Grimm Review: The Proposal

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As all good Grimm episodes are likely to do, Grimm Season 3 Episode 12 ended with the “To be continued…” card.

The biggest development was Monroe finally popping the question to Rosalee! It was quite adorable and imaginative - proposing with a cuckoo clock - and it fit Monroe’s character so well.

It’s interesting that Monroe and Rosalee have had a rather simple and easy courtship together. They fit together well and they don’t view themselves in the same ways or ideals that their families do.

It’s only fitting that the biggest obstacle in their marriage right now is Monroe’s family. Rosalee’s family gave Monroe some flak last installment, but they eventually came around to him. It remains to be seen if Monroe’s parents can get past “the natural order of things” and see how much Monroe and Rosalee love each other.

It’s unfortunate that Rosalee walks out in the middle of things, but her decision to do so is understandable. It’s a close to hostile environment and Monroe needs figure out a way to get his parents under control and explain things in better detail.

With Nick showing up at the door, those calm talks are probably not in the cards at the moment. Although, if Mama Burkhardt is able to get past Nick teaming up with Monroe and Rosalee, then surely Monroe’s parents can look past Monroe marrying Rosalee and being friends with Nick (so long as they don’t smell his room).

Speaking of Nick’s mom, Juliette decided to get in contact with her and, surprisingly, she responded. Using Juliette as a conduit between Nick and his mom is a good idea. It gives Juliette a chance to get to know Nick’s mom a little better (assuming the emails are semi-frequent), and it gives her something else to do besides read the books in the trailer or do something veterinarian related.

Back in Vienna, Adalind’s baby was beginning to push up against the walls of her stomach. To be honest, I was mostly expecting the little royal to come busting right through her with the way it was pushing. Perhaps with Stefania telling Adalind it’s time to go in hiding, she will finally get some decent story; so far all Adalind has done is walk around that hotel room and tell the royals next to nothing.

The Royals and Verrat are doing more than they’ve been leading on to. quickly deducing that Eric or Renard is the father of Adalind’s baby and even attempting to use her to get more information on the resistance. Sebastian needs to be careful around his bosses, though, his wandering eyes are rather noticeable.

Finally, the Wildesheer case didn’t take up much time in the installment, but the guy did sew together a mean scalp-suit.

Grimm Season 3 returns February 28.

Will Monroe’s parents accept Rosalee?


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I think the mark of a great episode is when the hour's passed and you have no idea it's been that long. I was so surprised at the "to be continued" tag...and I love how fun those tags are. Great episode, great review - looking forward to it's return! Friday Night Frights with Grimm AND Hannibal on the same night!


First of all we all knew this show was going to be good and end in a to be continured after the Olympics! I wonder who sent the Windesheer Nick: the Royals or The Verrat? It was nice to see cousin Victor. If you are going to have Renard vs The it! I thought it was a little tooo easy for the family to know that Renard could be the babies dady as well as Eric. I am worried about Bash too, I see a very messy death for him and Renard will not care. I really like Misner and hope he sticks around for awhile. Nice to see Stefania back. I love her and yes she is Renard's mother. The clip for the next show had Renard telling Adalind the baby is his...I don't think the baby is his because why would Stepania need to make it a Hexinbeast and I don't think Stefania would need Adalind to sign her grandchild away with blood?! I think the bay is Eric's. Sorry Juliette still gets on my last nerve! Last season with her storyline turned me off to her. More time should have been sent on Nick and his mom last season instead of Renard and Juliette: boy that was boring and gross! All this time Nick has not contacted his mom but wonderwoman Juliette contacts her and she answers? Kelly is smarter than that! Monroe and Rosealee so sweet but Monroe should have told his parents about Rosealee. I love how sweet Rosealee is but she shold have stood her ground with Monroe's parents. Monroe's parent and Nick are funny! Nick at the wedding should be funny too: for some reason I see Monroe and Rosealee eloping or having a very small wedding. If Momma Grimm can be nice I think Monroe's parents can be nice...even his jerk of a father. Hey does Monroe have brothers and sisters? Caught the 312 on door...that seems to be the way they like to highlight the season and episode on Grimm---on doors! I will miss Dracula. I thought it was a very good show for after Grimm. It doesn't look like NBC was behind it much and was not reviewed this site but it was a very good show. I hope it comes back it ended with some good cliff hangers. I see Hanniball is coming back and that is a show I never could get into and I know a lot of people liked it but it did not do all that great in the ratings but NBC is bringing it back. I hope NBC does the same with Dracula.

@ Grimmfan#10

Dracula was a really amazing show. I completely agree with you. I had hoped for more episodes.


Good episode. Monroe's proposal was great and so him. The case of the week was deffinetly interesting and I can't wait to find out more about it but the personal stories were the best part. Rosalie being in contact with Nicks mom is a great story for her and I can't wait to see where that goes I hope we see his mom soon those episodes she was in were really good and I'm sure she would bring and intersting story with her. Monroe's parents don't accept Rosalie and they deffinetly don't accept Nick. I think in the end his parent will accept them or it will ruin their relationship and they'll never speak again. Can't wait till the next episode I really want to know what's going to happen next.


I agree with you about the gypsy. But I have always been mesmerized by the actress who plays her so I can't help but believe her, even if i really do know better lol.


I thought the proposal was so cute. Monroe i think has been very hesatant because his parents are still carnavore and he is vegitarian. I get why she left because if they don't like her they could actually eat her. The track record of mixed raced wessen has not been good at all on the show. always showing the abusive relationships. He should have warned that she was different but i guess it would be like. hi my boyfriend is coming and he is white does that matter. That pregnacy seems to be the longest but only 6 months. Now we wait a month.


I think Sebastien's days are numbered - the fact that he's survived so long when so many other of Captain Renard's spies have been killed is impressive, but I'm definitely forseeing a gruesome fate for him. Also, who else is thinking that the Gypsy Queen is somehow double-crossing Adalind? I'm not sure what her endgame is, but I rather doubt that she's on the up-and-up with her deal with Adalind. Were I Adalind, I'd hop the first flight back to the States and take my chances with Renard.

@ Dreamrose

I've seen some viewers speculate that Stefania(the gypsy queen) is actually Sean Renard's mother. So, any double-crossing will likely be to his benefit, especially if it's his baby.

@ Gigi2776

I'm convinced Stefania is Renard's mom - I'm one of those speculating viewers :-)
When Renard's mom called him to tell him that Eric was dead, I'm positive that the voice was the same person.

@ Gigi2776

Nice to see Stefania back. I love her and yes she is Renard's mother. The clip for the next show had Renard telling Adalind the baby is his...I don't think the baby is his because why would Stepania need to make it a Hexinbeast and I don't think Stefania would need Adalind to sign her grandchild away with blood?! I think the baby is Eric's. This poor baby is just a pawn for Adalind, Renard, Stefania and the Royals. Does anyone really love the baby or just want to own it? I also wonder if the baby will be a girl or a boy. Remember Stefania said a girl baby was worth more. Also nobody cares about Adalind the mother: she needs to keep this baby or she will be pushed aside or killed! What's a poor Hexenbit$@ to do?

@ Gigi2776

Ooooh that would be interesting!

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