The Carrie Diaries Review: Rumor Has it

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Years before Carrie Bradshaw would grace Page Six for snagging the new Yankee, she was featured for a far less desirable reason.

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Episode 7 showed us just how low Weaver could go in the name of a bitter ex.

An Ugly Rumor

I guess it comes with the territory of dating someone who mines for material from their personal life. Carrie knew Weaver's next play was about Katya, so what would save her from being written about too? I guess what she didn't expect was for Weaver's anger to result in a rumor about her being a diminutive suburban poser.

Carrie is new to the city, new to the world of media, and still a teenager. Being written about in Page Six is a big deal for anyone who isn't akin to a Kardashian, but for Carrie a rumor was not the way she wanted to become famous. Don't forget this was the 80s, guys. Reality TV was not yet a thing!

Leave it to Samantha to encourage Carrie to set the record straight. With Bennet desperate for some new connections due to frustration at Interview, and Walt trying to prevent Carrie and Bennet from "peacocking," the four of them headed to The Paris Party. It's amazing how Carrie has become so immersed in this world so quickly.

After two awkward conversations with Weaver, she gave a partially false statement to the press, before she was suddenly paged. Remember when beepers weren't relegated strictly to drug dealers? I thought I was so freaking cool when I had one in middle school. But I digress, Sebastian paged Carrie because Maggie collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

Maggie had an ectopic pregnancy dashing her only true dream of becoming a mother. I'm not sure what medical innovations there were back then, but I do know that if this happened today it would not dash her dreams only lessen them. Either way, it's scary. Sebastian called Carrie because he didn't know what to do and in a vulnerable moment they both admitted they still love each other. Collective Aw.

Maggie's dad came rushing in and assumed Sebastian knocked up Maggie because he's the rebel transfer student who used to bang a teacher at his old school. Sebastian stood there like a martyr and took it. How is he still the rebel? Is it the car and the jacket? Because seriously he is consistently a great friend and a sweet guy. Carrie wonders why he didn't tell the truth.

The rumors, the gossip, that’s not real, it’s just noise.


While it's great advice that inspired Carrie to do a noble thing, I can't help but disagree a little bit. On one hand, yes there are so many rumors in life and people talk so much crap about each other that if you don't tune it out you will go crazy. On the other, why should Sebastian be punished when he's actually the one who saved Maggie's life? He didn't have to say who it was, simply that it wasn't him and that's all he would say.

As for Carrie? Sure she was the bigger person in that scenario, but Weaver deserved a taste of his own medicine. Yes, he writes from his life but he didn't have to trash Carrie and later say she was lucky he didn't name her. Maybe he should know what it feels like to be on the other end for once. Breakups are hard and Carrie will later emphasize on Sex and the City, they are also private.

Having your privacy shattered is not a welcome feeling and Walt is about to experience this firsthand. As soon as I heard the camera clicks when the boys were talking to Larissa, I got a feeling they would end up in the paper. Now Walt's mother has seen the photo and he hasn't come out to his parents yet. The promos show us that this doesn't go very well and I feel so bad for the lovable Walt.

Mouse injected some humor into the hour with her need to spice up her and West's relationship. Girlfriend did the nude selfie thing before it was a trend! Obviously it wasn't the smartest move she's ever made but it made for some entertainment.

What did you think of this week's The Carrie Diaries? Would you have wanted revenge on Weaver? Should Sebastian have told the truth? Are you happy Carrie and Maggie patched things up?


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I love that Carrie & Sebastian seem to have finally got back together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have spent WEEKS hating on Maggie, and even up until she ended up in the hospital in this episode I couldn't help but yell "GO THE 'EFF' AWAY MAGGIE!!!!" at my TV, but the second Carrie got to that hospital room my icey heart thawed a little bit and I definitely got misty eyed and really felt for Maggie. It is terrible that she had to go through that and even worse that that douche bag cop (I can never for the life of me remember his name even though it was said in this episode) made her feel like she had to go through that alone, even if Sebastian was there it isn't the same as having the baby's father helping you through it, especially when she thought he actually had feelings for her. When the father made the reference to one of the cops wives working at the hospital I was wondering, is that douche bag cops wife (or are they only engaged, again having a terrible memory when it comes to him)? I am also glad that Carrie showed us once again what a great person she is by forgiving Maggie when she needed her most, and that she was willing to hear Sebastian out instead of just running off when he said Maggie was pregnant. I know they aren't going to end up together but I want them to give it a real shot instead of all this back and forth at least for a little while. I always love the nods to SATC that this show does and the Paris one was amazing. I got so emotional at the thought of Carrie's Paris trip and how for the most part it was a terrible trip (thank god for Mr. Big coming in to save the day :) ) Thought it was a little silly that she even entered for the trip though because even if Carrie had been at the party she never would have been able to go. First when Walt's mom saw that picture and didn't say anything I almost thought she was going to accept him, and when I saw the preview my heart broke. He has come so far with the acceptance of himself, to have his parents reject him like that is just awful!

Leigh r
@ kandi1212

I love when other SATC fans recognize all the little references too. I'm like yes someone else feels this and sees all the little Carrie-isms too!

@ Leigh Raines

The writers have done such a great job at throwing in all the references. My biggest concern when they were making this show was that they wouldn't bother tying in Carries future with this past they are showing us so the fact that they consistently give us SATC fans little teases makes me so happy!

Spindae 2o

This was a really solid episode, probably best of the season so far.
Mouse and her boyfriend were so hilarious, he is such a sweet guy and he was so childish, if he hadn't does biceps you would think he is really 18. donna had some solid lines hopefully she gets a storyline on her own.
The Carrie, Weaver and Bastian drama was on peak tonight and it was really good. Weaver being a douche was really suiting his character, a spoiled underappreciated boy who is just mad he didn't got what he want. But I assume the actor will get a CW Lead Role soon,pretty face. Carrie carrying more about her and Seb was odd, but I think it's part of her growing up and becoming the girl we all love and cherish.
Sam, Larissa, Bennet and Walt were really funny, they should have more scenes together. I was just surprised, the Sam-Larissa sex wasn't mentioned, hope we get some refference later on in the show. The upcoming Walt blow out was nicely layered and can't wait to see the writers handle it.

Leigh r
@ Spindae 2.0

Good point about Weaver getting hired on the CW. That or ABC Family!

Ronald simkins

Sorry, Carrrie is a douche even in the 80's. Walt and Bennet are adorable and considering the decade really up there. Hey I was gay in the 80's but more Bennet's age and dated older. It was a whirlwind era full of STDs and multiple partners.

@ isoron

@ isoron lmao about "carrie being a douche even in the 80's"! Wasn't gonna comment & was wondering if I was the only "real" normal person whose read this lol but then I found your comment, truth is golden. Back in the days SATC, I loved the shit out of it & it was my fave show I, totally "got" Carrie, wanted to be like her (ugh brainwashing!) & thanks to Kim Cattral's performances, it was pure gold!. In hindsight, I was a shallow, vapid & impressionable 14 year old, now as a 28 year old woman- I find myself watching re-runs of SATC & hating on Carrie- she's been consistently self-centred & narcissistic the whole way through! Funny thing hindsight lol

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The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I’d be most pissed off about suburban, that’s the kiss of death in Manhattan literary circles.


Buck up, you’re nobody until somebody’s talking about you.