Nikita Review: No More Secrets

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Is a happy ending possible for Team Nikita? Not entirely, at least.

The opening sequence of Nikita Season 4 Episode 5 was eerie. It was like Nikita woke up in Pleasantville with lingerie on.

It really was a dream and not the good kind that Michael suggested. It was a fleeting bubble of normalcy for Nikita and Michael, it's just too bad it couldn't last longer.

Ryan's Secret

As odd as it was for them to be staying in houses on a cult de sac, it was even weirder to see them living in separate houses. Nikita and her team have lived together for years. They are a family. When Nikita rang Ryan's doorbell, it seemed wrong and made me laugh. Though, that's normal and what moving on should include.

After years of hiding in the shadows and protecting their secrets, Team Nikita let it all out. They talked about their recruitment, Division, the Shop, the scientific advancements, mind control, they let out everything! It had to be a relief to finally tell their stories, plus to know that would give them immunity and their freedom.

They thought it was over and that they would start a new life. Nikita went from number one enemy of the state to the nation's hero. She was a criminal, a secret operative, and now the most popular person in the country. A major shift. Michael was right when he told her that she needed to start seeing herself as he did.

The dynamic between Michael and Nikita was incredible. After all they've been through they found each other again. "No more missions. No more looking over our shoulders. And all I want is you." Aww! Swoon! In that moment, they has a sweet and loving future together. Is it still possible? Maybe, but not quite yet.

As they reconnected, a new couple was blooming. Sam proved his loyalty to Alex. He didn't try to steal the diamonds and instead followed through on what she wanted. And they hooked up! I was glad to see that Alex wasn't about to jump into something with him. She's right, he needs to figure out who he is. They have to get through the coming trouble first.

I'm glad that it was Ryan that didn't give up the investigation. He's always been the thinker of the team and able to piece together disparate information and find their correlations. The takedown of MDK was too easy. Ryan saw through the actions and correctly realized that Jones set it up to comply with Nikita's demands and effectively get her out of the picture.

I'm not sure the plan would have held its cover even if Ryan hadn't figured it out. Amanda's reckless and it's unlikely she would have remained in the background for long. Her quest for power and determination to control the doubles would have eventually put her fingerprints out there.

If Nikita season 4 was longer, I'm sure that would have played out. Instead, the story's on a fast track and Ryan figured it out. When he confronted Jones, I never saw his capture coming. They met in a secure facility! Jones' reach must be nearly limitless. Ryan was right about everything, but he too underestimated his enemy.

Ryan's a fighter. He wasn't going to let Amanda and the mysterious Group of 8 get away. His resilience was impressive and honorable. He was shot with men holding him and he still didn't give up. He fought! He was willing to die to make sure Nikita knew that something was wrong. 

"No more secrets!" and Ryan leaped out the window. When he landed on the car I thought he was goner, but he even fought through that in order to tell Nikita the truth. My heart broke for Ryan, but I was utterly crushed when Nikita showed up at the hospital and said, "He's my family."

He held out just long enough to make sure she knew that Amanda was alive. Even as he died, he apologized for being right. Ryan was hero. And with that missions weren't over for Nikita. She couldn't give it up. Nikita may have lied to protect the public, but she wasn't going to leave it alone.

"They don't get to win. Not like this.

It's only fitting for Nikita and Alex to end this together. I've missed the two of them as partners. I hope Michael understands why Nikita had to do it this way. She didn't take off in the same way as before, instead this time it was to finish it so they could have a normal life.

So with only one episode of Nikita ever ... "It's time to finish what we started."

Odds and Ends

  • Michael has a last name! He has a LAST NAME! It's nice to know you Michael BISHOP!
  • As odd as the cul de sac was to see, the military trucks interrupting that peaceful scene was even more jarring.
  • Alex's takedown of the men at the club was kick-ass. She may be a rich, socialite, but she's still got it!
  • Amanda's manipulated at least some of the doubles to be under her control. Will she use them in the final battle against Nikita? Cheryl Dixon was shown for a reason.
  • Who are the other members of the group? Do we know any of them already?
  • Of course Amanda had to reveal her secret to Ryan. She needed the validation as always. Hasn't she learned by now?
  • Ryan's escape scene was brilliantly acted by Noah Bean. He sold it. I was devastating to watch, yet such the perfect ending for the character.
  • Birkhoff: Amanda? She's alive? That evil freaking bitch! How is that possible?

Are you devastated that Ryan died? Will the rest of Team Nikita get a happy ending? How do you want to see the series end?


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it was one hell of an episode & ryan's last moments were amazing and very true to the character although they broke my heart! i can't wait for the series final!!!!


I sometimes wonder if the "top 8" leads to a spinoff of its own.


There are times when I am glad this series is ending; I'm so tired of the writers, penning these idiotic scenes where the characters do really stupid things! Ryan Fletcher's been fighting Amanda for years, he's been kidnapped; confined to a chair; he's learned Amanda is still alive; he's found out that she wants to take over, he escapes the chair; knocks Amanda out (glad to see that happen - a favorite scene in the show), he kills the guard and THEN, what does he while he has a gun in his hand? He leaves the room and goes hallway! Seriously? After all he's been through with Amada? Why didn't he do the absurdly obvious? Empty the GUN into Amanda? With a "Will you finally DIE you F#$KING piece of $hit bitch? DIE!" Instead, he gets into a firefight and that results in him jumping out a window. Now he's dead and indestructible Amanda is STILL alive, for now. If Amanda had been killed he might have made it out of there or if he had taken her hostage... I suppose we needed this to we can get to the finale, but all through this series, there have been these massive brain farts by the characters that have allowed the villains to repeatedly escape. I like good drama that's uses some modicum of common sense with a dose of 'reality' within the framework of the story. You can write a great series without having to sacrifice the 'intelligence' of the characters. It's one thing for characters in a show to be outsmarted by villains. It's quite another to continually let the villain get away because the writers have written 'stupidity' into a character. This whole series has been fraught with faux pas by 'supposedly' super trained agents that have done some bone headed things. Sorry to see Ryan's character get the axe. If anyone deserved to have a break it was him.

@ wizarddrummer

Totally agree about Ryan not shooting Amanda. I was screaming at the TV for him to shoot her but instead he gets into an unwinable fire fight then has to hang on just long enough to tell Nikita that Amanda is still alive. If he had just shot her she would already be dead! I agree with all of the criticism above regarding the tiring plot devices. The villians that just never die get kind of old after a while. I love the show but maybe the time truly has come for them to hang it up.

@ wizarddrummer

I tend to agree with you. For all the many entertaining stories and the good acting that the series provided, "Nikita" has been on my nerves for long time and for several reasons. One, as you mention, is the creation of supertrained, impossibly able agents, who then drop their pants (?skirts) at the most important moments. The ploy of having the bad guys last so long grew tiresome, barely relieved by the very welcome death of Percy. Second, talking about ploys. You know that creative spirits are exhausted when "doubles" are brought into the picture. Apart the sheer implausibility of this, the ploy dampens any real interest in what happens to any character once you do not know who he/she really is. Third: too much of the action of this superteam originated in the idiotic tendency of each member in turn to do something on his/her own, because "he/she did not want to worry the others or wanted to protect them...", so on so forth (this tendency will last to the very end with the two women going solo for the final vengeance trip: why alone and not with the team?). Four, the spiritual evolution of Nikita from assassin to 'good person' has been carried too far: a spy show hardly needs one's conversion to Mother Theresa. Finally, couldn't smart writers realize that by creating an ever expanding conspiracy (8 people by the end?) they needed more than a couple of episodes to close the deal? So, what is Nikita going to do next? will she kill each bad guy in turn (say, 5 minutes each in a 40' show)? or will she herd all of them in one place and shoot, gas, blast or burn all at once? Well, let's see what happens and let's hope for some sort of satisfactory finale (anybody for sparing Amanda for a spin-off?).

@ wizarddrummer

I too was waiting for Ryan to kill Amanda.


The opening with all of them in a cult de sac was really weird and didn't feel right to me. They told the truth about everything and it was great hearing them go everything that has happened and everything they've done. Alex going to save Sam was cool and her offering not to kill the guy was funny. I liked that her and Sam hooked up and she's willing to give him a chance once he finds out who he is. I loved that Ryan wasn't giving up and I wasn't expecting Amanda to keep him and mess with his mind I thought she would just kill him. When he was in that chair and got his hand free and slammed Amanda's face in I loved it was one of my favorite parts Ryan fought like hell he was shot and kept going I just kept saying come on Ryan fight. When he got to the one room and looked out the window I already knew he was going to go out of it but I didn't think it would be by jumping I didn't think that until he took out the other to guys and told Amanda "No more secrets" I knew he was going to die and I thought he was dead after jumping out the window but no he fought and held on just long enough to tell Nikita the truth. Ryan was truly a hero. I wanted to cry when he died but I just couldn't seem to I think I'm still in so much shock that he is dead. I like a said last week Nikita and Alex started all of this together and it should end with both of them together. I couldn't help but smile when Nikita and Alex met and she tossed her the gun. It all ends next week. I hope that no one else dies I really do all of them deserve some sort of a happy ending. I can't wait till next weeks series finale. I'm so glad Nikita and Alex are back together and I can't wait to see them kick some serious ass next week. I can't believe next week is the series finale the last 5 weeks have gone by so fast I almost don't want next week to happen because then that will be Nikita is finally over. Again I hope no one else dies and that they get the best happy ending they can have they all really deserve it and I will be really angry if someone else from team Nikita dies it just wouldn't be right to kill off another team member especially in the series finale. Ryan will definitely be missed I still can't believe he's gone.


WOW !! The episode was amazing, powerful and a perfect set-up for the finale. I was really worried, especially given last week's sub-par episode. Luckily, the show bounced back. This has been an amazing season.

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Nikita Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

He's my family.


Michael: Feels like dream, right?
Nikita: Yeah. What kind of dream?
Michael: The good kind, you'll see.