Criminal Minds: Watch Season 9 Episode 12 Online

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It's safe to say Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 12 got off to an unusual start. And an amazing one, too.

Viewers were confused to see Garcia handcuffed to the BAU interrogation room, only to eventually learn this was the start of her career with the team.

Overall, the Case of the Week was perfectly fine, but the peripheral issues really made for a strong hour.

To wit: can you imagine a killer refusing to save himself from execution because he won't snitch on his partner? Talk about a fascinating moral dilemma.

Elsewhere, Paulo Costanzo guest-starred as Garcia's ex, someone who lives to argue and who was clearly not right for this squad member.

What else went down? Good question! Watch Criminal Minds online to find out!

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Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Shane: When I win, what do I get?
Garcia: When you log on to the DHA website, there'll be a picture of me and super Special Agent Derek Morgan with shoes on our heads.

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