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17 Hottest Werewolves on TV: They Can Full Moon Us!

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Werewolves used to get the shaft.

They weren't the sexy beast. They were widely overtaken by the vampires and the latter's nightly prowls, penchant for long hair and pale skin. In the past few years, that has changed.

They've lived together in harmony with vampires in shows such as The Vampire Diaries and Being Human, and begrudgingly on True Blood. They rule alone on Teen Wolf and the new Syfy show Bitten.

Some werewolves can change at will, others change only once a month. Some packs have women, in others they're an anomaly. Some are wolves by birth and others are bitten and cursed. Yet the overwhelming majority of werewolves are hot and sexy.

We've put together a slideshow with the latest and greatest werewolves on television to help you decide who should get your vote for the hottest werewolf on TV. ..

Scott McCall - Teen Wolf
Scott was once a goofy kid who just wanted to play lacrosse. Then he was bitten. With his powers as a werewolf and his personal charisma and compassion, he was revealed to be a True Alpha. Hawt.

Did you get any drool on your keyboard?

If you need a little more help before making your choice, watch Teen Wolf online, watch The Originals online or watch Being Human online to give a little context to your vote.

It can't hurt, right?

Who is the hottest werewolf on TV?


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Derek..played by the perfect tyler hoechlin


Derek played by the perfect tyler hoechlin


Derek of course. He is so hot and plays so well being a werewolf too... He almost looks like one.


You all forgot Joe Manganiello from TB who is the best looking werewolf on TV.

@ Nyckec

Wow. You forgot his character name? Lol

@ Nyckec

Hi there - That's Alcide Herveaux - Slide number 6! We have you covered. :-)

Ronald simkins

Well---Klaus isn't really a werewolf. But he is a really hot bastard!


I went with Derek from teen wolf.


It was between Isaac and Scott for me but I decided to go with Isaac <3

@ Audrey

Omg i was thinking exactly the same thing! I decided to go with Isaac because lately I've started to like him a lot more! He's really sweet with Allison.


i went with derek


derek or klaus hımm i can't decide :)

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