Blue Bloods Review: The Blind Spot

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What happens when good friends go bad? And is someone who commits a crime forever a criminal?

Those were some of the questions asked in Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 11

Danny's Difficult Position

Danny and old friend Mickey Patrick had been buddies since grammar school. They were so close they even created their own secret language. So it was easy to understand how torn Danny was when OSID asked him to wear a wire and get incriminating evidence against his friend.

Danny was shocked when he saw the pictures of Mickey in the middle of the Vasquez mob family's "golf" outing. However, Erin wasn't nearly as shocked as she explained to Danny in this Blue Bloods quote

Danny: It's not like I was an angel. I mean every time Mickey got in trouble I was right there with him.
Erin: Yeah, which is why Dad never liked you hanging around him and always kept you on a short leash.

Was Henry right and Mickey was always a bad seed who was destined to become a criminal? Did Danny just have a blind spot for his dear friend? Or maybe if he'd had a father to keep him on a short leash things would have gone in another direction No one can know for certain but in the end, the decisions were Mickey's to make 

Despite arresting his friend and being on opposite sides of the law, Danny still did everything he could to protect him and risked his own life to make sure Mickey wasn't killed. Their friendship will never be what it once was but a certain amount of loyalty still remained. 

As always, the Reagan family dinner was interesting. Did committing a crime mean that you'd be labelled a criminal forever? Was Ebenezer Scrooge a greedy, old miser or a redeemed generous hero. It's all in how you look at it and Frank was right once again. How you view other people says a lot about who you are.

Frank had his own issues. With a judicial ruling saying that officers could be personally sued if they stopped and frisked someone without just cause, crime stats were rising. 

I liked that the show tried to look at both points of view on this controversial policy. On the one hand Frank was right. Police officers have to use their instincts and make judgement calls every day and they see and interpret things in ways that most other people wouldn't.  

As Frank put it...

I can think of no other profession where you're told to bench your talents and then you're penalized if you don't.


And although Jamie agreed that the new ruling tied the hands of officers, he also admitted that although Stop and Frisk was a valuable tool, that it was frequently being used as a short cut where other methods may have worked better.

Despite Frank's personal feelings on the subject, he made it clear how he felt about the new ruling…

It is the law and because it is the law we are damn sure going to see that it is carried out.


Frank's strategy of asking the public to call in tips more often was a unique way of handling the situation. Would that make the difference? It's hard to say but it definitely gave a new way of looking at community policing.  And in the end I enjoyed that Blue Bloods took a look at this timely and controversial issue within the NYPD. 


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Sarah silva

This was a good episode. It was once again Danny centric which I have mixed feelings about. I love Donnie Whalberg but I also love Will Estes. The show is about the Regan family. There has never been an episode that I have not like in all the seasons BUT I think the best episodes are when there is a mix of everyone.
As always I enjoyed the Sunday dinner.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I so agree

@ Tania+

Me too! I love Donnie Wahlberg, but I really wish the storylines would focus on all of the cast! Will Estes is awesome and I wish they would give him a great storyline!


This was a show that I passed up on when it first started airing on TV. I guess that, at that time, I was not in the mood for yet another cop show. So, for the first 3 season, I never gave it a chance. A few weeks I happened to watch the first episode on line. And that led to the next and the next and after a marathon of episodes I'm finally caught up. This is an amazing show from a lot of perspectives. Tom Selleck is the perfect Commissioner and the rest of people are cast brilliantly. One of the great things about this show is the family meals. This is the way things should be done, where the entire family sits down and shares their thoughts. I'm jealous of all of the fantastic food they get to eat! But it is a good example of how much our society has been fractured. I wonder how many families actually have this traditional Sunday meal gathering these days. With everybody Facebooking or Tweeting or Pinning things, do we, as a society even get together as human beings in real life anymore? I also have to say, that this show has one of the most enjoyable opening theme songs of any show that I watch. It's a smart, classy and melodic theme. I give it a A+ or 100. White Collar's theme song is (at least for me) one of the most obnoxious, irritating themes of any show that I watch. I have to scramble to hit the mute when it comes on. I give it a F- or 0. Getting back, Blue Bloods has some really great emotional moments and some terrific character development. That being said, I do have a complaint about Danny's character. You would think that he would have learned by now, NOT to yell POLICE, while holding his badge when he's still 30 feet away from the person he and his partner are trying to apprehend. He should be walking around, like he's sightseeing, until he's right up on top of them. Of course if he's made then he's got to run after the perps. But normally he's the one that's tipped his hand way to early. This is a great show. I'm glad I started watching it.

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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Mickey: How'd you get the shiner, Reagan? Step out of line with Linda?
Danny: Yeah, left my socks on the floor again.

Danny: It's not like I was an angel. I mean every time Mickey got in trouble I was right there with him.
Erin: Yeah, which is why Dad never liked you hanging around him and always kept you on a short leash.