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The Huntress is making her presence felt in Starling City. Especially when it comes to Oliver.

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I am not sure on how to enter my vote for wttw11 Children's Literacy programming. My vote is an eahsusinttic YES!My family has been watching it for years and it only gets better. We are now 3rd generation viewers! Of all the deserving programs listed for your grants, I believe it is the most deserving. The programs are multifaceted in their approach to learning and include social issues, moral themes, cultural sharing, mathematics, the arts, creativity, and have inspired our children's imaginations. I could go on and on! Please help this type of programming to continue.

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Arrow Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

She's lost Diggle and whether she knows it or not, I can save her.


I don't kill people unless it's absolutely necessary. It's not my opening move.