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Arrow Guest Post: The Case for Olicity

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We have some very spirited readers here at TV Fanatic.

One such fan, "Fearless Diva," was arguing quite passionately in defense of an Oliver and Felicity pairing in the most recent Arrow Round Table, so we asked her to write an official post about it. 

Fearless Diva is actually Selena Rose Avila, a college freshman with a passion for writing. She writes fan fiction for shows like Glee and The Vampire Diaries and really loves DC/Marvel comic shows, movies or cartoons. She is fascinated by the nature of evil and her favorite villain is Heath Ledger's The Joker.

When it comes to villainess, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman are at the top of the list. You can find her posting here on TV Fanatic under Fearless Diva or on Twitter as Selena Rose ...


I think after Arrow Season 2 Episode 7, some of us are still recovering from the moving and powerful Olicity scene. To be honest, I am personally glad the writers have realized they struck gold with the chemistry we’ve seen brewing since last season between Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak and Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen. Of course there probably are a few hard core comic book fans screaming foul at the writers of Arrow for not sticking with Laurel and Ollie as endgame.

Yes, Laurel’s downward spiral probably will lead her to take on the mantle as the Black Canary, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she has to end up with Oliver in the end. Might I remind these same hard core comic book fans that as of The New 52, Oliver and Dinah are divorced and the writers of both comics have said they don’t plan on bringing them back together anytime soon.

Olicity in Action

Arrow does have a creative license to tweak certain things, and they certainly did by keeping Moira alive (she died in the comics) and adding Oliver’s sister (who is really his half-sister, but my point still stands). So is it really so bad that the writers - like many of us fans - have noticed the lack of chemistry between Stephen and Katie and are now going in a different direction?

Speaking off a different direction, it is no secret that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will be coming to Arrow this week and takes a liking to Oliver’s Girl Friday. So kids, be prepared to see a jealous Oliver, who in trying to be a good guy, will still not act upon his very real feelings towards Felicity. But while Belicity blossoms, I will be sitting in my room watching the episode gleefully. Because Felicity + Barry = a jealous Oliver, which further entails even more revealing moments to come.

If Olicity is truly going to be endgame (a slow burn of the relationship), it’s probably for the best. Since Felicity became his executive assistant, the two have grown closer. From a realistic point of view, the bond of their friendship needs to continue growing deeper. While Diggle might have been the one Oliver chose to tell some of stories about the Island, it was awesome to see him more relaxed and laughing and just overall having a good time.

Oliver shooting three arrows at The Count seemed a bit much if he only considered Felicity as a friend. Even if he was still going to kill him for trying to hurt his friend, just one arrow would have sufficed. But to me, Oliver was clouded with rage, mixed with panic at the thought of losing Felicity; so he didn’t think… he just reacted. That action speaks louder than words ever could. Not to forget the previous Olicity scene we got in Arrow Season 2 Episode 6. Oliver probably thinks that if he gives into his attraction towards Felicity, it could become something more.

As we’ve seen from the island flashbacks, not only does Oliver have his own team in Starling City but he once had one on the island as well. At some point he did start caring for Slade and Shado, and assuming one becomes Deathstroke and the other one perishes, then it’s safe to say that he doesn’t want the same to occur to Diggle and Felicity.

Since late in Arrow Season 1, other (dangerous) people - like Helena - have known about Felicity and - as seen in Arrow Season 2 Episode 1 - not only is Felicity in danger because of helping The Arrow, but also because of her association with Oliver Queen. Both have many enemies and if we put ourselves in his shoes, he’s trying (in vain) to keep her at arm’s length to protect her. But, hopefully, he will end up coming to the realization that the girl for him is Felicity because - not only does she know both sides of him, but she also accepts him as he is - scars and all.


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Laurel has no place telling Oliver she knows him she doesn't - see episode review for more on that.
I feel the writers have used Felicity as a place holder when they couldn't come up with a better idea and then just brushed her off. She should have a much larger role in this and its being horribly down played!
I love Olicity and the fact that Felicity is complete new to Arrow and was not part of the comics is even better. They are not disrupting original character they are just letting the show grow organically.
If the writers go back to Laurel centric episodes and down-play Felicity im not going to bother watching anymore, their scenes look forced and unrealistic.


I'm not sure if any relationship "needs" to happen. I just enjoy watching from week to week as it comes. I'm a Marvel fan generally and I understand the want/desire to have them stick as close as possible to the comics themselves. On the other hand, they can only do so much in primetime TV land. Budgets being limited and what not.
So I just enjoy the story laid before me and forget what I may or may not have read before. Just my two bits there. :)


Firstly; Oliver needs Felicity as a friend she is his rock and as a partner in crime she is his light. I'm not personally a fan of the comics and with all respect to them the TV show doesn't need to be entirely true to them, as with all writing and directing the characters develop and the story changes.
There is very little support for the Laurel's character and I do see her becoming more of a villain at this point, which would be an interesting twist. I think she would be a good balance for Oliver as well, he cares for her but would also need to fight her. I think Sarah and Isabel and possibly a few others will play parts in the development of Oliver and Felicity should date Barry for a while - she cant stay single while Oliver flaunts a string of women in front of her. But as characters they both still need to develop and they have such a fan base that the writers would be amiss not to take advantage of long flirtation. She is his one and only!

@ Evestra

Exactly! I couldn't have said it better myself. I see the whole Olicity romance being drawn out much like Castle/Beckett and Booth/Bones. That would be epic! :)


I think Olicity can become the endgame. Just like a person said Laurel and Arrow don't last. So, the endgame could be Olicity. They have a connection that is stronger than Laurel and Oliver. However, I can see Laurel becoming Black Canary, in some ways. She is dealing with a dark part of her life and when Sarah comes back she can be trained and officially become the Black Canary.


I am not familiar with the comic storyline for Arrow. I started watching Arrow last season, but I lost interest after the first few episodes because Oliver and Laurel just had no chemistry. I loved Felicity's character, but she was not getting much screen time. I picked up watching it again mid-season once I saw that Felicity was becoming a more prominent character. Her scenes with Oliver are lively, interesting, and I love the tension in their relationship. She is part of Oliver's present, and hopefully future! Laurel and Sarah, for that matter, are part of his past. I sincerely hope that Olicity is the endgame.

@ AnnB

Same here. Early season 1 didn't make me religiously watch the show. It wasn't until Felicity was introduced that it made me stick around.


I'm only interested in Laurel and Oliver - that is the comic book story - Black Canary and Arrow. Don't know why all the fuss over Felicity, she's not that important and has no story apart from entertaining us with her one liners and gawky gazes at Oliver. Laurier as it should be.

@ Sarah

@ Sarah you make me laugh. In the comics they separate and in the New 52, their interaction is at a minimal. The only people who scream "comic book" are the minority of Olaurel, Laurivel? ( What is their ship name I don't even know)who have NOT even read them but what to grasp at straws. From someone who has read the comics and does dearly love Dinah Lance in the comics. It's awful having Oliver and Laurel together. They have no chemistry. She is no Dinah, this is some terrible cheap imitation. Cassidy was fantastic in Supernatural. But they wrote this "Dinah" Laurel as a terrible annoying self righteous carbon copy of the girl every cool chick hates.

@ Sarah

Your comment had me laughing. Seriously, do you think that a TV SHOW is going to follow the comics faithfully when not even the movies do that? I mean, I get what's like to ship a couple that almost no one else does, you get a little desperate to find valid arguments to support your choice, but let's get real here my friend, TV is all about ratings and viewings, they are not going to follow the comic book if doesn't get them views. Almost NO ONE ships Lauliver or even remotely likes Laurel, she's not charismatic and although Katie is a good actress she doesn't do her better job as Laurel, or maybe the writers already screwed her over, and besides, Stephen and Katie have absolutely ZERO chemistry, which makes even harder for people to ship them, even some comic books fans. Felicity is 90% of the fandom's favorite character, she not only has great chemistry with Oliver, but also she's a interesting and entertaining character with a great personality. They just work together, and it's obvious how his posture softens around her, it just feels very natural. Probably it will take some time for them to get together and in the mean time Oliver will get with Laurel, but hey, if you think that the show should totally follow the comic books, then you read them right? So you know that Dinah/Oliver get divorced and the writers don't plan to get them back together AT ALL. The point is, Tony Stark wind up with Pepper Potts, not his driver, in Smallville, Oliver ends the show married to Chloe, not Black Canary... what I'm trying to say is: don't expect movies or TV show to follow books/comic books faithfully, cause that just doesn't happen. Lauliver is boring and nobody gives a damn, if they get together and spend a long time together it will hurt the viewings of the show and the producers do not want that. Let's just be realistic here, nobody likes Lauliver and Laurel, olicity is just BETTER, as is Felicity. Sure I don't want them to get together right now, and I still want Felicity to have a boyfriend outside their team arrow, but they are just better and eventually they'll be endgame.

@ me

Took the words out of my mouth. The point here is don't hold your breath Sarah because a TV Show if different from a comic book. In comics, the writers, if their good will make you ship those character. But in a TV show, you're dealing with real people and sometimes some people just don't click...


I'm new to this Olicity fandom and as an aspiring writer, it'll all logical for the established story line of Arrow to go with Oliver and Felicity. Going for the canon Oliver-Laurel pairing would be a little rough, and lengthy for the current storyline. The challenge now is how the writers and the entire production is going to handle the two (VERY strong) pressures- first, the growing Olicity fandom is affecting the show in a very, very good way; and second the pressure of sticking to canon, as per tradition. I'm a strongly rooting fan for Olicity, but I also want to keep an open mind to possibilities, which what I just realize is what the writers are probably trying to do. Keep the possibilities open, audience guessing, and hard-core comic fans defending the canon. Objectively speaking, if we're going to compare the treatment done on Mr. Amell's character in Smallville, it could have been this way because Oliver Queen wasn't the prime subject of the series and thus more leeway for writers to "write out his story" the way they'd like to. Arrow's Oliver Queen is, needless to say, the main lead of the whole show. So the possibility of going canon for Oliver Queen in the CW Universe, is considerable. HOWEVER (hahaha I guess this is the Olicity side of me speaking here), there's the nature of Arrow's Felicity Smoak's character itself ergo, how the writers have shaped our dear Felicity. If I've truly referred to the right sources for my homework, then our Felicity Smoak in Arrow is not the Felicity Smoak we have in canon. Okay, more reservedly, Ms. Rickard's character is VERY loosely based on canon. Her first job and the most standout skill she is quoted to have is in business management, having here base in a computer software firm in New York City. Related? Yes? Point per point match? No. I think you guys know where I'm going so I'm gonna stop my internet typing ramble. (But if point should be cleared, and from a writer's POV I'm glad to link this as reference: "The Felicity Smoak Problem": ; very appropriately title, doncha think? ) On a personal writer's level, the writers have their work cut out for them. In my own POV I'd stick to Ollie and Felicity. Making the Arrow super-soap was a creative endeavour (not withstanding any entertainment company's aim for profit) to begin with. Arrow is inspired by, and not solid-based on, the true comic-story of Green Arrow in the DC Universe that needless to say, introducing the Arrow's Ms. Smoak the way she is, has opened new doors for them to explore. The question now is- stick with this passionately received result called Olicity, or stay true to what canon will say? Either way, I hope the writers don't compromise by ruining the flow of the story that makes even those that don't have "critic" as their profession, criticize the whole resulting endgame. (A comment I well give to the recent Resident Evil installment, too rushed just to bring in the canon it's nearly incoherent.) Breathes. So! I'm choosing to end my lengthy opinion by being the Olicity private that I am: Olicity FTW! Dear writers, do your best!

@ Mina

I love olicity, the pairing is amazing and their chemistry is huge! In episode 10 there is supposed to be an olicity moment I reckon it will be something like oliver mentions e was jealous or something like that


Oliver and Laurel's chemistry is non existent and excruciating to watch, i think maybe its the actors who just don't gel onscreen. Oliver and Felicity are great together, I knew since season 1 that the writers might go that route with them and I hope they're endgame. Laurel is a remnant of Oliver's past and I honestly think that ship has sunk.

@ Veevyca

Hopefully all these Olicity moments this season aren't just fan tributes and they legitimately are going down this route.


Olicity reminds me of Chloe and Clark from Smallville. I so desperately wanted them to get together, but just knew it wasn't going to happen. Apparently sticking to "Epic" loves is sacrosanct, the whole 'overcome insurmountable odds' like a Romeo and Juliet saga, with a happy ending, is the true and tried trope for all writers.
When Felicity was introduced I loooved her, loved them and despaired, because if the writers stay true to form, at some stage there will be some romantic relationship, which will crash and simmer down to them being "friends". Because all these shows inevitably make the quirky, intelligent, cute but not really epically beautiful female characters, the lame "friend" who only wishes the male MC well.
Dont get me wrong, I dont want this to happen here, I WANT Olicty to happen, I feel it would be refreshing in a genre changing way.
The show is great, and I love how it seems to be the seeding ground for an entire DC Universe (I feel CW should probably rename themselves DC) and I sincerely hope that they revive Birds of Prey (which I never got over being cancelled after 1 season).
As for Olicity, I truly hope my cynicism is proven false and that Arrow writers and Producers not only give Felicity a more in depth character development, but that the end game is Olicty.

@ Willow

See? If they weren't going with Olicity during Slade's monologue then instead of passing Felicity they would have used Laurel when Slade is talking about the people Oliver loves. Furthermore, the whole conversation between Barry and Felicity was an even bigger give away!

@ Fearless Diva

The Slade monologue could be seen as an indication...still not convinced, however. I am not sure what you mean by the convo with Barry being a give away? All I got was, she has a crush on Oliver and Barry was offering her an alternative.Barry inviting her on a date has me worried, combined with the Producers saying that episode 10 will show the effect Barry had on Olicity...I see a "I care for you but it cant go anywhere" convo in their future, pretty much a repeat of the brief convo from episode 6.
I repeat, I WANT Olicity for the end game, but until Oliver can convince me he is really over Laurel, and demonstrates that, I'm going to hold on to my skepticism

@ Willow

I agree however you kinda saw that he Is over laurel when he wanted to check she was safe from the league of assigns and she leaned in for a kiss and he pushed her away. they also have no chemistry at all


I Totally Agree with Matthew

Arrow Quotes

Laurel: Helena, you don't have to do this.
Helena: Yes, I do. Because once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out.

Are you done?
Oliver; Yeah, I'm done. I'm done taking the blame and I'm done caring. Why don't you go have a drink. Get wasted. Go to Verdant. I'll pay for it. I have loved you for half of my life but I'm done running after you.

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