's always wanted her mother's approval. Given the attack on Misty and on their neighbors, they would be forced to work together to protect the Coven. It's better that they are on the same side and not fighting each other.

Even though the internal Coven war may be over, they are still fighting a two-front war. Marie Laveau declared war by sending them Delphine's head (Can she be resurrected with only a head? Her eyes were moving, so maybe she's not technically deceased anyway.) And they now know that a Witch Hunter is after them.

Is it Cordelia's husband? If it's him, then they are fighting only one foe, but from two directions. It's a dangerous time for the Coven!

Odds and Ends

  • Fiona's comment, "I'm starting to look less Samantha and more Endora every day," cracked me up. Hilarious.
  • What was Luke's mother doing to him in the bathtub? I have no clue and I'm probably better off not knowing!
  • Queenie seems so misguided in her decision to join Marie Laveau. And it seemed to come out of nowhere. Could she be under the Voodoo Queen's control? Probably not because of the whole burger thing, but it doesn't make much sense. Does she have the dark heart now that she killed the man?
  • What is up with Kyle? To be honest, his storyline hasn't made any sense to me at all. And for him to declare his love to Zoe ... poor Madison!
  • Delphine: "Help!" The head! 


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Kyle's role is upsetting. He is such a talented actor and what I don't understand is why he's in a dumbfounded state when the others that were brought back from the dead have returned to their normal selves.

@ val

its because the put him together with different parts and misty brought the rest back it was other girls that brought him back with a spell


.. Luke's mother: remembrance of 'Sybil' (Sally Field. 1976) horror. Kyle's mother, as well. and Delphine. and Fiona, herself. we are used to seeing images of men as abusers/predators in horror films (especially of women, of children) but seeing a woman committing horrors on her own children is more rare a sight onscreen.. and therefore has the capacity to shock in a nasty, visceral way. truly depraved- shudder-inducing stuff. ugh.


I agree about Kyle's storyline.... its boring and I find when it comes to showing what is up with him it brings the episode to a total stop.


Enemas now? And again the bad mum. Some writer has severe anal/mother fixations!


sorry to say Carla but Luke's mom was giving him an Ajax enema LOL...GROSS

@ nate

cant it kill you or cause internal bleeding?


hey carla, I don't think the complain about ppl dead coming back is valid in this case. In other shows, e.g. tvd, where dead characters come back, it would be annoying. However, Coven finishes in 5 episodes, so even if they come back to life, they are gonna be gone very soon anyways. Furthermore, knowing AHS, most of them are probably gonna die in the last 3 episodes.

Carla day
@ kevin

I definitely agree! I don't really mind it on this show nearly as much as like TVD. I was being a tad annoyed and a tad sarcastic. For example, I expect that Fiona will die by the end ... but how do I know she's REALLY dead.

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