American Horror Story Review: In All Your Darkest Hours

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Will there be any witches left alive when the American Horror Story: Coven installment ends?

Though ... is dead really dead.

American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 10 brought two rivals together, but the Coven's casualties continued to mount. At the beginning of the season, Fiona and Marie Laveau were power hungry leaders over their innocent underlings. And as the weeks have passed, the girls at the Coven have fallen to the dark side.

Stevie Nicks Guest Stars

Fiona's never changed her goal. She wants to live and is willing to do and sacrifice anything or anyone for immortality. The truce with Marie Laveau provided Fiona the opportunity to get her new friend's secret. Though, I have to wonder if Marie truly wanted to help Fiona or curse her with the information.

Marie may be immortal, but she regretted the deal she made every day. She was young and too quick to agree to the unfavorable terms. Fiona's selfishness was never stronger than when she agreed to the immortality deal. She went in fully aware of what she would have to give up in order to get what she wanted. 

Fiona needs to pay for her sins before the end of the series. She needs to be Dead dead. I did crack a smile when she found out she didn't have a soul. She didn't really seem to care about that, except that it meant she would have to find another way to stay immortal.

She will probably end up happy with the Axeman on the other side, haunting the Academy. I'm not sure if her love for him will outweigh the torture of watching the Coven survive and move on without her. That is, if they don't all kill each other.

Who is the next Supreme? I liked the idea of Nan. She was the most confident of the bunch and wanted the power to do good. She would have been an outstanding Supreme and one that would have been good for the Coven. Even after she killed Luke's mother, she did have an innocence about her because it was a just death.

It was the innocence though that led to her death. In a way, Nan's death was honorable and she seemed okay with it. She was sacrificed to give Marie Laveau the baby that she lost due to her youthful arrogance and ignorance. Unless of course the police find the child and she's arrested. 

I'll miss Nan. 

Madison has become the anti-Nan. When she was brought back to life, it's as if she took on the aura of her killer. She's turned into a teenage Fiona and it's not a good look on her. Madison clearly was manipulating Misty in the cemetery, but I never saw the betrayal coming.

I don't think Misty is dead though. A knock on the head isn't enough to take her out. Without Nan around to "listen" for her, I'm not sure how anyone will find her. Unless, Misty really is the next Supreme. It would be awesome to see Madison's plan backfire on her and for Misty's powers to manifest themselves to save her own life. And, an act of that magnitude would give Misty the confidence she needs to be an effective Supreme and leader of the Coven.

I'm not sure what to make of Cordelia at this point. She was a good teacher and leader of the Academy, but after being betrayed by both her mother and her husband, she's just a mess. I wanted her to be stronger than that. I hope she's able to pull herself together. Maybe she will be the surprise Supreme. Her and crazy Myrtle were depressing to see.

Going into the last few episodes, it's going to be whirlwind. The Witch Hunters are coming to retaliate against Fiona and the Coven. She's on her last few days, unless she finds a way to save herself. And, the new Supreme will likely be revealed. How many more will die before the end?

The guest appearance of Stevie Nicks was a joy. With Misty's love of Stevie Nicks, it was the perfect addition to the story of this episode. I wasn't sure if it would be more of a stunt casting situation or a real integral role. I'm glad that it ended up being the latter. 

Nicks' closing song was touching and watching Fiona cry by herself almost (okay, not really) made me feel bad for her.

Who do you think will be the next Supreme?


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i think it's Zoe because when the zombies attacked she stopped the zombies and Marie Laveau said she didn't know what that was but they had real power , and Zoe did a few spells that a normal witch couldn't of done, and she also helped bring a few people back from the dead,


I think the last few minutes, where Stevie sings "Has Anybody Ever Written Anything for You" to Fiona, should become the official music video for that song. The way it was set up, to stand alone, it'd be perfect. If Ryan Murphy agreed to it, of course.


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Leigh r

I was gonna go to bed but now I see that Stevie Nicks guest appeared?!? Shit, AHS you are not helping my insominia!


This episode was a terrible failure. Probably the shittiest of this show. Laveau completely forgot the rest of her voodoo clan, and stayed at the Coven to fighst agains the witch hunters. But at the end of the episode, she was just there, without any cause, just helping Fiona to remain the Supreme...WTF? Is there any logic in that? Hank killed 3 witches, and the voodoo clan is over now? Marie Laveau totally abandoned them? Also, last episode, Fiona was concerned about the Coven. She wanted to make a alliance with Marie, to protect their kind against the witch hunters...and now she wants to kill everyone? Just forgot about everything. And Patti LuPone...Ryan said that something big was being planned for Joan...and she died, without any relevance for the story. Oh, and I almost forgot: the whole war beteween the clans, that was being promissed during 9 episodes, ended up in the most insignificant way possible. Nans death was ridiculous, without any purpose. Actually, this whole season doesn't even know where to go with it's story. What a GREAT peace of shit this season is. Such a shame, because Asylum and Murder House were pure awesomenes. Is there any kind of Golden Raspeberry Award for television? Because if there is, Coven is just begging for it after that crap I saw.

@ Vladimir Raineri

absolutely agree....this year's AHS is a big disappointment

@ Skip

I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who thinks this season sucks. The beginning was pretty good, but the story is just ridiculous now.

@ nasne

It's got to be the red head Hank was involved with.

@ nasne

Let's see, what's gone down with Coven so far:
Madison died, she returned, now the axe man's probably gonna kill her for some dumb reason.
Queenie's back but is obviously going to loose. She hasn't developed any powers.
Nan's dead. period.
Misty, has a shot but they'll find a way to kill her off.
Zoe is a TOTAL red herring.
It's Cordelia, the writer's purposely put in the irony of Cordelia feeling worthless unknowing she's the next supreme. Her display of leadership also hinted that.
Plus Kyle and Zoe will probably kill each other because they'll suddenly feel they're both monsters...
So yeah, it's Cordelia. Last Witch Standing. Boom. Just saved you three weeks of waiting


Nice review Carla! Nans death really caught me off guard and I'll miss her. I also think its pretty apparent that Zoe will be the next Supreme, since Its always the one nobody expects. She also was the only one to cancel Maries spell when she had zombies attacking the coven a few episodes back.


Hey Carla, I think the deaths are going to stick! I remember reading an interview from Ryan Murphy saying that by the finale, those that can bring people back are all gone, so looks like it's gonna be a bloodbath !

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