Nashville Review: Best Version of Yourself

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Who makes you the best version of yourself?  That was the question Juliette Barnes was asking herself during Nashville Season 2 Episode 9, and it wouldn't have hurt the rest of these characters to ask themselves the same thing.

Spending time with the deplorable Charlie Wentworth made Juliette act out.  Whether it was hitting Layla with a barrage of body blows on tour, or simply being a complete jerk to her manager, Juliette definitely hasn't been the best version of herself lately.

That's not to say that "bad" Juliette isn't fun to watch, because stealing the mic out of Layla's hand and saying "You're sitting this one out" was pretty darn awesome.

Parental Duties

Apparently Jules thinks she's the best version when spending time with Avery - that's who she called on the plane after having her realization after all - and I wouldn't disagree that he could bring out the best in her.

But what kind of effect would that have on Avery?

He's back with Scarlett now, which surprised the heck out of Gunnar, and they seem to be doing very well now that Avery has become Mr. Super Nice Guy.  Remember how he was when they were together last time, though?  She sure didn't make him the best version of himself on their first go around.  Will this time be different?

Moreover, what will happen with the most awkward group of four friends ever now that Scarlett saw Zoe and Gunnar kissing?  Let's take a second here and remember that double phone conversation, in which  Scarlett was on speaker with Avery and Zoe - who was on with Gunnar, who could hear the other conversation as well.

Those kind of secrets have to be difficult to live with, so I'm sure some part of Gunnar and Zoe are glad that Scarlett finally found out.

The revealed secret that Deacon is in fact Maddie's father, meanwhile, has only caused everyone involved a lot of hurt.

I get that Teddy feels like the whole thing is unjust because he is the one who spent the last decade plus being the father to this girl, and who is Deacon to just swing in and steal all Maddie's love away.  I get that.  But using the excuse that Deacon was never around isn't really fair either...he never knew he was her father.

Deacon was never given that opportunity.  Now that he has it, and he's sober, I think he deserves a chance to be in her life.  She doesn't need to call him Dad, and Maddie shouldn't push Teddy out of the way in the process, but preventing Deacon from seeing her is only going to cause resentment.

If Teddy paid any attention during that duet at the open mic, he would have realized that there will be no keeping these two apart.  Not only was that performance amazing, but the emotion that was permeating off the stage as Deacon looked into Maddie's eyes the entire song was off the charts.

An unrestricted relationship with his daughter might be exactly what allows Deacon Claybourne to be the best version of himself.  

What did you all think of Nashville Season 2 Episode 9?  What were your favorite moments?  What didn't you like about the hour?  And who on this show is acting like the best version of him/herself right at this moment?


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So do you think Lamar is going to be the one to die?


I'm beyond excited about the possibility of Avery and Juliette. I have wanted them to happen, probably since the 1st episode when they bumped into each other. I honestly don't think that Avery or Scarlet bring out the best in each other. Avery didn't become a better person during his time with Scarlet, he did it with his friendship with Juliette and Scarlet was a timid little girl until her and Gunnar got together and she came out of her shell and became this fiesty confident woman. I understand why Zoe felt like her and Gunnar getting together wasn't something Scarlet should be mad about but Zoe should have told her. They are best friends and if she really felt like she wasn't doing anything wrong then telling her was the right thing to do. The fact that neither of them told her probably hurts Scarlet 10x more than the fact that they are together. I really am missing Scarlet and Gunnar songs this season. I feel like we were so spoiled season 1 and I know they lost their music guy but they could at least have them do covers a la the Civil Wars "If I didn't know better" (which was one of my favorite songs they ever did).
Who does everyone think is going to die next week? My money is on either Peggy, Zoe, or Lamar.


I really hope Juliette realizes that she is responsible for being the best version of herself and not the guy she dating.

Sarah silva

I really hope Avery tells Juliette that he is with Scarlett and she has no chance with him.
However Scarlett and Avery's hello kiss was way more romantic than their awkward goodbye hug.
I can understand Rayna telling Maddie that it is not a good idea to stop seeing Deacon and Teddy BUT I really wish she would stop seeing Teddy. He is not a good guy and the way he threatened Deacon was crazy!
Then Teddy pulls Deacon out of the show he is sponsoring! That made me really mad and that will make Maddie mad too!
I think Lamar is going to do something to himself in prison.
I really hope that Rayna soon finds out about her sister.

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