Criminal Minds 200th Episode Photos: Prentiss Returns!

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Criminal Minds is getting ready to celebrate a milestone.

The CBS drama will ring in Episode 200 next Wednesday, airing an intense hour that finds the BAU delving into JJ.s time at the State Department after this agent is kidnapped.

What clues will they find there? What secret mission has now placed her life in danger? And how can a returning Prentiss help?

Catch up on the series when you watch Criminal Minds online and get your first look at the aptly-titled "200" now:

NOTE: Visit TV Fanatic next week for an exclusive interview with Emily Prentiss and with show runner Erica Messer in anticipation of this major episode.

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They should do Hotch when he was overseas next as for JJ its about time she been with the show for so long about time she got some love


She's a main character. If this were real life she would probably be killed in the worst way, but that would upset to many fans. She's gonna live and her secret won't be a huge surprise.
These shows got work to do. Everything is way to predictable. Killers on these shows can dispose of secondary characters like nothing but when it comes down to the main ones there is always an excuse to keep them around which makes everything seem so fake.


From the looks of the slideshow--it's obvious they find JJ. But what they find out before they find JJ is what will prove interesting. How will the team react to finding out exactly what JJ was doing at the state department?

@ Terrie

Come on, everybody knows she will be rescued, that she worked in an undercover mission, and everyone will be happy to see her safe and sound, and they they will all go to a bar together, because "they are a family"!!! I am so fed up with what Messer have done with this show...


I am not looking forward to this episode. Everybody knows she will be rescued, and her big secrets is about her time being undercover. Therefore, this episode will know have much to do with the original criminal minds style, and it will look as a spy show with lots of time wastes on the bad guys, a lot of minor characters you normally don't see every Wednesday night, but the BAU members will be there too, although barely...

Margie clark
@ Alicia

Neither am I. I am probably the only one who isn't a JJ fan. You can only lie so much before people start not liking or trusting you.I know there's a lot of JJ fans who are going to hate me, but this is my opinion.
And by the looks of the first slide, Reid is way in the background. Maybe he can't stand that 1-JJ lied once again, 2-His trust is at an all-time low, and 3-he's alone, again.

@ Margie Clark

You do know Reid lying to them all too

@ Michael

I seriously can't understand what you mean...


I'm really looking forward to Prentiss' return, however, have a question....what happened to J.J.'s husband and son? Did I miss something this season? She goes off on investigations and never mentions either!


Im excited to have Paget Brewster back on the show

@ Emma

She's only on for this episode..........


beyond excited for this episode. Ive been waiting for it since they announced it! How the hell are they going to fit it all in in one ep?? The promo's gonna get me guuuud

@ dipdab

Very simply. They will spend most of the time with JJ, Cruz and the unsub, a little bit of Garcia, Hotch and Prentiss, and just glimpses of everybody else ( and "everybody includes JJ's husband and child, Strauss, Anderson, Kevin... And some other 'unimportant' characters such as Reid, who according to one of the news of this episode "For long stretches, though, the hour also is missing Gubler’s character, Dr. Spencer Reid".

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