The Vampire Diaries: Should Katherine Die?

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SPOILER ALERT: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 10 concluded with Katherine collapsing down a flight of stairs, her life very much at risk.

DOUBLE SPOILER ALERT: The trailer for The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11, which airs January 23 and marks the show's 100th installment, makes it clear:

Katherine is still alive.

But she's on the verge of death and the TVD fan base seems split.

Some viewers are sick of a character who has been used as a storyline device far too many times, while others believe Katherine is the funniest, most entertaining resident of Mystic Falls at the moment.

Where do you stand on Katherine? Do you hope she lives in the new year? Sound off below:

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I want her to stay alive and do a good redemption arc, and then dies. Ugh, idk, i've noticed sth though, the episodes written by Caroline Dries (current showrunner sigh) are super boring. The midseason finale, and last season's "into the wild" are both examples. Katherine has one of the better storylines atm, so idm her staying alive. Bonnie, however, I think the actress has so many projects going on in her career, that even the writers can't figure out whether to let her go or not. I wish the Augustene thing was more interesting, I was so happy after Silas was gone, but now I'm SO BORED. hopefully the travellers storyline is a good one. I hope Matt can at least suggest to Julie that Caroline Dries doesn't make a good showrunner!


Without Katherine the show wouldn't be where it is today (it would be worse...). She's the best thing on this show right now

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Damon: I'm gonna barf.
Katherine: Great. Then my work here is done.

That's my brother Stefan. But I'd watch your tone with him because he's kind in the middle of a psychotic break.