Beauty and the Beast: Watch Season 2 Episode 10 Online

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We learned something important on Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 10: gem heists can be sexy!

Indeed, the separation between leads Cat and Vincent paid off during the installment, leading to many fun and playful scenes.

Another intriguing aspect of the installment lay in the fact that Vincent is now free. He can walk around. He can be recognized… and he can still be as dangerous (and sexy) as ever, that much was made evident.

Tori remains in the picture, of course, which actually shed some light on the mythology of the beasts, while Special Agent Landon made her first appearance and did the same for Cat's family history.

Overall, worlds are colliding, storylines are intersecting and it's a great time to be a Beastie.

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Late airing S02E10 of beauty and the beast here in the philippines but i've watch the spoiler in youtube.Even though cat and gabe getting closer this season. i love vince and cat even more at the end.. gogogogo #batb fans


I think beauty and the beast keeps getting better, I really liked the last episode a lot, mind you I'm team Gabe, so anything that brings cat and Gabe closet together, I like. I'm going to hate it if Cat breaks his heart!:(


I really liked the episode, seeing Cat empowered, taking charge of her life instead of just sulking over Vincent. I like cat being tuff and I love the way Gabe loves her, liked the way he worried but choose to respect her decisions even though they scare him. I'm hoping to see things go further between them and liked how she just walked up and kissed him. I hope they make a good love triangle out of it. I also liked how cat and Vincent bantered at the embassy it was fun to watch, but even though I like both Vincent and Gabe, I still prefer Cat with Gabe:)

@ For+Cat+and+Gabe

I would definitely stop watching this show if Cat was to go with Gabe. I don't like him for Cat. I guess you would have to change the name of the show if this were to happen ugh the thought of it upsets me. Only reason I am still watching is to see if they get back together, if they don't soon I will definitely stop and I am not the only person


Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Somebody who's not afraid to arrest her own father is someone I can trust.


I don't know Tori, this whole public thing. I thought maybe it would help stop the lying, but the truth is I'm lying about myself now more than I ever have.