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Vincent announces he's alive and plans to find out more about his beastly origins.

Vincent goes onto The Talk! They wonder how a guy like him could wander around the streets and not be noticed and tease him about his personal life. Tori doesn't look happy about keeping his options open.

Cat's still having trouble letting go, especially since Vincent's face is plastered everywhere.

Tori has been talking Vincent into the special appearances.

Special Agent Dana Landon comes in with a dead body that appears to look like Cat. She wants her to go undercover so their case isn't blown.

J.T. is beat up when someone comes looking for the shackle around the skeleton Tori's dad held. Vincent had him doing research on it. J.T. discovered that it's 10,000 years old and holds some of the same DNA Vincent has, meaning that they were shot with something created based on real genetics.

Vincent seems to have some sort of new skill when it comes to tracing people who have been in the room before.

Cat goes on her undercover operation and Vincent and Tori show up. Vincent has tracked the people there; they're the same group

Cat shows up wearing the wrong outfit to the meeting poing and they want to check her for a wire.

Cat jumps into the Hudson to short the wire and it works. Cat tells them she put up a fight because she doesn't like people threatening her.

The plan Cat is working is to go to the Russian embassy and steal a gem.

Vincent is at the party and Cat realizes that they are on the same case.

Vincent and Cat fight over the gem, but Vincent gets it and Cat let's one of the guys get away.

Agent Landon gives Cat information connecting her family and the gem back to 1836 when Rebecca Reynolds was helping Scotland Yard.

The gem fits perfectly into the collar. J.T. has no idea how or why, but it appears to imply someone was controlling the beast.

J.T. reminds Vincent that he and Tori might be the last two beasts on earth and they share a primal connection that needs to be explored.

Cat thanks Gabe for trusting her, and kisses him.

Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Somebody who's not afraid to arrest her own father is someone I can trust.


I don't know Tori, this whole public thing. I thought maybe it would help stop the lying, but the truth is I'm lying about myself now more than I ever have.