The Originals Review: All The King's Men

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Every week after The Originals airs, I say "this was my favorite episode!" because every week this show steps up its proverbial game with twists that keep us thoroughly hooked. 

The big reveal from The Originals Season 1 Episode 9? Klaus' werewolf family has come to town.

I've watched tonight's mid-season finale twice already, and I'm still not sure where to begin this review. That was one jam-packed hour of television which left us with much to discuss between now and the show's return in January.

JANUARY. Over a month! What are we going to do?

Klaus with Hayley

This cast better get some attention from the People's Choice Awards next year, particularly Joseph Morgan, whose portrayal of an "immortal egomaniac" is beyond anything we could have imagined when the character first appeared on The Vampire Diaries season 2.

Back then he was just this, well, immortal egomaniac. Now he's an immortal egomaniac with a soft spot for pony sketches and pretty blondes. And babies. Who knew?

Klaus finally has the reins and is the ruler of the vampire community of New Orleans, but he doesn't know what to do with his new position. As someone who is used to taking what he wants when he wants it, the ideas of subtlety and politicking are lost on him. And he hates rules. 

The humans decided to teach him a lesson tonight and, honestly, it was one he needed to learn. It also allowed us to see Klaus and Marcel team up against the humans and even if it wasn't an epic fight like last weeks' Klaus-smash in the compound, it was still great to see Marcel get a little devilish.

(Is it just me or does Charles Michael Davis have THE BEST evil twinkle in his eye? Paired with that smile of his? Wow!)

If Klaus is going to rule the city, and if he wants to earn the respect and loyalty which Marcel has been able to garner in Klaus' nearly 100-year absence from the city they both call home, then he has to learn to play well with others in the sandbox. Or the bayou. 

Marcel, it seems, is eager to rule alongside Klaus like the two dreamed they would someday. Now that someday is here, Marcel is pretty quick to choose Klaus over Rebekah. Again. 

To be honest, I'm kind of okay with this quasi-breakup.

I feel badly for Rebekah because the girl can't catch a break when it comes to love, but the setup for their relationship was a little clunky and got too serious too quickly despite the fact that they have a century's worth of history together. I might also still be angling for Matt Donovan to leave Mystic Falls and join Rebekah in the Big Easy. 

Hey, Cami's in need of a few more humans who know a thing or two about the supernatural world, you know? (Let me have my dream, people!)

Cami's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. The girl is headstrong and unafraid, but she's also got a huge heart and spirit of compassion. There's nothing about her I don't like right now. Nothing at all.

Her full-on Memento moments to help herself remember all of the things she'd been compelled to forget were great and really seemed to fit with the type of analytical character she's been written to be. She believes in the power of the mind. That's why she's a psychology major. That she would believe in the power of her own mind to overcome the compulsion worked.

Of course, then Klaus compelled her again in what was one of the most fraught with sexual tension scenes to date on this series.

Come ON, man! Kiss the girl, already! Do you need a lagoon of sea creatures to sing to you? What are you waiting for? She's (probably) not going to get pregnant if you decide to make a move!

If admitting he's in love with Hayley will help remove the stick from Elijah's "enduringly stoic ass," then imagine what a good woman could do for Klaus! Maybe it will happen once Cami's free of the compulsion thanks to Davina.

Having Davina and Hayley under the same roof could prove to be Klaus' undoing. He's underestimating just how far the wolf and the witch will go to protect themselves. He himself should know that survival is everything after running from his own father for centuries.

On the homefront, things are intensifying for Hayley. She's protected because she's carrying Klaus' baby, but that protection doesn't extend to her werewolf kin in the bayou as far as Klaus and his vampire army are concerned. He ordered their deaths, but Hayley couldn't allow that. 

Elijah and Rebekah trekked out to the bayou to protect the werewolves and in the process uncovered wolves from Klaus' original bloodline. The werewolves are about to move front and center, it seems, and my curiosity is piqued. 

Aside from introducing them and supplying the mythology behind their curse, The Vampire Diaries didn't do much with the werewolves. There's room on The Originals for this story to be told.

 Klaus going to Father Kieran and asking for his help in protecting the werewolves he has yet to meet says that he's as intrigued as many of us are.

The mid-season finale ended with a familiar refrain: Family above all.

Elijah apologized for thinking the worst of his brother when they learned that the baby's blood could be used to make more hybrids. Klaus accepted the apology by inviting Elijah and Rebekah back into the compound.

Maybe there's hope for the Mikaelson family yet.

What did you think of The Originals Season 1 Episode 9? Are you intrigued by the werewolf story arc coming up? What do you plan to do to pass the time on Tuesday nights until the series returns in January?


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I bet the secret from 1919 is that Marcel led Mikael to New Orleans on purpose. Maybe Klaus will lock Marcel in the garden.


Ryan may have a point, Josh should be dead by now, ( Klaus gave him forewarning if he ever betrayed him!) Instead of having the courage to introduce a genuine gay character, the writers are exploiting the idea; Josh IS a whiney-wimp, which IRONICALLY happenes to be the reason Marcel spared him in the first place. If he were more aggressive as a " blood-thirsty predator-- the way vampires are SUPPOSED-TO-BE," he would at least command some respect as a "vampire," regardless of his sexual orientation. Instead, there is no real distinction between "human Josh"or "vampire Josh." [Just because Josh is gay shouldn't preclude him from being a deathly killer ], therein lies the true offense. A forced stereotype, and ultimately wasted opportunity to broaden this character!


Imagine if Klaus turned Cami into a vampire and they started dating. Then Caroline gets put on the show. I know its a long shot. I'm most interested in what happened in 1919. Will Klaus make his family of Wolves hybrids?


My big question is -- what is Rebekah & Marcel's secret from 1919?!? Any theories?


I loved the part where Elijah apologizes and admits his love for his brother. That is what i love about the show, family standing together and being there for each other no matter what. Rebecca now understood that Marcel wanted just to beat Klaus to have his power. so Rebecca now understands that she should not betray family. And Klaus finally wanting his family oh it was amazing. Camie, i really don't see how he fell for her. she is good but to me she is a bit forced character. I am a Klaus and Caroline lover.

Miranda wicker
@ nini

I'm a fan of Klaus and Caroline, but I see how Cami is attractive to him, particularly since Caroline isn't there.

Daniel richerson

Is everyone not seeing the point of Davina and Josh bonding. Klaus WILL kill Josh, and Davina will brutally turn on the Vampires and that's when I think her full power will be revealed. It's a great set up, a long con, but think of the effects it would have on Davina if Klaus killed Josh. Even at this early of a stage, she would NOT be happy at all

Miranda wicker
@ Daniel Richerson

I hadn't thought about this but my Josh-love hopes you're wrong. Sadly, I think you may not be. But I can hope, right? I think Davina's ready to turn against the vampires based solely on the fact that Marcel lied to her about Agnes' death.


Hell hath no fury like a super witch lied to. Davina is now unaligned with the vampires and can proceed to be herself ... whatever that is. Leaving the vampires means running to the witches ... who may just be ready to align themselves with Davina in an effort to rid New Orleans of vampires. Witches on one side, vampires on another ... and a third front composed of two different groups of werewolves: one loyal to Haley (some sort of werewolf royalty) and the other via dear momsie to Klaus. Will Klaus turn them into hybrids? Why not. Next half of the season should be interesting.

Miranda wicker
@ clifbean

I completely agree with everything you just said here. The set-up at the end of last night's episode is going to make for an awesome second half. Just when Klaus thinks he's getting a handle on things in New Orleans, he's proven wrong.

Sarah silva

I love that Marcel and Klaus are teaming up! When Marcel said to Klaus that they had to teach the humans a lesson was great!
However my favorite part of this episode was Elijah confronting the vampires that were after the werewolves saying the odds were not good if his brother won in 1-100 fight and that the odds the vampire clan wining in a fight against 2 originals would not happen! LOVED IT!
I want Hayley and Elijah to kiss already.
I too like Cami.
January is a long way off.


I agree Davina and Josh worked well together. They are honest with each other and I hope they keep Josh on the show. If Klaus really wanted to kill him he would have done it by now. I love Klaus he is so full of it. He want let go how his family hurt him but he hurts his family over and over and they are just suppose to go along with it. Maybe Cami can turn him around and Hayley can be with Elijah. Like Hayley told Klaus what happens to me after the baby come? Ok I missed something..what did Marcel father do to him? Klaus loves Marcel in his Klaus way why doesn't he want him with his sister? It is like Klaus wants all the marbles and nobody else can have them but him! He is a great bad guy!

Miranda wicker
@ Grimmfan#10

I, too, don't understand why Klaus doesn't want Marcel and Rebekah together. It doesn't make sense to me, particularly now that Mikael is dead. I could understand him not wanting her to get attached with Mikael on the loose so that they could leave in a hurry if they needed to, but the threat against them is gone. Let the girl find love, dude. And find some yourself!

John kidby
@ Miranda Wicker

"It is like Klaus wants all the marbles and nobody else can have them but him!" Love it. Dead on, really - it's just Klaus being, well, Klaus. Narcissistic, paranoid and possessive. And yet, oddly impossible to hate...


It's interesting to see a pattern emerging with Klaus. Even though he can't stand criticism and generally acts like a big baby about the way people treat him (even though its wholly deserved), he seems to be attracted to women who call him on his BS. First Caroline and now Cami. I love it when people call Klaus on his crap. It helps bring our favorite "immortal egomaniac" down a peg or two.

Miranda wicker
@ DeeC

There's definitely a pattern! Klaus has a type. Sassy blondes who don't take his crap!

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The Originals Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Rebekah: Absolutely not! I paid for that!
Elijah: Please. You've never paid for anything in your life.
Rebekah: I hardly see how that's relevant.

Klaus: Let us begin with a toast to our shared gift--immortality. After 1,000 years, one might expect life to be less keenly felt, for its beauties and its sorrows to diminish with time, but as vampires we feel more deeply than humans could possibly imagine. Insatiable need, exquisite pain, our victories, and our defeats. To my city, my home again. May the blood never cease to flow--
Marcel: And the party never end.