Once Upon a Time Round Table: "The New Neverland"

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Our intrepid heroes finally made their way back to Storybrooke on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 10 - but will it soon be turned into the "The New Neverland?"

Our TV Fanatics Michelle Carlbert, Jim Garner, Carla Day and Christine Orlando are joined below by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to decide on the best and worst of the Storybrooke reunions and whether "the savior" is allowed to have a love life.


Do you think there was a reason Pan's shadow killed the Blue Fairy or was she just a convenient target?

Michelle: I don't think Pan does anything purely for convenience so as soon as I saw that he'd killed the Blue Fairy, I knew there was a reason behind it. I just haven't figured out what that reason is yet. 

Gareth: I always felt the Blue Fairy had some involvement with making preparations for the curse to be broken. She seemed very familiar with August back in season one. Perhaps Pan was eliminating the one person who could come up with a solution. 

Jim: Yes there is a reason, Pan did nothing without a reason. But as the others have mentioned, we just don't know what it is yet. 

Carla: There weren't any clues that I saw about why she was killed. I doubt it was just a matter of convenience though. My guess is that the Shadow will be able to use her essence in this world to manifest into physical being. If it's not that, then perhaps her death was punishment for treating Bell poorly? 

Christine:  I hope there's a reason simply because it makes a better story but honestly, I'm kind of glad she's gone. She was a very mean fairy. 

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Which was your favorite welcome home reunion?

Michelle: I'd have to say the Rumpbelle reunion. When he left, they both thought it would be forever and I just loved the look of joy in her eyes when she saw that he had come back to her. 

Gareth: I actually enjoyed seeing Eric and Ariel being reunited. That was quite sweet. It was nice to see Snow acknowledge how much Regina had helped them and I did enjoy the Rumbelle reunion. That entire “Welcome Home” scene was tainted by the presence of “Panry” though, and the knowledge that everything was about to go south fast. 

Jim: I'm a sucker for romance, so Eric and Ariel and Belle and Rumple's reunions really tugged at the heart strings. I really hope Rumple is able to be a better man. 

Carla: They all felt a little flat to me since they were so quick. They met, hugged, were happy to see each other and then the story moved on with the same characters that were in Neverland. They were all touching, but none of them were overwhelming. I was happy to see the Darlings reunited and headed away from Storybrooke. Though, I'm not sure "home" will be what they are expecting after all these years. And Eric and Ariel were so cute!

Christine:  I'm with Carla on this one. None of them overwhelmed me although I was happy that Snow acknowledge to everyone that they couldn't have rescued Henry without Regina. She deserved her moment as a hero.

Which was the most disappointing welcome home reunion?

Michelle: Anywhere the fake Henry was. Every time I saw him in he midst of all the happiness, it took some of mine away because I knew Pan was going to find a way to destroy all of that joy.  

Gareth: The Darling reunion. It was all a bit awkward with grown up Bae strolling in for a big hug. I doubt we will see them again now. 

Jim: I'm with Gareth, the Darling reunion was a bit odd, nobody even acknowledge the age gaps, the boys now older than Wendy, and Bae being old enough to be their parent.. whole thing felt odd. They made Pinocchio young, couldn't they have had Wendy catch up or something?

Carla: I missed Ruby. Meghan Ory is now on the mid-season show Intelligence, so she won't be around. Her absence was noticeable, since she spent so much time with the Charmings and Henry last season. I hope they at least explain what she's up to in a throwaway line if not more.

Christine:  Ariel and Eric felt like filler to me and The Darlings felt off as well.  All I could think was that Wendy's been stuck in that robe for over a century!

Do you like Snow and Charming better in the fairy tale world or in Storybrooke?

Michelle: I like Snow better in fairy tale world, but I think I might like David better in Storybrooke and Wonderland. Though it does seem like wherever he goes, the poor guy is always needing saving, usually from Snow but others as well. I'd like to see him toughened up a bit more.

Gareth: They can be annoying across all the realms! I think I prefer Snow and Charming in fairy tale land. I like it when Snow is more bad ass. Moaning Mary Margaret and Dumb David can be a bit much at times. Having said that, I really liked the scene between David and Emma when they chatted about Neal.  I just wish the writers would give Charming more of a back story. We haven’t seen that much of his life before he met Snow. It would be nice to throw in a few surprises about him and shake things up a bit. 

Jim: I'm with Michelle, I like bad-ass Snow in fairytale world while the more practical David on Storybrooke seems to make more sense. Though Charming's comment about having fallen in love with her after being hit in the head with a rock rang pretty true. He DID know what he was getting into. 

Carla: I liked Once Upon a Time Season 1 Snow in fairy tale world that was in love and felt bad for Regina. I don't really like the new Snow that's obsessed with the Evil Queen. And Charming is a bit snooze-worthy in both realms most of the time. I want to see them be more proactive and kick-ass in Storybrooke and less passive and caught in the past. More Charming-Henry sword fight moments, less whining.

Christine:  In the fairy tale world, Snow White is a fighter. She's tough and fun. In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret is so caught up in the angst that it gets depressing. Sometimes they really do feel like two different characters. And It's funny that I like Charming better with Snow in the fairy tale world but I love his scenes with Emma in Storybrooke.

Emma seems to be closing herself off from everyone. Can "the savior" have a love life? 

Michelle: I think she can, but it might take her a while before she can get there. I think taking the step of raising her son was a big one for her and she's probably not quite ready for a romantic relationship. She seems to think that she can't do it or doesn't deserve it, but I wonder if she also thinks she isn't capable of doing it all. 

Gareth: I think Emma is still surrounding herself with all those walls. In Neverland, she exposed a sensitive side of herself, she was vulnerable. Now that she is back in Storybrooke, the guard has gone back up. Emma says she is scared of something bad happening all the time, but I think Emma would be lost without that “something bad”, because then she would have to stop running and face her own fears and internal demons. She would have to face the prospect of actually living her life and letting people in. I think that scares Emma more than any big bad. 

Jim: Everyone deserves love, otherwise what is she saving the world for? I think my late grandmother said it best, "get down off the cross, we need the wood." She may be the savior, but she doesn't need to make a martyr of herself. 

Carla: Speaking of whining. Oh Emma! She has latched on to the "savior" moniker and uses it to justify closing herself off from feeling. She's isolated herself from everyone but Henry. She keeps her parents at a distance and any thought of romance even further. She already broke the curse. Now is time to move on! It's annoying. She has love around her. It's time for her to recognize that and get over her fear of abandonment. "Savior" or not ... it's not an acceptable excuse.

Christine:  I love your grandmother's saying Jim and I agree with Carla that Emma is holding on to that savior title a little too tightly. But I also think that being an orphan coupled with Neal leaving her in prison has left some pretty deep scars. I know Neal had his reasons but forgiving him may be more than Emma can do.

What was your favorite scene from this Once Upon a Time Season 3 episode?

Michelle: Definitely the scene between David and Emma on the beach when they were talking about Neal. It was nice to see him actually talk to her and not just give dirty looks to Hook as a way to try and influence her feelings. Also the line about "You think I'm interested in Hook? I'm a married man" had me rolling. Loved seeing that bit of humor from David.

Gareth: I enjoyed the sass when Regina appeared in the shield and taunted Snow. She just has the best lines. Also enjoyed the reveal at the town line when Emma realized Pan was actually Henry. Looking forward to the finale and seeing where they go with this “New Curse” storyline.  

Jim: I loved Rumple giving David the cure. It was awesome to see the respect and admiration in David and Mary Margret face as Rumple did something selfless. 

Carla: The scenes in the diner were my favorite. It showed that they were really home back in Storybrooke and provided a return to normalcy. In particular, when Rumple brought David the cure and didn't want anything in return. And watching Neal sit there patiently waiting for Emma and David's decision to go talk sense into his daughter.

Christine:  I liked hook telling Neal that he was backing off to give Henry's family a chance. Not only is it the right thing to do but if things don't work out it gives Hook an even better position to pursue Emma from. But as it often does, doing the right thing hurt. So Hook went off to drown his sorrows in some Rum and company. I loved that Tinkerbell saw right through him. 

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I like this show but I'm tired on the Pan arc. Who couldn't predict the dialog between Regina and Emma?
Emma: Keep a close eye on him
Regina: I already said I would.
Emma: He doesn't seem quite himself.
Regina: Really. You mean because he asked for me?
Emma: No, I didn't, I didn't mean that.
Regina: That's exactly what you meant. You can't face the fact that I'm his mother too. ...
Predictable as getting wet when thrown into a swimming pool. When Regina said she was Henry's mother for 10 years, Emma should have said "That's exactly my point. You know Henry better than I do. Quiz him, ask him some questions only you and he knows the answer to. Then, of course Henry/Pan is taken to Regina's place.


1. My theory is that the Blue Fairy was killed because she's the only real purveyor of "good" magic, and probably would have been able to throw a wrench in Pan's plans. Emma has barely tapped into her magic, and both Rumple and Regina are of the dark arts variety. 2. Rumpel, Belle and Baelfire, hands down. Rumpelstiltskin's redemption is the greatest thing to watch in this show, and that was such a fantastic moment for him. 3. Agreed about fake Henry. But it also killed my heart to see Regina standing all by herself. 4. I like David equally in both places, but Snow much more in the Enchanted Forest. 5. Jim - I will forever use that saying from now on!! Brilliant!!
I totally agree, she's making herself a martyr. She can absolutely have a partner if she picks the right person. 6. The whole episode seemed very disjointed to me, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be David talking to Emma on the waterfront. That's the most paternal he has ever seemed, and I quite enjoyed it. Close second is Hook stating that he was devilishly handsome.

Spindae 2o

@kandi1212 Love Ur Tinkerbell idea. Why not make her evil as well? I mean Pan was prepared for their attack and looking at it now Pan set them up by moving his camp and so they've needed Tinker's help.


I think the shadow killed Blue Fairy because of Tinker Bell. I'm not quite convinced that they aren't the same duo from the story. After she lost her fairy powers she probably went to a really dark place and Pan was there to fuel that fire. If I'm right I just hope Hook doesn't get caught in the cross fire. The fact that Hook is giving Emma space gives me a little hope that they could be end game. I think that Emma has this fantasy of her, Henry, and Neal being a happy family because she never got that with her parents but in reality that is never gonna happen. She has too much anger towards Neal that I don't think she will really ever let go and she will always throw that in his face in a fight. Also regardless of how things work out between Emma and Neal they wouldn't be a cute little happy family because Regina will always be in the picture, as she should be. I would be okay seeing Emma and Neal give it a go if it is only so she can see that they aren't right together. I was really hoping that going home would up Wendy's age a little so she can be an option for Neal. This new curse is a little confusing at the moment. The way Panry described it they were just going to stay in Storybrook and have their memories wiped again but in the preview they are saying that it will send everyone back to where they are from. If that is what it is going to do then what is the big issue. Isn't that kind of what everyone wants? The only people that can be a problem for is Emma and Henry. Would Emma stay or would she go back to the Enchanted Forest because she was born there. Obviously Henry would stay. Am I the only one crossing my fingers that Henry has to stay in Pan's body because I love the actor that plays him far more than the actor that plays Henry (however it seems like I am not gonna get my wish from the promo where Henry is standing their with them while they talk about the curse). It is starting to feel like the only way the writers know how to push the story line forward is to send people to different locations. As much as I love the Enchanted Forest I hope if they bring them there they stay there and leave Storybrook behind for good. If anything Storybrook hinders the story, not helps it.

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