Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review: Worthy of The Marvel Name

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Given that Agents of SHIELD finished out 2013 with a bit of a whimper, I was thrilled to see that 2014 started out with the show firing on all thrusters – and kicking in the afterburners!

As a huge Marvel fan, I’ve been one of those encouraging everyone to give the show a chance to find its rhythm. 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 11 rewarded our patience with an hour that truly made it worthy of the Marvel name. 

Taking on the Centipede

I won’t beat around the bush. This was hands down the best episode of the series. All the pieces fit together so smoothly and the story flowed so effortlessly that I didn’t want the hour to end. 

How could I after the bread crumb we got on why Coulson is alive, thanks to Raina helping him recover some lost memories? I know we saw Agent Hand took Raina away at the end, but I really hope we get more of her in the future.

This was the Raina we first met and I loved that she was back. When she caught the cell phone after Po was fried, I nearly cheered. It’s no secret that I didn’t click with Po, and given how fast he was killed off, I guess I wasn’t alone. 

Honestly, Raina is clearly a more interesting villain for Coulson and team to face off against. Where else would you get awesome interactions such as this?

Coulson: What is it with the flowers?
Raina: Who doesn't like flowers? I'm glad you noticed.

Back on the bus, from Simmons horribly trying to cover that it was Skye on the phone to Ward’s creative use of open spaces to get answers, it was great to see the whole team doing what they do best. 

Even Skye seems to have found her niche on the plane. I totally fell for May’s snippiness at wanting her off the plane. I actually felt as guilty as Ward looked when she came clean that she had been helping to get Skye out to where she works best.

Finally, I want to say I was surprised to see Mike Peterson alive, but when I saw J. August Richards name go past in the opening credits, it clued me in that we were going to be seeing him again. 

In conclusion, I’m giving this episode 4.9 frozen Mai Tai out of 5. Here is too many more episodes like this one. After all, Coulson's plane is a magical place. 

Who is the better Centipede Leader?


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This show gets better and better - this episode was AWESOME in every way. I love that they're picking up the pace and really getting into the good stuff. My heart honestly broke for Coulson. Also, this was hands down Skye's best episode.


Going to use this space to give a thumbs up to Ming-Na Wen. Her depiction of Melinda May is one of the best parts of the show. If anything from it goes to the big screen, it should be Coulson *and* May because she's as intimidating a bad-ass as Cobie Smulders' Maria Hill IMO. I've played some of her fight scenes in slo-mo because, frankly, the shoot them too tight IMO. I can never tell who is hitting whom. Anyway, that's Ming-Na in a lot of her fight scenes; not a body double. She is great in this role & I hope the Whedons (and Disney) take note.


Great, great episode. Loved everything (yes, even Skye), so there's nothing more to say for me :-) Happy the show is back!


Loved the episode. So glad the show is back. I fell for May wanting Skye off the plane and then when we found out why she wanted her off the plane it made since. Fitz and Simmons giving her the "sandwich" was funny. All the ways Skye was trying to hack was funny but the best one was the one that worked. I loved that she pretended to be May and took one cop out and held the other one at gun point. I thought when Coulson took off the bracelet just by saying deactivate and Skye's face when he did that was funny. Can't wait till the next episode it looks really good. In the next episode it looks like Coulson tells Skye the truth about what he found out about her parents which should be really interesting.


I'm so relieved that Sky was so awesome this episode. Previously, I just wanted to fast forward all her parts. I was in agony during Coulsons torture scenes. The reviewer is on target that this was the best outing. Could it be that everyone on the plane has been to "Tahiti"?


To some degree shield is hurt by marvel/disney's grand plan to make a giant marvel movie franchise. The show cannot mine the marvel universe like arrow does DC cause many characters are being saved for the big screen. I was hoping richards would be luke cage then I hear cage might get his own film. You want to know who the clarvouant (sp?) is, figure out which villian will not be used in any possible marvel movie. Shield is not too bad show a show just don't expect many marvel tie ins.


Argg I can t wait to see it, damn job. What happened to Ward getting shot? did they miss? :))


You all understand now,I hope,exactly WHY I dumped NCIS
for this show(besides Cote's departure). SEINFELD didn't exactly storm out of the gate in its first season,rather it picked up speed as it got to the finish line. Stick with this show,and it' will do the same.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Coulson: What is it with the flowers?
Raina: Who doesn't like flowers? I'm glad you noticed.

Simmons: We have something for you.
Skye: Is it a sandwich?
Simmons: Yes. it. is. that.