Arrow Midseason Report Card: Grade It!

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We are almost midway through Arrow Season 2 and it's time to break down the best and the rest of the season so far.

As one of the best series on television, we have a lot more good than bad, but there have been some disappointments. Let's take a look at Arrow with our TV Fanatic report card!


Best Episode: Arrow Season 2 Episode 5, The League of Assassins. Black Canary made her appearance and there wasn't a long, drawn out wait for her to show her face to either Oliver or her father. We learned what had happened to her in some detail rather quickly and she made an impact on the town before flying out of there to ensure the protection of her family from The League of Assassins. She'll be back, and we can’t wait.

Best Character: Oliver Queen. Oliver has grown into an incredible man from the billionaire playboy he once was. He lets people in on his secrets when necessary and although he’s still afraid to open his heart, he can’t help but show his affection for the bright light on his team, Felicity Smoak. He kindly removes his shirt to work out at decent intervals and cares about his friends and family. He still makes mistakes (shooting Roy, for example), but admits he can learn from them. When ghosts show up, he recognizes their significance. He's a good friend, a loving son and a great brother.

Caity Lotz as The Black Canary

Most Disappointing Character: Laurel Lance. She can’t seem to catch a break. There were hints of excitement early on, such as when she kicked ass during gala as everyone else was hunkered down in Arrow Season 2 Episode 1. That strong girl has disappeared as fast as her storyline dried up. If Arrow hopes to utilize her more in the future, they have a lot ground to cover before it can happen.

Biggest Surprise: There were a lot of surprises in only nine episodes. Sara’s reveal to Quentin Lance, learning Slade is pulling the strings behind Sebastian Blood’s army and has been doing so a long time, Thea’s daddy problem, Malcolm’s resurrection and Shado's death, but nothing holds as big of a potential shift to the story as what it could mean for Roy Harper being shot with Mirakuru. With his desire to fight, his displeasure with The Arrow and the new super-juice running through his veins, it sets the stage for an exciting storyline for the hot-headed, wanna-be hero.

Worst Resurrection: Malcolm Merlyn. I realize this isn't going to be the most popular opinion, but his survival wasn't necessary to drive the story forward. He was done. Given Moira's trial, Thea's parentage could have just as easily been uncovered by Laurel during prosecution and it would have given Laurel a bombshell so big it could have secured her downward spiral. As much as I love John Barrowman, he’s being wasted here.

Best Guest Star: Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. Reservations about casting be damned! Gustin made mincemeat out of any qualms about the former Glee actor becoming a superhero. He not only stole the hearts of the viewers, he almost grabbed Felicity’s eyes from Oliver Queen, and that’s a hell of a task.

He helped make Arrow Season 2 Episode 8 the second best of the season and nearly perfect television. (NOTE: You can watch Arrow online to catch this episode and any others you may have missed.)

Best Reason for Fan Fiction and GIFs: Oliver and Felicity. Just try to argue against them as a couple and fans will come out of the woodwork to tear at your flesh and either persuade you otherwise or eat you alive. Your choice. Emily Bett-Rickards took a bit part and rocketed it to viable romantic interest for one of the best characters on television, and her ability to be both insecure and strong at the same time make her undeniably adorable.

She doesn't need to be a superhero to toss off her glasses and go from nerdy to glamorous with a shake of her hair. Laurel who? Sara? Olicity is hard to beat.

Oliver and Felicity GIF

Overall Grade: A+ The pacing is incredible. The story is constantly changing without sacrificing the integrity of the plot. If anything, it only gains momentum and intensity because the adjustments are so expertly delivered, and rarely exactly as expected.

Hopes for 2014: For the showrunners and writers to keep wowing us with their tremendous ideas. More Oliver, Felicity and Diggle moments as they grow together as a team. It would be nice to see Lance brought in on The Arrow secret. A decision about Laurel's fate needs to be made -- by that I mean whether she will be a major player some day and an arc is set or whether she's always going to be second fiddle. More Slade and Sara action in the present and less Merlyn and Rochev interference. 

It's your turn, TV Fanatics. Grade Arrow Season 2 at its midway point now:

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.


It's C/C+

@ fortyseven

Laugh all you want 47. You are supposed to put your grade up top and put your comments down here. Your one word comments hold no weight in the discussions anymore. Maybe when you're 48.

Ronald simkins

Excellent summary. This show is very popular the the CW management so i doubt it will be cancelled. I know that Olicity is the ship and i really have no vibes one way or the other. But I could not ignore the utter fire between Felicity and Barry. It's quite clear that TPTB is really on board for the Flash so i doubt that Felicity and Barry do more and a next door neighbor thing.


Love love love! Season 2 has been so AWESOME! It just gets better and better! Seriously this season has been amazing, definitely worthy of the A+ rating! I love the A-Team they are beyond perfect! Yes! Yes! Yes! To more of that! Who can deny the amazing chemistry between Oliver and Felicity? Such a beautiful dynamic of the show. It's unstoppable, they just look at each other, and you get feels! I'm really liking Sin/Roy/Thea dynamic, it's the Teen Titans, lol. Malcolm, I understand why some weren't a fan of his return. But I do enjoy having two complex big bads. It also elevates Thea's storyline, which should be interesting. Laurel's character is so lack luster. I just don't pay attention anymore. She whines and throws pity parties too much. It's sad because her only redeeming quality was Tommy, they were good together, but then she betrayed him IMO. So...yeah... Having Tommy return as a ghost. Was perfect. *sobs quietly*


I love this show. I would like to see rating that would keep this show on the air if it were somewhere other than the CW. It's a pity more people aren't watching.


Arrow has become more complex and interesting. I was getting tired of the villain of the week, and missed the Merlyns. Delighted they brought Barrowman back for a bit, hinting of more to come. His character was multilayered and capable of remorse and change. This dark arrow is now family (his sister's father)--less soap opera and more Greek tragedy if the writers can pull it off. Frankly Moira is the one that would scare me. She presents as a victim, but is highly manipulative and connected. Looking forward to see how this storyline plays out. If it is written well, Barrowman will deliver.


(Just try to argue against them as a couple and fans will come out of the woodwork to tear at your flesh and either persuade you otherwise or eat you alive. ) Well at least you know the kind of people you Olicity fans are, intolerant and accepting of different opinions and preference. Very admirable indeed

@ Crest

Wow. "what kind of people you Olicity fans are"?
Generalize much? I'm an Olicity fan more than capable of having a discussion without offending actual people. These are characters on a show, they're fair game. Fans=people. Try and remember the difference.

Fearless diva

I definately agree with ur opinion on John Barrowman being brought back as Merlyn. I would have much preferred him in flashbacks tbh. While I am a fan of his, we already have Blood and Slade on one corner and the League of Assasins lurking in the shadows. It just seems like a waste to also add him to the mix. lol as for Olicity... we're not that bad! :P We're just very passionate about our ship! As for Laurel, I dont think there's any hope for her, she has gone from leading lady to an expendable character, By the way Carissa, did you hear that once again, someone might bite the dust on the season finale? What you think about that?


gotta say, I agree with all


For the last time Merlin 'WAS NOT RESSURECTED BUT FAKED HIS DEATH' its very different but other than that good assessment accept I'm in favour of Merlins return.

@ Ackerlover

At the time of his death, I thought it was real. Any time someone fakes their death on television, which has become a TV trope, it's a resurrection. The next time your neighbor does it, I bet you'll think it's a resurrection, too. LOL

@ Carissa Pavlica

He clearly stated he faked his death on 2 different occasions HE NEVER DIED ok

@ Ackerlover

Clearly? State your evidence other than his resurrection. I'm interested in how you knew for certain at the time of his death. I sure missed it.


Great review of the season - you nailed it. I would rate it an A-....I was really annoyed by the Merlyn resurrection and Count Vertigo (which were all in the same episode, right?). Most improved character would have to be Quentin Lance.

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