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Sara has a dream about she and Oliver on the Gambit, and when it went down. One minute she was in bed with Oliver, and the next she was in the water. While floating on a piece of debris in the water, she sees a canary and as it flies away she sees the ship that picks her up. She thought she was rescued, only to be thrust into a cage at knife point. Dr. Ivo removes her from the cage and tells her he is going to save the world, and that perhaps she could help.

Laurel is sitting second chair for the prosecution on Moira's case. The DA's office offers her a plea of life in return to take the death penalty off of the table. Moira wants to take the deal because she doesn't think she can win her case. Oliver knows she is hiding something, but Moira only asks him to help Thea come to terms with her case. After Oliver witnesses Sara struggle with her relationship with her father, he and visit Moira to tell her nothing she says in court can drive them away. She turns down the plea.

As Sara and Oliver are discussing her past, a warrior dressed like Malcolm Merlyn crashes through their window. It is Al-Owal.

Oliver introduces Sara to Diggle and Felicity where she confirms she is a member of the League of Assassins. There is only one way to leave the League. Sara doesn't think her family will be happy to see her because of everything she has done in  the past. She is a murderer.

Felicity approaches Lance and tells him that the League of Assassins is targeting him and he needs to get out of town. When he asks her what he did to piss them off, she asks him to trust her. He chooses to stay home and Sara decides to go to her father. When he freaks on the street, Lance ends up pulling a gun on Sara. They share dinner at a Chinese restaurant and catch up. Lance puts together quickly that Sara is the girl in the mask and that she knows The Arrow. Sara tells Lance they made her choose a new name, and she chose the Arabic word for Canary because she never forgot where she came from.

Oliver tries to help Laurel stay safe by taking her to dinner. After dinner, Laurel tries to kiss Oliver and he tells her he was sending the wrong message. Laurel wants to know what is so wrong with her that everyone runs away from her or leaves.

Laurel has convinced Oliver she's not drinking, but she's still popping pills.

Sarah fights Al-Owal in front of her father, and kills one of his men. The Arrow drops in to help in the fight. Lance watches his daughter fight and afterward she is ashamed, but he is proud of Sara, calling her a survivor. She tells him she must leave and he must never tell Laurel or her mother she is alive because they will ever stop looking for her, and that will get them killed.

Oliver finally decides to tell Diggle about his time off the island while he was gone. The first time he saw Sara, she kicked him in the stomach, calling him a prisoner.

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Oliver: You know, not a day goes by when your family doesn't miss you.
Sara: Yeah? How do you know?
Oliver: Because I missed you.

Sara: Laurel's gonna kill me. She's really gonna kill me.
Oliver: She'll never know.