Low Winter Sun: Canceled by AMC

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Forgive the obvious pun, but Low Winter Sun has set on AMC.

The network announced today it has canceled the low-rated drama after one season.

Despite being slotted after Breaking Bad, the series bled viewers. It garnered 2.5 million for its premiere and only 600,000 for its finale.

Low Winter Sun Premiere Pic

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This was a remake of a UK show-they should not have remade the original; they should have just shown us the original, which was very good. I cringe to think of what is going to happen with the US remake of Broadchurch that is underway. Even though David Tennant is going to be in the remake (same as Mark Strong was in the original Low Winter Sun and the remake), I'm not sure that will save it from the over-Americanization of the plot and dialogue that will render it a shadow of the original.