The Vampire Diaries Review: A Time to Kale

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So... that was a bit of a letdown, huh?

The Vampire Diaries has become a victim of its own success. Especially on a midseason finale, fans expect violence. They expect shocks. They look forward to twists and turns and one doozy of a cliffhanger.

But The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 10 offered up none of the above.

Aaron Talks to Damon

It brought back Enzo from the dead, following his unexpected appearance to close out The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 9.

But there was no great backstory here: he was saved by a scientist. He's been used as a lab rat for the last 60 years and... that's pretty much it.

Granted, he's very bitter at Damon for leaving him behind to fry, and that bitterness prompted Damon to once again paint himself as an unfixable monster and break up with Elena - but that development felt more forced and rushed than anything else.

Is Delena really over? Just because Damon is down on himself again? What about the speech Elena gave him on The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale, when she said she doesn't need him to change? She doesn't want him to change? She loves him just the way he is?

You’ve been a terrible person, you’ve made all the wrong choices, and of all the choices that I’ve made this will prove to be the worst one. But I am not sorry that I’m in love with you. I love you, Damon.

And that grand speech led to this hot kiss:

Delena GIF

Remember, writers? So don't try and tell us that Damon and Elena are over because Damon is feeling guilty.

As Caroline Dries told us, Enzo will be sticking around for a bit, acting like a Devil on Damon's shoulder. So consider me at least curious where this is headed. He does seem like an intriguing fellow.

Now, when it comes to that cliffhanger... ZZZZZZZ. Oh, sorry. I feel asleep there for a moment. Didn't Katherine nearly die a few weeks ago after being fed to Silas? Does anyone out there really care a great deal about her fate at this point?

Heck, Stefan slept with her and he remains just not that into her.

If Katherine lives, it's yet another lame tease. If she dies, well, thank goodness, it'll be about time. But I'm just not invested enough her character to be on the edge of my seat, awaiting The Vampire Diaries Season 5 to return on January 23.

See what I mean about TVD spoiling viewers? It's in its fourth season. It will next air its 100th episode. I don't blame the writers for not making my jaw smack the floor as hard as it once did. Still, that doesn't make the show in its current incantation any more entertaining.

It spent a bulk of this season focusing on Bonnie's fate, only to eventually save her... totally forget about her. Seriously. Bonnie has scarcely played a role since she made it back to the Land of the Living. Which is fine. I'm not complaining. I'm not her biggest fan.

But it does say a lot about the state of the series' storytelling when the character everyone worked desperately to save for multiple months isn't even relevant at the moment.

What did I like about this installment? Katherine making herself a kale smoothie was funny, certainly funnier than her referring to Matt as merely a "busboy." Cheap shot, K! The guy's mother left him! He's hard up for cash. Sheesh!

I liked seeing a bit of Elena's father and her past. There seems like some unexplored territory that could be mined there.

That's sort of it, though. Damon feeing guilty (been there, heard that!) and Katherine on the verge of death (yawn!) are the only real storylines left in the air as we head into 2014. Aaron has that syringe, too, doesn't he? Eh, I'm not particularly excited about any of these.

Are you? Where do you stand on The Vampire Diaries at the moment? Do you want Katherine to live or to die? And, most importantly, do you care?

Watch the promo for the 100th episode and sound off now:


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Thank God Delena are over. Hope its a for good thing, though I doubt that's the case. I don't get what this person is on about, Katherine is the life of this show and she has amaaaazing chemistry with Stefan! I think Nina and Paul in general look great together.


Ugh, this show....they should cancel it after this season, its not the same way it used to be.


I care for Katherine! A great deal to be honest. I don't want to see her gone. Love that character and for my choosing they could let Elena dissapear for some weeks so Nina's timetable isn't so full anymore. I enjoy Katherine so much more than Elena…period! I really do hope she doesn't die, still I'm glad that the 100th episode will focus on her so when she'll have to go it will be with a big hurrah!


WTF!!!! I thought Damon ending it w/Elena was lame. His reasoning behind it was dumb. It came out of nowhere since it is stuff that has always been there. So what gives??? I think Enzo is hot!!!!!!!!!! And I wonder if Tyler (Michael Trevino) will ever return???????/


there is one thing I didn't get it from the episode ,Wes said in episode 9 that he is ready to take his research to the next level,and he was intent to do to Elena the same thing he did to Jesse ,it's just make no sense .and curing people with vampire blood ??? that's not new ,now become a Science!!!!
Delena break up : I think Damon affected by Enzo's words, and I hope they back to each other when he realize that he is wrong.
I don't think Kathrine gonna die or why all this travelers storyline , I have feelings that's she's gonna live in Elena's body because she doesn't want to lose her gorgeous body.
I think Aaron gonna use that syringe on Damon to get his revenge in case he know what this syringe for.

@ Bara'a

if katherine dies, then what was the whole point of bringing in Nadia? what was the whole point of Stefan saving Katherine when she jumped off the clock tower? what was the point of Stefan and Katherine sleeping together? At this point, Matt, Caroline, Katherine, Nadia are completely irrelevant. The stories have been only revolving around Damon, Elena and Stefan lately, with little or no involvement from anyone else. I've been so excited for something to happen with Enzo and maybe even Aaron too. But who knows? The writers seem to not have any idea what their doing any more. The writers are probably tired with the tortured Stefan bit. So bring in ripper Damon? I mean how different could ripper Damon be from normal Damon? Seriously. I think you're theory about Aaron using the syringe on Damon is right. I mean, it's really the only thing that would make sense.

@ kjo



You're Katherine hate is lame! Everyone loves her! Everyone is concerned about her fate, please stop trying to attempt to show you represent the majority of the fandom. I agree this was one of the lamest midseason finales though!


Yeah, this episode was pretty disappointing. Don't really care about Katherine all that much. She was most interesting when she was playing the antagonist to Elena and the Salvatores. The Delena break up was a pile of crap. I don't even care about them as a couple (I actually prefer Stelena) but it felt really contrived and ridiculous. Damon's brooding, tortured "I'm a monster" thing is pretty stupid. He's always said he wouldn't change and that he's not like Stefan... and Elena never expected him to be! And I agree that it was pointless wasting so much time on Bonnie this season. If she's not around, surely they could have just left her dead. This first half of the season has left a lot to be desired.


I literally said `god, f*ck dammit` when Delena broke up, give it a rest already - I hate how series think the only way to get their viewers interested in a couple is to have their best couples break up over trivial reasons, and then take forever until they get back together.( Newsflash writers: no one want the end-game if there is no pregame/midgame) Couldn`t it be something more original, like I don`t know... Elena discovering that finals are really hard; and that she can`t focus on her needy bf. Or Maybe her a Damon can`t stand the `distance` and they move in together permanently. Could have had Wes take the opportunity to make a a vampire baby between these two. Or maybe, what many fans rather have had, a proposal from Damon. What happened to 5x03-you are my life, MAKE UP YOUR GOD DAMN MINDS! I swear if this is to get her and Stefan back together I may just have to altogether stop watching the series- which i`ve been watching since episode 1. The only thing that would`ve pissed me off more is if Wes turned Elena back into a human. And weak Enzo back-story, if Damon could get out in 2 minutes,how could Enzo not in 60 years... sighh.( Damon killed all the scientists, how did the scientists get Enzo out of the burning cage?) I need to get my viewer tires changed after that plot-hole. Can`t stress enough how I think by now Damon would have had a tolerance to vervain....
And one more thing, who the frick is Megan and why should we care, she didn`t have enough back-story for me to care when she was alive, I definitely can`t care about her now- so why does elena- she knew her for two minutes, she happily killed Jesse and she had known him like for... three weeks.
Damon`s reasoning for not wanting to "change" Elena is down right screwed up!-it`s lazy writing. and they really had revert back to that story. He was the only one happy with who Elena had become/ was as a vampire, and now he doesn`t want to change her. Bite me writers! And why doesn`t Elena fight for herself more, she should have to Damon no.

@ Mysterious

*want, told
furthermore no one cares about Kat, plain and simple. I hated the emphasis on bringing Bonnie back, since they are only ever going to use her now to be the cause of a shirtless Jeremy.
I really wished, since they got Bonnie back and Jeremy, and Katherine keeps on escaping death somehow, that they would bring back Alaric permanently.
NO one stay bloody dead on this show so when they are killed off, for shock value, it`s rather annoying because you know they will be back.
They should have never given Klaus and Rebecca their own show... they were a vital part of the series and now everything is boring. I would liked to see Klaus`s motivation in whole Silas plot line, that would`ve had an interesting flavour...
and I hope we see Elijah now that Kat is dying. Bring back the Originals and you`ll bring back the ratings.

@ Mysterious

I love the vampire diaries more than anything .... I'm gaga over it 💛💙💜💚


Some forecasts for the rest of the season: 1. Damon will get injected with the "Suck Vampire Blood", making him the ultimate bad boy for the show. His first takeout will be Enzo. Bonnie will be called on in an attempt to change Damon back. 2. Katherine will be merged into Elena using the traveller dagger. Each personality will take turns being the dominant one ... without the viewer being "in" on which one is at any particular time. Both of those events will bring new life to the show.

@ clifbean

Bonnie's not a witch any more. So how ever will she "fix" Damon? At this point, this show doesn't even make sense any more.


I liked this episode okay it wasn't much of a cliffhanger though. I like Enzo! I don't think his years as a lab rat has made him crazy...I don't want him crazy. He seemed more hurt with Damon's failed friendship or remorse. Damon is cold and indifferent. Him breaking up with Elena seemed blah to me. Elena declaring her love seems "sired". How she portrays her love for Damon is nothing compared to the portrayal of love she has for Stefan. Her love for Stefan doesn't come across as compelled. I like Katherine whether she's a vampire or human. She's sassy and bad ass vampire or human. I hope she uses the travelers spell and enters Elena. I want more Caroline, Jeremy and Matt stories. I wonder if Aaron is going to use that syringe on Damon? I too wonder if Damon is responsible for Elena's parents death?

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The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Damon: I'm gonna barf.
Katherine: Great. Then my work here is done.

That's my brother Stefan. But I'd watch your tone with him because he's kind in the middle of a psychotic break.