Nikita Series Finale Review: Freedom

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Goodbye, Nikita

It was much too soon for Nikita to end, but at least the series had a proper and fitting conclusion. With Ryan's death in the penultimate episode, the series was able to finish with a hopeful and happy ending.

Division and the United States created Nikita the Assassin and that Nikita returned to avenge Ryan's death ... at least that's what appeared to be happening. I totally and completely bought into the narrative that Nikita and Alex partnered up to take out the Group in Nikita Season 4 Episode 6.

Nikita as a Prisoner

I never saw the twist coming, did you? Team Nikita was able to pull off an amazing ruse in order to beat Amanda at her own game. Before Ryan's death, I'm not sure I would have believed that Nikita would turn so dark or that Alex would go along with it. 

After all that Amanda had done over the years, I found it plausible that Nikita would turn against those that were responsible for both Ryan's death and the plot to start a devastating war. As believable as it was, I was beyond thrilled to find out that Nikita hadn't lost herself and instead took extreme measures to take out her foes.

As the flashbacks to Nikita's induction at Division unfolded, it seemed oddly placed to tell that story in the series finale. By the end of the hour, it all made sense. Amanda believed that Nikita reverted to her former self and hadn't changed at all. Nikita's troubled start at Division, Amanda's ego led her to believe what she was witnessing.

Amanda's words came back to haunt her, "Deception is more important than brute force."

The faked death at the retreat was outstanding. It fooled everyone and that was the moment that Nikita's plan moved into high gear. While Nikita and Alex played their parts on the inside, the guys worked it from the outside.

The shifting allegiances within Team Nikita was amazing to watch unravel. It moved so quickly that it was difficult to know which side was right and which was wrong. It appeared the series was going to end with a fractured team. 

The fight between Nikita and Alex was epic! It was awesome and they sold it. What a ruse! Out of all the twists on television, this was by far one of the best orchestrated this year. It was effective because it wasn't done solely to trick the audience, it was all about capturing Amanda.

Hook. Line. Sinker. Amanda's arrogance brought her down. She never saw her demise coming. When Ryan didn't shoot her in Nikita season 4 episode 5, I was disappointed, though it wasn't in his character to kill an unconscious person ... even Amanda.

Death would have been too good a punishment for her. She will live out the rest of her days locked up and alone, "No one will ever find you. Welcome back to the basement, Helen." That's a much more fitting end for her. Perfect in fact. Her ending was as miserable as Team Nikita's was satisfying.

Amanda was captured, the doubles were taken out of play and the real doppelgangers were freed. Their plan was a success. And that wasn't the best part of it. Nikita's family finally found their freedom. Alex embraced her true identity as Alexandra Udinov. Sam found a fitting job protecting Alex. And Birkhoff revealed himself to the world. 

It was nice to see Ryan again, even if only as a vision. Nikita came to terms with his death and it wasn't in vain. Ryan provided the key intelligence the team needed to successfully pull of their plan. 

Even Michael and Nikita found their happily ever after. They were married, headed to the beach, and used their honeymoon to help those in need. Perfect!

"The real gift isn't freedom. It's what we get to do with it."

Were you satisfied with the series finale? Did you get fooled by Team Nikita's ruse? Will Nikita and Michael live happily ever after?


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The finale episode was good but if Amanda had really died in the final episode it would have been epic.Same folks are talking of the 1990s Nikita, doesn't make sense to us course same of us like me were born in early 1990s,current Nikita it's the best series I have ever watch.So guys of the 90s,let's us enjoy our moment, you had yours.


Omg, just returned from holidays and was so upbeat...even looking forward to going back to work. Then a momentous outrage, NO MORE NIKITA EVER. This cannot happen. Please bring her back, I am glad Amanda finally got what she deserved but surely there are more badies to finish off. Do not let Nikita RIP


I think that the episode, and the whole final season, was incredible. In just 6 episodes, they gave us an intense, exciting, satisfying end to a wonderful show that was cancelled way too soon. Not a second was wasted on insignificant crap, we saw more for all the characters and so much happened but it never felt rushed. I'm sad that Ryan died but the way he did it, sacrificing himself to save everyone, was the perfect way for him to go. It's funny, Gossip Girl had more episodes that could have been used to create a really mysterious, scandalous final season but instead it was just utter nonsense 99% of the time. For all shows that are entering their final season, take a look at what Nikita has done; it wasn't disappointing. It really sucks that Nikita has been cancelled. Until the last year or so, it was one of about 3 shows on the CW that was actually well written and acted.


There is only one Nikita,her name is Peta Wilson. If you are going to miss present Nikita buy DVD's of the real Nikita. I promise you,you will wonder how you ever lived without the first.I couldn't watch present Nakita being as I'm a first time Nikita fan. I just keep watching the real one.

@ sherry clark

Bravo Sherry! I agree that "La Femme Nikita" series had better acting by Peta Wilson. And Michael was a real hunk---self centered but so handsome I could ignore it. Problem is most current TV viewers or movie goers do not even remember the "original" shows and casts. Nikita, also called La Femme Nikita, is a 1990 Franco-Italian action thriller film written and directed by Luc Besson. And it was 117 minutes of tension. Lucky in UK and France we had opportunity to watch all three this past year!! Likewise the original "Night of the Living Dead" was so much scarier then the newer version and all its spin-offs.

@ sara

I enjoyed all of the different series to tell you the truth. Each had its strong points and weak points. For me this Nikita has had some obnoxious writing faux pas over the seasons, but this last episode was pretty decent. I try not to compare too much. Each is relevant to its time. Look at how many versions there are of "The Tomorrow People"


Truly an epic ending! Love Nikita! Gonna really miss the now..:')


a perfect ending to a perfect show. I was definately fooled! at the end, i actually thought owen and michael were gonna break in and save nikita, but dammmmnnnnnn they had an awesome plan. I love the show and am soo upset that its over, but atleast we had a great ending!


I was pleased and boy was I fooled…


Loved the series. Two problems with last episode. #1: If Nikita didnt kill anyone .. how about the marshal's at the beginning that were snipped from far away? They were shot in their bullet proof vest with Tranqs? #2: When she shot the 3 Executives with Tranqs near the end wouldnt the troops be smart enough to see this .. I mean there was no blood. They would have reported it to the commanding officer and her plan would have been shot before she was locked up at the end.

@ tcanada

I'm sure there were some casualties because not everyone was in on the con. But someone said some of the troops knew. I would assume maybe those who went in the room. Either way I don't gave a problem with it cause I think the twists were well played and sure fooled me. I loved everything about the RP, except the lact of Sonya screen time, and no honour mentioned for Sean Pryce. But I'm not complaining. I'm satisfied with the overall ep.


Great series .. will miss it.


So they gave Ryan a star on the war and not Sean Pierce? Alex didnt even mention him? I really didn't like that.

@ josh

Ryan was CIA, Sean was not. What was disappointing was hearing Sam talking about Owen but I wanted to see Owen. Devon Sawa did an outstanding job with that Sam. Everytime I saw him, i never thought Owen, even the redeemed Sam was not sweet Owen...sniff

@ josh

Ah Peter" at least you got one eh? You're probably trolling and hoping for a response so I'll play along. Then again. No. Your post is not worthy of a real follow up comment.

@ Stephie59

Sorry Josh. I wrote this in the wrong place. It was meant for Peter.

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Deception is more important than brute force.


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