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Arrow Scoop: Who's Coming Back?

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She's on her way back, Arrow Fanatics.

TV Guide has confirmed that Jessica de Gouw will reprise her beloved role as The Huntress on an upcoming episode of Arrow Season 2, one airing on March 26, to be precise.

The Huntress Picture

The installment, titled "Birds of Prey," will find Helena Bertinelli back for revenge against her father, who, of course, had her fiance murdered.

However,, once Arrow arrests Frank, the Huntress will need to go through Oliver and Canary in order to take out her dad.

"We consider Jessica a member of the Arrow family and we're looking forward to having her back for an episode everyone will be talking about after," executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells TV Guide.

Check out photos here from this week's all-new installment and remember to watch Arrow online at TV Fanatic if you ever need to catch up.

Arrow Photos from "Tremors"
Roy's newfound super strength could be an asset or a curse depending upon how he handles it on Arrow.
View As List
Roy's Super Strength

1. Roy's Super Strength

Roy's newfound super strength could be an asset or a curse depending upon how he handles it on Arrow.

Getting Out Alive

2. Getting Out Alive

When things fall apart, can Oliver get everyone out alive on this episode of Arrow?

Sara Looks On

3. Sara Looks On

Sara looks on in horror as Slade holds a gun to Oliver's head.

Ending It All

4. Ending It All

When things don't go according to plan, Slade considers ending it all on Arrow.

A Tense Situation

5. A Tense Situation

Looks as though things have gotten pretty tense between Slade, Oliver, and Sara in "Tremors"

Slade, Oliver, and Sara

6. Slade, Oliver, and Sara

What are Slade, Oliver, and Sara up to on this episode of Arrow?

Show of Strength

7. Show of Strength

Roy gives Arrow a show of his newfound strength in "Tremors"

Following a Plan

8. Following a Plan

Will Roy follow Arrow's plan to help him control his power or will he decide to go his own way?

Not Going Well

9. Not Going Well

It doesn't look as though Roy has a handle on his own strength just yet.

Roy Harper

10. Roy Harper

Roy Harper must find a way to control his super strength. In "Tremors" he must decide if he will let Arrow help.

Roy Is Struggling

11. Roy Is Struggling

Roy is struggling to control his new super strength. Does he take his frustrations out on Arrow?

Protecting His Identity

12. Protecting His Identity

Arrow is determined to help Roy but refuses to reveal his true identity in "Tremors"

Super Strength

13. Super Strength

Can Roy learn how to control his super strength on the latest episode of Arrow?

Accepting Arrow's Help

14. Accepting Arrow's Help

Will Roy accept help from Arrow or will he turn him away?

Insisting On the Truth

15. Insisting On the Truth

Roy insists on knowing Arrow's true identity before accepting his help. "Tremors" is the 12th episode of the show's second season.

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    'Beloved role'? In what universe? I don't really think people liked her character....or maybe it was just me.


    Nice touch with the episode title, I'm glad to see Helena back. I mean the show rarely exposses the DC legacy so strong. They use it throughout the show, but doesn't feature it through it's episode titles. Helena as a recurring vilian is nice but the father story is getting boring give her a new goal or something, mission, redemption path.

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